Atlantis Odyssey cheats: strategy guide, tips & tricks

New to Atlantis Odyssey? Master all of its core mechanics with these Atlantis Odyssey cheats available with a strategy guide, tips, tricks

Atlantis Odyssey cheats: strategy guide, tips, and tricks: –

This article covers how to play Atlantis Odyssey, get free energy, gems, and other things like progression, leveling, orders, locations, and much more. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

Tap The Barrels, Boxes, And Vases For Free Energy

Atlantis Odyssey cheats tips guideEnergy is one of the basic currencies in the Atlantis Odyssey game that you will need to clear the clutter to make your way to the destination – based on the current quest. And, these actions consume a lot of energy. If you want free energy in the Atlantis Odyssey game, look for the “barrels”, “boxes”, and “vases” around the environment. They’re mostly hidden; so you will need to look carefully. Tap on them and get free energy. 

Claim The Treasure Boxes For Free Energy, Double It

Atlantis Odyssey cheats tips guideAfter playing for a while, the “research bonus” function gets unlocked in the game – what is it? In the upper-left side, below the gear icon, there would be a “treasure box” -> tap it -> the longer you play the game, the more bonuses you get. You can claim four treasure chests – containing free energy, coins, and fertilizers. Also, make sure to double the reward by watching a video ad. 

Play the Pierre’s Sea Friends Game For Free Energy

It’s a mini-game in Atlantis Odyssey where you match the same type of objects to get a new one. You will have a certain number of moves – after consuming all of them, based on the objects you have on the board, you will get the EXP or free energy. 

On the main camp(tent) location, clear the fog near the river to discover this mini-game. 

Complete Amanda’s Orders In Atlantis Odyssey For Free Energy

Atlantis Odyssey cheats tips guideAnother way to get free energy in this game is by completing Amanda’s orders; the NPC on the camp location. Tap on the NPC -> check the orders -> prepare the items for that order -> give it to the NPC -> get free energy and EXP. 

Set Tomorrow’s Gift Item Wisely

Each day you get free items. The game allows you to select a particular item to receive the next day. On the main camp location, next to the tent, tap the message bubble icon over the NPC head -> set the gift that you want the next day; it could be free energy, resources, surprise box that contains random rewards, or gems, etc. 

Level Up To Get Free Gems & Energy

In the upper-left corner of the screen, there is a level bar that shows the amount of EXP you will need to reach the next level. Tap it to check. You can earn EXP by completing the main quests and NPC orders. When you level up, you may get free gems and energy. Also, it raises the max energy cap. 

Guide To Progression In Atlantis Odyssey

Atlantis Odyssey cheats tips guideFollow the “main quests”. On the lower-left side of the screen, tap the “quest tab” -> characters give you quests. Complete them and claim the rewards -> progress through the game. You will eventually unlock all the locations and complete the storyline. 

Tap on the (?) icon on the quest if you need navigation tips. (Quest tab -> character -> tap the quest -> tap the ? -> get navigation). 

Keep Producing The Items At Camp

You can produce a lot of items at the tent campsite and use them to complete the orders for rewards. Clear the fog on the tent location -> you will find facilities like a quarry, sawmill, foundry, etc. For example – you can produce water and rope at the tent, iron at the foundry, crushed stone at the quarry, sawdust/wooden boards at the sawmill, etc. 

On the garden bed, you can plant crops like flax, corn, etc. In the lower-left corner, tap the digging tool icon -> from there, you can shop the facilities, garden beds, decorations, etc. 

So that’s all we got in this article on Atlantis Odyssey cheats with the guide, tips, and tricks. Got more tips? Comment below. 

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  1. In Atlantis Odyssey, when the crane cry’s out (in the background noises @ camp) look around the skies for the white crane that will be flying through. Tap on him and you will get many resources…..