Forge Ahead Game – Ores, Best Sword & Rarity

Wondering how to forge a common, uncommon, rare, and ultra-rare best swords in Forge Ahead game? Read on and find out what are the best metals, ores that you can use for making different rarity of swords

There are many ores and metals that you can use to forge a variety of swords. The rarity or the value of the metals/ores determines the rarity/quality of a sword. For example – for forging a rare sword, you can use gold, diamond, and mithril like metals/ores(50% of the material items should be rare). In this Forge Ahead game post, you will learn about the ores/metals and how to craft swords of different rarity. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

List Of Ores In Forge Ahead Game: –

1.) SteelForge Ahead Game Ores And Metals

Color – Pure Black. Value – 45. Rarity – Common.

2.) GoldForge Ahead Game Ores And Metals

Color – Yellow. Value – 150. Rarity – Rare.

3.) CopperForge Ahead Game Copper

Color – Orange. Value – 40. Rarity – Common

4.) MithrilMithril

Color – Blue. Value – 105. Rarity – Uncommon

5.) Silver Silver

Color – Pure White. Value – 75. Rarity – Uncommon

6.) DiamondDiamond

Color – Faded Blue. Value – 250. Rarity – Ultra Rare

7.) AdamantiumAdamantium

Color – Light Green. Value – 175. Rarity – Rare

8.) IronForge Ahead Game Iron

Color – Silver Grey. Value – 25. Rarity – Common

9.) TinTin

Color – Silver White. Value – 15. Rarity – Common

10.) Tungsten

Color – Grayish. Value – 795. Rarity – Uncommon

11.) Titanium

Color – silver-greyish-white color. Value – 1275. Rarity – Rare

12.) Magnesium

Color – Red. It seems red xD. Value – 305. Rarity – Rare

13.) Cobalt

Color – Dark Blue. Value – 946. Rarity – Uncommon

14.) Zinc

No info at the moment. If you have, please comment below.

15.) Electrum

No info at the moment. If you have, please comment below.

16.) Iridium

No info at the moment. If you have, please comment below.

Tap the book button in the top-left corner -> head to the materials tab -> there you can check out all the materials in Forge Ahead game. Also, it shows their color, value, and rarity. Ores or Materials are dropped randomly!

⇒How do you forge a common sword?

Use more than 50% common materials like Iron, Silver while forging.

⇒How do you forge an uncommon sword?

Mixing common materials with rare materials(rare value ores) give you an uncommon sword. In other words, limit the rare material items quantity to less than or equal to 33.4%. For example – 33% copper, 16.7% Mithril, 16.7% Diamond, 16.7% Tin, 16.7% Silver. In this example, the quantity of rare materials is mithril+diamond or 16.7% + 16.7% = 33.4%. Other ores are common; tin, copper, silver.  The quantity or number of ores that you can use in forging depends on the crucible capacity upgrade.

⇒How do you forge a rare sword?

Use more than 50% rare material items/ores/metals – the best/rare metals or high-value ores are diamond, mithril, Adamantium, and gold.

⇒How do you forge an ultra-rare sword?

With all the quality ores or materials like diamond, gold, Adamantium, you can forge an ultra-rare sword. Don’t use other ores; Iron, Copper, Tin, etc. Diamond/Gold ores are preferred.

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So this would be all in this post on Forge Ahead game ores/metals and sword.

This post was last updated on January 29, 2020. Updated – Added new materials like Cobalt, Tungsten. Thanks!

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  1. I love the game the only thing I wish, goes for most real forges is to be able to make something for the hilt like a wood cut finish with gloss or string raveled handle as which you would see on most katanas. Stuff like that to me would make the swords more enjoyable, but other then that it’s a great game.

  2. Can you remove ore from the table so u can create higher value metal? Also is there away to make it so the higher values come out more?