Cat Game – The Cats Collector Cheats, Guide, Tips & Tricks

Cat Game – The Cats Collector is a brand new cat game for Android and iOS by MinoMonsters Inc. Check out Cat Game – The Cats Collector cheats, guide, tips & tricks.

MinoMonsters’ latest cat game, named as Cat Game – The Cats Collector features over (600) adorable cats to collect. In the game, the player builds a beautiful cat tower – lots of rooms for the cats and decorations in the room. Your goal is to unlock/discover all the cats, decorations, and build an amazing cat tower. All you have to do is feed the cats and take the delivery of supplies. Use the in-game currency wisely to progress fast. In today’s Cat Game – The Cats Collector guide and Cat Game – The Cats Collector cheats, tips & tricks post, you will learn all the basics of the game.

Cat Game – The Cats Collector Guide – Supplies, Feeding, Decorations, Rooms, Etc.

Cat Game - The Cats CollectorThe Basics – You feed the cat and get supplies. When you feed the cat, the heart meter gets filled and once you get enough hearts, you can choose a delivery type – it could be some supplies(material – log, cotton, etc.) or a new cat + supplies or a new decoration. When the cat is ready for the delivery – a cat catalog pops out where you can see all the rooms, the number of cats and decoration in each room, etc. There are some cats which can only be obtained from the special packages.Cat Game - The Cats Collector

The Delivery – After feeding the cat, the game lets you pick the basket type – if you want supplies, you should choose the supplies – if you want a cat, then you should tap the cat icon and choose it as a delivery. However, there is only a small number of chances of getting a cat. If the cat or decoration is unlocked, tap its icon and the game will show you the requirements or materials needed to get it. All you have to do is tap the item which you are lacking and the game will navigate you to its source.


You need supplies such as logs, cotton to unlock/discover new decorations or to craft other items like string, wood, ribbon, etc. You can use the raw material supplies(log, cotton) in the shop and craft these basic items(string, ribbons, wood, etc.).

Decorations & Rooms – Premium Key Cat Game – The Cats Collector

Cat Game - The Cats CollectorCat Game – The Cats Collector game features (60) rooms and over (600) cats + lots of decorations. The game challenges you to complete each room by collecting or discovering all the cats and decorations. When you complete a room, the game gifts you a special reward – premium key. You can use this premium key to open premium basket. From the premium basket, you can get exclusive cats as well as other premium rewards.

Feed the cat -> ready for delivery -> check the catalog or all rooms – try to complete each room as soon as possible. Tap on the locked item to check its cat requirements or material requirement.

The Bank

As you reach a certain level in the game, The Bank function gets unlocked. When you complete all the actions or quests – displayed under the bank menu, you get a special reward – it could be a premium key or lots of supplies or gold coins. These actions include mini-games, watching video ads, contest, etc.

Cat Game – The Cats Collector – How To Level Up Or Get Stars?

Cat Game - The Cats CollectorTo unlock new contests, features such as club, special tower, etc., you must level up. At the upper-left corner of the game screen, you can check the number of stars that you need to reach the next level. Now, how do you get starts? It’s easy – all you need to do is unlock/discover the decorations in the cats’ rooms.

When ready for the delivery, choose the decoration. If it’s locked, tap it to check the requirements. Fulfil those requirements -> unlock it -> buy -> get the stars.

Special Tower

Here you can check the premium catalog of the cats and the decorations. You can buy some of these items using the premium keys or by collecting purple hearts.


The club function unlocks at level 10. At this level, you will be able to apply for a club. If you want to create a club, then you can do it at level 15. The club offers chat function, group activities, contests, events, etc. If you want to earn purple hearts(purple hearts are required to spin the friend’s chest), you should join a club.

How To Check Complete List Of Cats And Materials?

Tap the club option at the bottom-left of the game screen -> tap the FAQ button on the top-right -> under the gameplay FAQ, you can get the full list of cats and the materials.

Cat Game – The Cats Collector – How To Get Premium Key:

  • Complete the rooms – collect all the cats and decorations on a floor
  • Complete the bank actions – spin the basket and you may get it
  • Craft it using the materials
  • Refer your friends

So that would be all in this Cat Game – The Cats Collector guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our top Cat Game – The Cats Collector cheats, tips & strategies!

