Sprout: Idle Garden Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Sprout: Idle GardenSprout: Idle Garden is a simple relaxing Idle game for mobile by Shallot Games Inc. Let’s have a look at our Sprout: Idle Garden guide, tips, cheats & strategies

In Sprout: Idle Garden game, the player plant different kinds of flowers in the garden and earn money by harvesting them. The player can upgrade the flowers, deploy gardeners, customize loads of things, and try to reach the maximum level in the game. Your objective is to unlock all the flowers featured in Sprout: Idle Garden. The game feature a simple mechanic and everything is easy to understand. Today’s post will teach you the basics aspects as well some strategies to grow the garden quickly; Sprout: Idle Garden guide and Sprout: Idle Garden tips, cheats & strategies!

The Basics – Sprout: Idle Garden

⇒At the beginning of the game, you have one flower pot on a tile and a small house where your Gardner lives peacefully. You just tap the flower pot and choose a flower that you want to plant. After that, you can harvest it once it grows fully.

⇒At the top-right corner of the screen, you can check the Idle earnings per second. As you grow more flowers and deploy gardeners, leaf, this amount will increase.

⇒At the upper-right corner, tap the (i) icon to check the current quest. Completing these quests reward a huge amount of Idle money.

⇒At the upper-left corner, you can check the current level. To level up, you need to plant the latest unlocked flower in your garden(most of the times).

At the bottom of the screen, there are five tabs: –

1.) Tile -> Tap the tile tab and you will see many options to deploy on the main screen. For example; to put the flower pots, you add dirt tiles. To let the gardeners take care of all the plants, you can add the brick path/deck-path, and more. As you level up, new tiles get unlocked. Tap on any tile and it will show the details under its name.

2.) Pot -> Tap the pot tab and you will see flower pots and their cost. You need these pots to plant flowers.

3.) House -> Tap the house tab -> buy the house to recruit a gardener. Gardeners in Sprout: Idle Garden game collects the flower from the flower pots automatically. By default, you have to manually tap the flower pot. Gardeners make this process completely idle. But they only walk on certain tiles. For example; Brick Path.

4.) Leaf – In this tab, you can check the leaf and their cost. If you add these leaves to the garden, the idle value of all flowers will increase. Pay attention to the idle cash amount at the upper-right corner and see the change once you add it.

5.) Attachment -> Tap the pin tab at the bottom of the game screen -> here you can buy some amazing stuff. For example; Coffee Station. If you install this station in Gardner’s route, she will go there and take a cup of coffee. It increases her work efficiency, lets the gardeners do things fast.


Hold down a flower pot or long press on an item that you want to move. Drag it to the delete icon if you want to remove.

Sprout: Idle Garden Tips, Cheats & Strategies!

1.) Get The Most Out Of The Gardeners

The Gardeners in Sprout: Idle Garden game plays an important role. You get one gardener if you plant the house on the land. The cost of the house will increase as you buy more. So it’s better to get the most out of all the gardeners. All you need to do is make a path for them(for example; brick path) in such a way that the gardener covers the whole flower pot lane. Put the flower pots on the left and right side of the gardener’s path and she will harvest the flowers automatically. If you don’t want to tap over and over again to harvest flowers, you should do this.

2.) Add Extra Things

You can plant leaves to increase the idle value of all the flowers, plant or add attachments such as a coffee shop to increase productivity.

3.) Upgrade The Best Performers

In Sprout: Idle Garden game, you can upgrade the flowers. Tap any flower pot -> upgrade. The upgrade will increase its selling price and you will earn more money. It would be better to focus on the best flower upgrades(the flowers, which gives you a lot of money). For example; You start with the daisy, which is very cheap. As you progress or level up, you will unlock the flowers with a high price tag. Upgrade these ones rather than spending all money on the cheap flower upgrades.

4.) Grab The Ad Offers

At the upper-right corner, just below the quest icon, tap the >> icon -> here you can check the Ad offers. Watch the video ads and get temporary benefits.

5.) Claim The 3X Reward

When you come back to the game after a few hours, you can claim the idle income. The game also gives you the option to claim 3X amount by watching the video ad. It’s the best way to earn loads of Idle money.

So these are the top basic Sprout: Idle Garden tips for the beginners. If you have more Sprout: Idle Garden tips or tricks, comment below!??

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8 thoughts on “Sprout: Idle Garden Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy”

  1. Is it best to trap a couple workers to pick flowers that grow quickly so they always have something to Harvey?

    Any layout/path-planning suggestions?
    I dumped a forest of trees on the edge of the map to increase idle output, but so it’s not in my way of expanding.

  2. i’ve tried to build a coffee shop, but it won’t show up? i’ve changed the tiles & moved things around & nothing seems to help 🙁

    • @Shelly Kindly check the balance and the price of Coffee Shop. If you don’t have enough balance(Idle cash), you can not build it.

  3. I just uninstall and install again. It starts from the scracth and didnt load my old progress. I think @anon you should do the same if you want to start over.

  4. My game went into debt (around -19 trillion dollars) and im unable to grow any flowers. Im wondering how to restart the game? I really enjoy the game and its extremely agitating that i cant play at all. I tried selling everything but that didnt work. Anyways itd be great if you could help.

  5. Thank you for your tips. In regards to upgrading a flower, do you know if there is a way to decrease the “upgrade jump” once it has been increased(for ex. to 5x or 10x each time upgrade is hit)? My kid accidently increased the jump to 10x and I’d prefer it to stay at 1x or 5x. Thanks.

    • @Rochelle Sorry for the late reply. The site was under maintenance for the whole day. To revert the changes, you tap the same button again and it will go back to 1x. Let me know if you have any more question.
      Sprout: Idle Garden