Novoland: The Castle In The Sky Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Novoland: The Castle In The SkyNovoland: The Castle In The Sky is a brand new MMORPG for mobile by Zloong. Check out our Novoland: The Castle In The Sky guide, tips, cheats & strategy

Zloong, the creators behind Tales of Swords: Eternal Love game, has just released a brand new Mobile MMORPG named as Novoland: The Castle In The Sky. It comes with adorable graphics, loads of game modes, epic monster battles, PvP, clan feature, and much more. The game tasks you to build(strengthen) the character by discovering legendary weapons, pets, costumes, and gears. If you are having the trouble understanding the game’s mechanics or looking for tips, then our Novoland: The Castle In The Sky guide and Novoland: The Castle In The Sky tips, cheats & strategy will help you.

Things To Know In Novoland: The Castle Game

Novoland: The Castle In The Sky

Almost everything in the game is auto, but the player can manually explore, hunt the resources, and enjoy the open world. All you need to do is tap the area name at the top-right corner, just below the battery sign. Tap the world option at the bottom-right corner and select a location. You will meet different NPCs in the different location. For example; If you want to get married, you visit Peach Garden. At the tower of bond, you can adopt babies, foster the baby, give birth to the baby, and there are plenty of things. In all these tasks, you must team up with another player(friend). On the right side of the screen, tap the team tab and create a team. At some locations, you can find pet dealers(to get pets), gear merchant(for gears), bounty events, and much more. So you don’t need to focus on the quests. There is much more content in the game that will challenge you. On the other hand, if you are only focusing on the quests, it will only help you in increasing the power. But you will ruin your gaming experience. So we would recommend you to explore manually and learn what you can do in the game.

After exploring or learning about different locations, start focusing on the quests to level up fast. When you start the game, the game will ask you to opt for a character class. The three classes are human, feather, and spirit. You can change the class at level 70 or higher by visiting Jiu Zhuanaxian(NPC) who would be in Celestial City. Let’s learn step-by-step in detail: –

Novoland: The Castle In The Sky Pets Guide

Pets in Novoland: The Castle In The Sky helps the main character in the battle with their skills. For example – Pink Princess can heal(restore the health) the main character. You can deploy up to one pet a time. And, you can put up to eight pets in the inventory.

How To Get Pets?

You can obtain pets by spending silver coins at Pet Dealers’ shop. You can find these dealers on a number of locations at the world map. Or, simply go to Pet gallery(tap the + icon on the right side of the main screen -> pet -> gallery) -> tap on a locked pet -> in the how to acquire section, tap the shop button to navigate the character to Pet Dealer. After it, choose a pet you want to buy. It will cost you silver coins. Once done, you have to put that pet into the inventory. Tap the bag icon on the right side of the game screen -> tap the pet icon -> hit the use button.

Once done, you will have to deploy the pet. Go to the pet menu again -> select the pet -> deploy. There are more options also when you select the pet: -Configuration, Release, Retrieve, Rest/Deploy.

Configuration ->

In the config. menu, you can assemble the team of pets. If the deployed pet dies in the battle, you will be able to summon configured pets. Tap the + button and select pet.

Release ->

If you don’t want that pet, release it to get an empty slot. Keep in mind that releasing the pet will not bring him/her back until you buy again.

Retrieve ->

Retrieving the pet means removing him/her from the pet inventory to parcel(bag/warehouse/storage). If you want to add again, tap the bag icon -> tap the pet – use.

How To Level Up Pets In Novoland: The Castle In The Sky?

Your pet will earn EXP(required to level up) as you battle against the enemies on the map. Simply deploy the pet. Or, you can also manually level up a pet using EXP fruit, which can be obtained by completing the event quests. Go to the pet menu -> select the pet -> tap the + icon next to EXP stat and use the item.

Pet Cultivate?

In the pet cultivate section, you can evolve a pet, learn new skills, improve the stats. Tap the refine button to use soul orb item, which can be obtained from the store, event quests. Refining will reset the pet level to 1, grant new aptitude(baby, wild), and activate skills.

Learn Skills – You can learn new skills using the skill book. To get the skill book, go to the shop menu -> stall -> there you can buy basic pet books by spending silver coins.

Stats Cultivate -> Apart from refining or level up, you can also improve pet’s stats using Ganoderma Grass item. You may get it from the limited events or buy from the store in exchange for Sycee.

Novoland: The Castle In The Sky Gears Guide

You can obtain gears from the chests(defeat enemies in the dungeon), by completing the quests/events, by crafting. Tap the menu button(+icon on the right side of the screen) -> gears -> In the enhance section, you can enhance the gears which will increase the power of the character. Enhancing stones are required to enhance the gears. How to get? From the shop(spend silver coins), complete events.

You can also obtain gears from the gear merchants in different areas.

Gear Crafting -> Gather crafting material by completing the quests, manufacturing in the life skill menu. Tap the crafting material to check acquisition source.

Inlay -> You can put gems to the gear to make it more powerful. You get the gems from gem chests, even quests, from the shop(spend silver coins). Tap the gem synthesis button to head to the gem level up screen. There you can merge multiple gems for a high-level gem.