Cat Game – The Cats Collector Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Collect The Gift Boxes

Now and then, gift boxes appear on each floor. Make sure to collect these gift boxes for free coins. The number of coins a gift box contains depend on the decoration level of that floor. So if you decorate the floor, you can get more coins every few minutes.

2.) Buy Preferred Food From The Shop

As you know that you need to feed the cats to get baskets from the delivery. And, each food item gives a few hearts. If you want to get more hearts by spending less food, you should pay attention to the cat’s taste. Now and then, you will see the preferred food items over the cat head. If you give the cat the same food, you can save food and get more hearts. Keep in mind that only some cats at a time express their food preferences. And every time, it could be different.

So keep an eye on the food items in the shop – because the food items refresh every few minutes.

3.) Complete The Rooms

You should not ignore old rooms because of the new rooms until you complete it. Try to complete each room as soon as possible and claim a free premium key. Even if you have completed it – you can still feed the cats in old rooms and get supplies. Use those supplies to craft special items in the shop and unlock decorations in new rooms.

4.) Join A Club

Join an active club once you reach level 10 and participate in all the club contests, events to get rewards. To unlock the cats or decorations in the premium catalog, you need purple hearts – and, the club is the only source to get it.

5.) Watch Video Ads For Extra Rewards

Sometimes, the game lets you spin one more time if you watch a video ad. You should give it a try if you want more rewards. Also, when you come back to the game after a few offline hours, the game lets you claim a bonus reward(coins) if you watch a video ad. Whenever these free offers pop out, you should get them.

6.) Complete The Bank Actions

Under the bank menu, you can check all the contests, mini-game, free offers. Make sure to do all these things and get a free chance to get a premium key or lots of supplies or coins.

So this would be all in our Cat Game – The Cats Collector tips & tricks part. If you have more tips for other players, do share with them in the comment section below!

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21 thoughts on “Cat Game – The Cats Collector Cheats, Guide, Tips & Tricks”

  1. I have been playing for ages and am so stuck on the level keep feeding the cats but get supplies and never the missing cats to finish a level and go to the next. What do u suggest ?

  2. if the cat delivery has requirements or a name then it is a 100% chance you will get the cat.

  3. Tip for completing some banks quests: if one of your tasks is collecting raw materials (logs, cotton, rocks, etc.) and you are in a club you can just request it from a club member and if they give you the materials then it will count for collecting

  4. I got the app cat game but do not understand it at all. 2 cats are sitting on cushions and all the rest are empty. The arrow goes between 2 cats adding coins? Together. At the top LH corner there is a square with a game tutorial. When you press it nothing happens. That goes for all the other buttons too. I’m stumped. Help please.

    • Sounds like the app is not working correctly. I know this was posted months ago but in case anyone with the same problem comes looking, I’ll try to help. I would uninstall and re install the game. Also make sure you have at least 2 GB free at all times so the game can work properly. That is advice from a CG dev, that they gave me when I had some trouble. When u download the game there is a faq section, a blue button top right corner, in the club/chat window. Click the chat bar at the bottom, if u dont have a chat bar, it’s the tiny purple hearts in the bottom left corner. All questions about the game can be answered in the faq section. If you can’t find it ask in chat or message support.

    • The way you play is you buy baskets and when you start you get a free one. You will get a free cat at first too. If you go to the craft button you can buy food. Feed the cats food and you can get more baskets. Wait a bit of time and open the basket to get more cats or supplies. What your problem sounds like is that the app isn’t working. Delete it and get it again and if it doesn’t work, maybe restart your device. I really don’t know. Sorry I couldn’t be of much help.

  5. If anyone want to optimise their crafting, I made a crafting calculator. You can input the different items you want to craft as well as the quantity. Then you select how long you want to spend crafting those items. The calculator will then show you how many of each material you need, cost and the most optimal way to craft it.
    You can try it out here:

    If you have any questions feel free to ask

  6. There are lots of little things that a new player might not understand at first. Why do I only have the same 3 or 4 foods available to buy? For 3 days, I’ve had only a few that rotate.

    How do you chat? Is there an easier way to spend less — earn more? Tricks? Hints? Maybe a chapter for the newbies might help. The directions in the game are very broad