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CocoPPa Dolls is a brand new RPG for mobile by UNITED, Inc. Read on for CocoPPa Dolls guide, tips, tricks & cheats to get S-Rank in stages, complete outfit sets

UNITED, Inc. the publisher of Star Girl Fashion CocoPPa Play game has just released a brand new game called CocoPPa Dolls where you dress up the cute girls and compete in the stages in different worlds. In the Fashion Check stages, the judge evaluates the girl’s outfit and give you stars/points. At each stage, you can earn S-Rank – but it would not be easy as at each stage, there is a different fashion check and you will have to change the girl’s outfit according to it. If you have just started playing the game, then you are on the right page. This CocoPPa Dolls guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of CocoPPa Dolls tips, cheats & tricks that you may like. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content.

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CocoPPa Dolls Guide, Tips & Tricks: –

You start the journey from Aries planet – there are many planets in the game – it’s like the game worlds – each world with a set number of stages. For example – the story mode starts from the Aries Planet and after clearing all the story stages on that planet, you move to the 2nd planet; Cancer. You can repeat the stages anytime you want. In the story tab of the game, on the bottom-left side, tapping the planets button will take you to the map screen where you can check all the planets. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the CocoPPa Dolls tips & tricks: –

Get Familiar With The Fashion Check

CocoPPa DollsIn the Fashion Check(the stages that you play in story mode), the judge gives you score points based on the outfit’s style grade. For example; Sexy, Cute, Girly, etc. If the outfit that the girl is wearing is of high grade(A, B, S), then you can easily hit the target score which is required to get the stars. And, if you get successful in earning the max stars, you will get the S-rank on that stage.

First, select a stage in the story mode and start and tap the start button. Skip or Follow The Audition story. After that, the game will take you to the outfit customization screen. On the left-center, you can check 2 out of 5 styles that the judge is going to see in the fashion check.

For example – if it’s Girly, Cute – then equip the outfit/dress with these styles.

CocoPPa Dolls

On the Fashion Check screen, on the top-right corner, you can check the target score. At each style of performance, the judge gives you points. Suppose, it’s girly style. Then girly style attribute of the outfit will come into play. And, if it’s of high-grade; S, A, you will get all the three stars. Still, confused? Let’s learn about the CocoPPa Dolls Styles.

Learn About The Styles In CocoPPa Dolls Game

CocoPPa DollsIn the fashion check, the style attribute of the outfit plays an important role. All the clothes in the CocoPPa Dolls game have five different styles. By default, there is a total of 10 styles – but each cloth has 5 styles. So the rest of those x5 styles which are not represented by the cloth would score 0-stars in the Fashion Check.

Total number of styles –

  • Simple, Gorgeous
  • Casual, Elegant
  • Cute, Beauty
  • Pure, Sexy
  • Unisex, Girly

How to check the cloth’s 5 styles: –

On the outfit customization screen, tap and hold on a particular cloth item and in the style tab, you can check the five styles and their grade. The five styles which are greyed out would lower your score if the judge considers that style in the fashion check.

Next to the style, you can check the style’s grade –

  • SS – Excellent
  • S – Very Good
  • A – Good
  • B – OK
  • C – Bad

If the style’s grade is excellent or very good; SS, S, A, you will surely get all the stars from the judge if she considers that style in the fashion check.

How to get S-Rank at each stage in CocoPPa Dolls: –

  • Check the styles requirement in the Fashion Check

The two styles that the judge will surely consider in the fashion check are displayed on the stage customization screen. So that’s the first clue. Start the stage and you will get to know all of them – even if you score 0, it does not matter as you can play that stage again.

Suppose, the five styles that the judge is going to consider in the fashion check are: –

  1. Girly
  2. Sexy
  3. Cute
  4. Gorgeous
  5. Simple

Now, equip the clothes that have these styles. Tap and hold on a cloth and check the styles; choose the clothes with styles and high-grade. Avoid the clothes that don’t have these styles(greyed out).

Use The Skills To Get More Points

Sometimes the judge asks you to perform tricks; tops, bottoms, hair, and hat. Your character has two of these skills in the beginning; tops and bottoms. The hair and hat skill can be acquired by clearing the story mode stages. When the judge asks you to perform tops, use the perform tops skill by tapping the skill button on the bottom-right corner.

And, when the judge asks you to perform bottoms, use the perform bottoms skill by tapping the skill button on the bottom-right corner. You can level up these skills with coins. On the character’s outfit customization screen, at the top-center, tap the skill button -> there you can equip/unequip or level up the skills.

Learn How To Get Better Clothes In CocoPPa Dolls

Clothes are classified into six-star tiers;

  • 1-star
  • 2-star
  • 3-star
  • 4-star
  • 5-star
  • 6-star

Low-star clothes’ styles usually have low grade; B, C. On the other hand, 5-star, 6-star clothes’ styles have high-grade stats; A, S. On the bottom-right side of the cloth icon, you can check the star level. Tap and hold on a cloth item to check its styles’ stats/grade. You will find 5-star, 6-star clothes’ styles have high value as compared to the low-star clothes.

How to get better clothes? 

You can get better clothes from gacha.

Also, some high-quality clothes can be crafted or obtained from story mode missions.

Go to the home screen -> tap the index button on the right side, outfit set or clothes -> there you can check all the clothes and outfit sets.

Gacha To Get Better Clothes

In the footer menu of the CocoPPa Dolls, tap the gacha button. This will take you to the gacha menu where you can play gacha for free or using platinum or coins. Free play is limited. Swipe on the gacha screen to see different banners. Tap the catalog button on the top-left to check the drop rate of clothes. Tap the trade button on the top-right to trade high-quality clothes using moonstones or event banner currency.

Learn How To Fill Up Tokimeki Bar

If Tokimeki is not enough, then you would not be able to play the next stage on the planet. At the top of the planet’s story mode screen, you can check the Tokimeki bar. For example – Tokimekin of Cancer.

To fill up this bar, you need to satisfy the fans. Perform with fans to fill up Tokimeki Bar.

Get Fans In CocoPPa Dolls

Play the story mode stages(old ones or new ones – does not matter) and you may get fans. If the fan has been attracted, you will see her icon on the right side of the planet’s story mode screen. Or in the stage tab. From there you can select a fan to perform and fill up the Tokimeki Bar.

Learn About The Unit

In the unit tab of the game, you can check your character’s details; level, rank, unit exp, etc. Also, you can join other members, participate in the contest; you can play the judge activity – but the only leader and co-leader can make an entry in the contest. Tap the main button -> trade medals, check missions, donate. Tap the information tab to check members – from there you can withdraw from the team. Tap the contest button – judge or entry in the contest. Tap the unit tour button on the left side to join other unit members.

Earn Fan Medals And AP By Performing On Stage

If you have attracted some fans, you can then perform on stage. Go to the stage and select a fan to perform. You will get fan medals that you can use to get recipes in the recipe station. In the Atelier, you can create clothes with recipes and certain items.

Head to Atelier(store -> Atelier) -> select the item that you want to create -> next -> tap on the item to check how to get it.

Get The Freebies In CocoPPa Dolls – Dress Up Avatar

  • Tap the menu button in the top-right corner -> mission. Complete daily, weekly, and main missions to earn coins, platinum and much more
  • Auto-Clear – the stage that you clear with A-rank can be played again. And, you can use the auto-clear option to clear it instantly for rewards

So this would be all in this post on CocoPPa Dolls guide, tips, cheats & tricks.

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