Novoland: The Castle In The Sky Clan Guide

Only joining the clan would not be enough. You must contribute in the clan to earn clan points which you can use to learn clan skills in the skill menu. You can build clan facilities, donate in-game items in the clan’s construct menu. And in the same menu, head to the clan sale section to spend clan C coins for precious items; forging material, cultivation orb, and more. Level up clan to get the discount.

To contribute in the clan, participate in the clan events, donate, construct.

Novaland: The Castle In The Sky Skill Guide

The skill menu has four sub-tabs; school, clan, self-cultivation, and life. In the school tab, you can upgrade the active combat skill of the character. In the clan tab, you spend clan points and learn/upgrade basic character stats skill; HP, ATK. Self-Cultivation – In this tab, you can improve the HP, ATK, DEF, HIT, EVA(-evasion), Crit stats of the character by spending silver coins. If you have cultivation orb, then you can use it too. Tap the item button to use.

Life -> Here you can craft or manufacture or cook a number of items; food(to use the food item, go to the bag menu -> tap the food -> use. Use food items to restore HP), medicines(Pills etc.), forging material, gear crafting material, and more. In all these activities, you need energy, silver coins, clan coins. You already know how to acquire silver coins, clan points. To get the energy, complete the activity. How to complete or gain activity points or energy in Novoland: The Castle In The Sky? All you need to do is tap the event button on the top of the screen -> head to the activity tab -> complete the missions to acquire energy.

Soul Seal Guide

By inlaying the soul seals, you can increase the character’s stats. You can further level up these seals using the soulforge feature in which you need heluo essence.

How to get soul seals? 

You get soul seals from the event quests.

How to level up soul seals?

Go to the soul menu -> soulforge -> select the seal -> tap the soulforge button. It will cost you heluo essence.

How to get essence?

Dismantle the soul seals to get the essence. How? Tap the bag icon -> tap the soul seal -> dismantle.

Novaland: The Castle In The Sky Fellow Guide

Fellow or companion characters can be used for the campaign mode that lets you earn precious items for free. These items include chests, enhancing material, pet EXP, character EXP, Elixir, and much more. Go to the fellow menu by tapping the + icon -> recruit -> you can recruit daily, but certain times a day.

By recruiting, you get the companions. If you get the same companion(you already own), then Novoland: The Castle In The Sky game will convert him/her in soul stones. Soul Stones are required to tier up a companion. Go to the brief tab -> tap the character -> tier-up. There, you can also check the number of soul stones required to tier-up.

To send the companion on quests, head to the quest tab -> choose an expedition -> select the companions -> send.

Wings Guide – Novaland: The Castle In The Sky

Novoland also lets you fly in the air and explore the beautiful sky. To fly, you need wings. Tap the wing icon at the bottom-right corner, near combat icon. Wing’s level also impacts the power of character. So make sure to level up wings. Go to the wings menu by tapping the + icon on the right side of the screen. Wing upgrade item can be obtained from the events. As you rank up or level up, you’ll unlock new features.

So that’s all for now as Novoland: The Castle In The Sky guide. Let’s have a look at the top Novoland: The Castle In The Sky tips, cheats & strategy!

Novoland: The Castle In The Sky Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Encounter To Get Titles

You can earn titles for the character by completing the quests. But there are some encounter titles in which you will battle against elite enemies, having tremendous power. To check the titles, tap the character icon at the top-left corner -> titles -> each title improves your stats.

Encounter Titles -> Tap the event button -> encounter -> go now. Complete these missions to get titles. If you failed, you can restart again by interacting with the enemy(tap the [i] icon at the top of his/her head).

2.) Dodge To Save HP, Take Pharmacy Items

Novoland: The Castle In The SkyYou may find this game very easy in the beginning. But as you progress, things will be different. You will face huge monsters and it would be difficult for you to get the victory. In the battle, make sure to dodge the enemy attacks. You can use evade skill to dodge. It is on the right side of the basic combat option at the bottom-right corner.

In addition to dodging, make sure to take pharmacy items. These pharmacy items include pills, HP elixir, life pellet, and many more. You can craft these items in the life skill section. To use, you must add them in the slot. Tap the bag icon -> tap the pharmacy item -> use. To use in the battle, tap its icon at the bottom.

3.) Configure The Pets

You must configure the pets as they help you in the battle with superb skills. If one of the pets die, a new pet will come to help you. So make sure to configure the pets and add the pets in party slots. And, make sure to put the best pets. Read the pets guide above for more info.

4.) Farm Items In The Event Mode

The game’s mechanics will force you to participate in the event mode as most of the items can be obtained from there. So make sure to complete all these quests daily and utilize them by completing the activities tasks. Completing the quests also reward you points. After gaining 120 points, you will earn a great chest from which you can obtain Starfall pollen item(wings upgrade material), soul orb, gems, and much more.

5.) Send Companions On The Quests

Remember to send the companions on campaign mode quests. After they complete the expedition, you will get the reward.

6.) Trade Items In The Shop

You can buy and sell items in the stall menu. Go to the shop -> stall. In the purchase tab, you can buy a variety of items, gears, craft material, basic skill book, pharmacy items, food, and more. And, in the sell menu, you can sell items for silver coins.

7.) Explore Manually, Hunt Chests

Explore the area fully and you could find the chests. Interact with the chests by moving close and tapping the hand icon. You could get free items.

So these are the top Novoland: The Castle In The Sky tips, cheats & stratgey for the beginners. If you have more tips, then share with us in the comment section below.

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