Bowling Crew Cheats: Tips, Guide & Tricks To Strike All Pins With Best Balls

Bowling Crew is a new fast-paced 3D bowling game for Android & iOS platforms by Wargaming Group. Read on for Bowling Crew cheats, tips, guide & strategy

Bowling Crew Cheats Tips GuideWargaming Group, well-known for Word of Tanks Blitz MMO game, recently published a brand new mobile game called Bowling Crew on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. In the game, you will be matched with another random player in real-time and strike the ball to knock down all the pins on the set. If you have just started playing it, then you are on the right page. In today’s post, we have shared all the Bowling Crew cheats, tips & tricks that can help you win the matches. So let’s not waste any time and check out the Bowling Crew walkthrough guide featured with cheats & tips. 

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First things first – there are lots of balls in the Bowling Crew – you will start with the beginner-tier balls, which have low stats; power, guide, hook control, and hook. As you progress through the game, win matches, you will get the cases featuring the better ball cards. Now, you might be wondering whether the balls’ stats do matter or not. Well, yes! The stats of the balls are important. Higher the stats, the easier it would be to knock down all the pins. So the first tip here is to equip the best balls – since there are too many balls and it’s pretty obvious, you would not have all the balls yet. Check your ball collection and equip the best balls – the balls with higher stats. In the Arsenal tab of the game, you can check all the balls that you have got. Compare their stats and pick the best Bowling Crew Balls. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Bowling Crew cheats, tips & guide – 

Learn About The Bowling Crew Balls

There are several types of balls in Bowling Crew game; beginner balls, precise balls, bounce balls, and power balls. Power balls are heavy as compared to the rest of the Bowling Crew balls. Because of the heavy-weight, these balls are the best to knock down a large number of pins. So if you want to knock down all the pins, make sure to select the power balls in Arsenal. 

Bounce balls, on the other hand, can help you in completing the splits – pins bounce off these balls with great speed. Precise-type balls are easy to handle – these balls are the best to use when you want to knock down a small number of pins on the set. Beginner-type balls are the simplest ones out there – without any perks or special ability. 

Get Familiar With The Ball Stats

All the balls in Bowling Crew game have unique stats; power, guide, hook control and hook. Power stat determines how good is the ball in knocking down the higher-level pins. The higher the power stats, the easier it would be to knock down a large set of pins. The guide stat determines the length of the green prediction line that you see next to the ball in the match. The higher the length of the green prediction line, the more accurate shot you can fire. 

Hook Control stat determines the speed of pointer on the ball controller; the higher the hook control stats, the lower the speed of pointer on the ball controller. Hook – this stat determines the hook shot quality. The higher the stats, the more intensity the ball can hook. If you don’t know how to hook, read the Bowling Crew hook guide below. 

Earning More Points In Bowling Crew

In the bowling match, the player who has the most number of points at the end of all rounds gets the victory. So your goal should be giving the best in each round. The best way to earn more points and beat the opponent in the bowling match is by knocking down all the pins in your turn. If you manage to knock down all the pins, you will get more points. Usually, you get +1 point for each pin hit. If you knock them all down, you will extra points. 

Master The Controls And Shot PerfectlyBowling Crew Cheats Tips Guide

Mastering the control is much important if you want to knock down all the pins in one shot. You master the basic controls – that would be enough! Here are the Bowling Crew Controls: –

  • Drag the ball back and keep holding it(don’t lift your finger)
  • Slide on the arrows under the ball to change the angle of the throw(the green line)
  • Swipe the ball forward to shoot the ball
  • Keep an eye on the ball controller; swipe the ball at the right time – when the white needle/pointer is in the center of the spin(as long as you don’t want to hook the ball)

Learn How To Hook In Bowling Crew

Bowling Crew Cheats Tips GuideCasting hook shot in the Bowling Crew game is quite easy. All you have to do is time the swipe. First, drag the ball back and keep holding it – watch out the hook controller and the pointer/needle on it – the needle moves left and right side(clockwise, anti-clockwise) – swipe the ball forward when the needle is in the direction where you want to make the ball curl. For intense hook, wait until the needle or pointer reaches the corner of the sides. It will go straight first – turns when near the pins. Get better balls with great hook stats for intense hooks. 

Add Friends To Get Free Chips

Bowling Crew Cheats Tips GuideChip is the basic currency that you need to put on the bet on the match. You can get x2000 chips by adding friends. To add friends in the Bowling Crew, you need to connect the game to your Facebook account; whether you are on Android or iOS. After connecting it to Facebook, go to the friends’ tab in league screen -> there you will see the list of friends – you can send them a request through in-game FB option. Other than the referral program, you can send chips to friends. Although, you can not play with friends in Bowling Crew. 

Get The Freebies 

  • Go to the shop in the game -> watch the video ad for the item; gold, chips, cases, balls
  • Invite friends and share chips
  • Go to the gifts tab and get free chips by watching video ads
  • Complete missions to get ball cards, chips, gold 
  • Get crown case by getting victories; contains gold, ball cards, chips

Upgrade The Balls In Bowling Crew

By upgrading the balls, you can increase their attributes such as hook, hook control, guide, power. To upgrade the ball, you will need its replicate cards that you get from the cases or the shop. 

So this would be all in this post on Bowling Crew cheats, tips, guide & tricks for beginners. If you have more tips to share, comment below. 

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  1. Ant layout i generally go for ensuring a spare frame rather then leave a risky split. I know that doesn’t exactly answer your question but it wins more than it loses as a strategy

  2. How do knock down all the pins in certain formations? Like the Ant formation? I need a guide to the specific pin set ups.

    • Try ensure you get the spare every frame rather than leave risky splits going for the strike. Its a strategy that wins more times than it loses anyway. Good luck 👍


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