Digimon Links Tips, Cheats, And Guide To Get Mega Digimons

Digimon Links Guide Cheats TipsDigimon Links is a great turn-based strategy game for Android in which you choose your best Digimon for the battle to defeat the boss. Our Digimon Links guide cheats tips and strategy will help you to get mega Digimon, defeat powerful Digimon in Digimon Links and save the world

Digimon Link is one of the best strategy games for Android and features hundreds of epic powerful Digimon, stages, missions, and much more. Your goal is to gather Clusters and train Digimon in order to reconstruct the Digital World. And to accomplish this task, you have to defeat many powerful Digimon and it would not be easy. In this post, we have covered the Digimon Links guide tips cheats, and strategy to complete the goal fast.

Digimon Links – Get Started

Like other games, Digimon Links also starts with a tutorial and you learn about the basic of the game; how to play Digimon Links, about training, exchanging, digivolve, facilities, and much more. Once the tutorial ends, you can play the game independently as you want. Let’s learn the basic of the game first; what you have to do! Also, see – Best strategy games for Android

Digimon Links – The Basic Of The Game

Digimon Links Guide Cheats TipsAs mentioned above, you need to gather clusters in order to reconstruct the digital world. To gather clusters, you will have to defeat many powerful Digimon and it can be possible by evolving your low-level Digimon to its max level or by acquiring rare and epic Digimon. After the tutorial, you just have to complete the quests; the more you clear the stages in the quests, the more you will get rewards; fragments, Digimon fuel, cluster, Digimon stone, and much more. The Digimon Links game features many types of quests and each quest’s reward is different. Let me explain all these quests;

  • Normal Quests – Digimon Links guide tips

In the Digimon Links game, the normal quests are main quests; always available. By getting victories in the stages under this quest, you can get clusters, Digivolution fule, EXP, and unlock new facilities.

  • Daily Quest – Digimon Links Cheats Tips[Digivolution fuel]

Daily Quests are the temporary quest in the Digimon Links game. The main purpose to complete it is you will earn Digivolution fuel. Three difficulty levels are featured; easy, normal, and hard. To get the victory in the hard levels, you need powerful Digimon party.

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  • Advent Quests – Digimon Links Cheats Tips[Get Mega Digimon]

By getting victories in this quest, you can earn data fragments which are required to Digivolve a Mega. Advent Quests are only available for a limited time period. It is one of the best ways to acquire data fragments in Digimon Links game. Difficulty levels; easy, normal, and hard.

  • Special Quest

You need quest tickets to play it. Obtain it using DigiStones.

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Digimon Links Guide – Part 2

In this part, we will learn about the Digimon skills, friendship, awakening, and their status.

  • Digimon Skills

Each Digimon in Digimon Links game has some skills; you use these skills at the right time in the battle to slay down the boss. Some Digimon has special skills. If one of your Digimon has a special skill, an ability medal will appear in their stats.

  • Awakening in Digimon Links

It is related to research; tap on the Digi device -> training -> research. You need at least 2 mega Digimon for this purpose. You can boost or awaken the stats of a Digimon using research feature; when your base Digimon’s friendship is maximum.

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⇒ Friendship raises the stats of Digimon[at the maximum level]. Friendship level determines the friendship between you and your Digimon. Friendship can be raised by tapping your Digimon on the farm or by getting victories in the battles.

Digimon Links – Captures Guide

  • Summon Digimon

Using DigiStones, you summon Digimon. There are a variety of ways to acquire Digimon; rare, common, mega.

⇒ Got a duplicate Digimon? You can release it and get the data fragments or clusters.

Go to training -> Digimon list -? release -> choose the duplicate Digimon -> confirm.


When one of your Digimon has reached the maximum level and you have enough Digivolution fuel, you can Digivolve it; tap on the Digi device -> Digivolve -> select the Digimon -> okay -> then tap on Digivolve button and confirm.

⇒ You can level-up your Digimon by taking them for the battles and getting victories. Feed your Digimon and it will work as EXP. To get more meat, you can add one more facility to your digital world/farm.

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  • Enhancement in Digimon Links game

Under the training section, you can access this feature. It is one of the best ways to level up a Digimon. You have to select the base Digimon(to level up) and a partner Digimon. This process will vanish the partner Digimon and the base Digimon will earn EXP.

In short, you have to build a powerful a powerful team of Digimon and defeat the enemies. To build a powerful party, you need to Digivolve them, collect fragments(complete quests, release duplicate Digimon), use DigiStones to summon rare Digimon.

  • Claim Free DigiStone – Digimon Links tips cheats

The Co-Op battles’ first link bonus; In Co-Op mode, you and your friend together clear a quest and claim the first link bonus. You will earn 100 DigiStones(10 DigiStone*10 users)+120 DigiStones(3 DigiStone * 40 users[11th – 50th]. So Cop-Battle mode is one of the best ways to acquire free DigiStones in the Digimon Links game.

⇒ Complete advent quest to get free data fragments

⇒ Daily quest is one of the best ways to acquire fuel

⇒ Use exchange feature

⇒ Don’t spend DigiStone in useless tasks; speeding up the construction of buildings

⇒ Feed your dragons

⇒ If your house is full, release some Digimon and get clusters and data fragments

⇒ Do research when base Digimon’s friendship level is maximum

⇒ Use enhance feature to level up your Digimon

⇒ In the battle, you have limited AP and AP is required to use skills. So don’t use skills in initial rounds, save for the boss round. Choose the best combination for the battle and use skills at the right time and on the right enemy.

So these are some basic Digimon Links cheats tips tricks and a Digimon links guide. Download Digimon Links – here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Top new Android games 2018

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