Bird BnB Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies To Build The Best Bird Home

Bird BnB is a brand new game for Android and iOS by Runaway. Read on for Bird BnB guide, tips, cheats & strategies to build the best bird home

Bird BnBRunaway, the publisher behind Furistats Cat Cafe game, has just released a cute game called Bird BnB. In the game, you get to build a bird home in a peaceful tree environment. You can add nests, a birdhouse, birdbath, feeder, laundry, gym, library facilities on the tree and provide a variety of facilities to the birds who pay a visit to your tree trunk. If you have just started playing the game, then you are on the right page. In this Bird BnB guide, we have covered the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Bird BnB tips, cheats & strategies that you may like. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content.

Bird BnB Guide, Tips, Cheats: –

Bird BnB lets you build a bird home where you attract the birds, feed them, take care of them and get reward by serving them as guests. Your goal is to unlock all the guests(birds) and VIBs – Very Important Birds. Also, unlock all the furniture or facilities like a feeder, bath facility for the birds, gym, laundry, etc. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Bird BnB tips & tricks: –

Level Up To Unlock Nest Spots, AmenitiesBird BnB

Without Nests, you can not attract the birds to your bird home. With more nests, you can attract more birds at a time. At the beginning of the game, you have only one Nest spot on tree and it restricts your guest number to 1. You would not be able to place the nest on the tree if you have no space for it – even if you craft it.

So if you want to increase the number of nest spots on the tree, you need to level up. In Bird BnB, you need XP to level up. How do you earn XP? From the birds. Attract the birds, take care of them, feed them and they will give you XP. Also, when they leave the nest, you get XP. In the top-left corner, the level bar displays the number of XP points required to reach the next level.

You can unlock Studio Nest, Birdhouse, Luxury Suit, Feeder, Laundry, Gym, Library, etc. as you level up in the game.

Learn To Serve Birds Guests

First, you need to attract the bird to the nest. Tap an empty nest -> tap birds option -> go-to advertising tab -> there you can spend coins to advertise; there are a variety of options through which you can attract birds to the bird home. For example – Word of Beak, Chalk on Sidewalk, Message in a Bottle, Carrier Pigeons, Side of Bus, TV, Radio, Pamphlets, etc.

At the start of the game, you have the option of Word of Beak, which attracts three guests birds; Masked Lovebird, Rosy-faced Lovebird, African Grey Parrot. Try different means of advertising to attract different guests or VIBs.

Once it’s done, go to the reservations tab and select the bird that you want to be a guest. Then tap the check-in button.

After that, the bird comes to the nest and you can serve to get XP. You can hurry and spend the green cash to serve the bird instantly. The normal activities include; sleeping, feeding, waking up. Once all the activities get done, the bird/guest will check-out. And, this will complete 1 visit.

If you invite the same bird multiple numbers of times, you can get a special reward at certain milestones. For example – decorative items, unlock new birds, coin booster, etc.

Prepare The Food For Birds

At the beginning of the game, you can sow the seeds on the ground. Tap the plant -> sow white berry seeds. Keep doing this to fill up the food stock. If you are low on seeds, you can buy the supply packs. You can unlock more seeds by completing the bird/guest goals.

In the footer-menu, tap the bird in the box button to open the deliveries. There you can spend the gold coins and get goods; seeds, crafting material items like twig, grass, leaves, etc.

Learn To Craft Facilities

In the footer menu, tap the bird with the hammer in the mouth to open the crafting menu. There you check all the available facilities to craft; nests, birdhouses, amenities like feeder, laundry, gym, etc. Now and then, guests will demand to use the amenities. (Grooming Service).

Unlock New Guests Birds In Bird BnB

There is a specific requirement that you must meet to unlock specific bird guests. For example – American Robin bird guest unlocks when African bird visits your home three times. So you will need to attract African birds to the bird home three times. And, then through the advertisement, after meeting this requirement, you can attract American Robin.

Female Mountain Bluebird unlocks when American Rabin bird visits bird home 5 times. In the footer-menu, tao the bird reading a book button to open the guestbook. There you can check the list of birds that you have unlocked so far in Bird BnB and the requirements to unlock new guests birds.

Complete The Bird BnB Tasks

In the footer-menu, tap the bird with the book to open the caretaking menu. There you can check the quests. Complete them to earn green cash, crafting material items, and much more.

Collect The Materials From The Ground

Now and then, crafting materials like grass, leaves, twigs are dropped from the tree. Make sure to collect it. You will need these crafting material items for constructing nests or amenities.

Play The Mini-Game In Bird BnB

In Bird BnB, sometimes, you get to play a mini-game(tap the (i) symbol when it appears to play it). In this mini-game, you need to drag to clean all the grubby squares.

Clean The Nests

Birds would not come to the nest when it gets dirty. You can either clean it using the crafting materials or remove it and build it again. You will get the warning message when it gets dirty.

Double The Reward When The Bird LeavesBird BnB

When the bird checks out, you get to collect the reward. By watching the video ad, you can double this reward; XP and gold coins. To level up fast, make sure to claim this free offer when available.

Watch The Video Ad For Free Green Cash

In the footer menu, tap the bird with the shopping bag button to open the cash shop. There you can get free green cash by watching the video ads.

So this would be all in this post on Bird BnB guide, tips for beginners. If you have more tips to share with other fellow players, please comment below.

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  1. I love this game, but now I am at the level with birds who stay for hours. Is there a way to speed them up beyond the one time watch video to reduce stay by a short time?

  2. I was expecting this guide to actually have tips and info you learn from playing the game, like when exactly you get to unlock the library or the purple bugs. Instead it’s just a copy of the info other pages have posted. There is nothing really helpful here.

  3. How many birds do you need to unlock the library? I have all these high up birds, a Crested kingfisher,woodland kingfisher, the pink cockatoo, and Galah. I’m on level 11 and can’t proceed to send them to the library because I haven’t unlocked it or green and purple bugs. How are these birds here and I can’t make them leave because I don’t have what they need for the stay? My best is all full with only one bed left so i can barely level up its so slow, if I can’t figure it out I’m just gonna delete it. But please help it’s such a cute game