Cooking Sizzle: Master Chef Tips & Tricks: Cheats, Guide & Strategy

Cooking Sizzle: Master Chef is a new mobile game by ONESOFT. Find out Cooking Sizzle: Master Chef tips & tricks, cheats, strategy guide

Cooking Sizzle Master Chef Tips & TricksCooking Sizzle: Master Chef Tips & Tricks, Cheats & Strategy Guide: –

Before proceeding to the main content, we would like to share the getting started basic walkthrough – Cooking Sizzle: Master Chef is pretty much similar to other cooking games out there. Of course, it has better graphics and over 500 challenging levels. But, most of the content, the gameplay mainly, is pretty much the same. You will progress level-by-level – at each level, you will serve the customers and progress to another after completing the current level goals. The three currencies in the game are rubies, coins, and hearts. Rubies – this is the item that you must spend carefully. Coins – these are used to upgrade the stuff. Hearts – the currency you will be needing to play the levels. Now, let’s move on the Cooking Sizzle: Master Chef tips & tricks, cheats, and strategy guide –

Double The Rewards If You Don’t Want To Spend Rubies

We are going straight open with you – do watch those ads and double the earnings/coins after completing the goal. The thing is you will have to make upgrades later on in the game and you must know that these upgrades cost a lot of coins. So, it’s always a good idea to watch these video ads and double the number of rewards. If you don’t have coins, you would not be able to make upgrades – if you don’t upgrade, you would not be able to pass the next levels. And, in the end, you will end up spending the rubies, which we certainly don’t recommend. So, if you get the offer to watch video ads to get free coins, do accept it. 

Tips To Complete Orders Quickly 

#Tip 1->Cooking Sizzle: Mystery Chef gives you no time to rest while on the level – customers will keep visiting back-to-back and you would not have any time to stop/wait. The best thing to do is picture all the orders in mind and keep preparing them back-to-back. 

#Tip 2->Another tip is to prepare in advance; there are always certain items that customer orders more often. Right after starting the level, don’t wait for the customers to come and give the order – you can prepare/cook those common items in advance. 

Cooking Sizzle Master Chef Tips & Tricks#Tip 3-> Make upgrades; upgrade the kitchen appliances such as deep-fried machine, coffee machine, etc. to cook items quickly. If you want to earn more coins per item you sell to the customer, then upgrade the supplies/items. 

#Tip 4->Use boosters; if you think the level is quite hard to clear, then select boosters before starting the level again. Boosters help you serve the customers quickly. 

Collecting Keys To Unlock Next Restaurant

Progression Guide: In Cooking Sizzle: Master Chef, all players start their journey from Sunset Paris. Each location has a certain number of restaurants. And, they get unlocked one-by-one. At each restaurant, you will have lots of levels to complete – certain levels give you keys. These keys are necessary to unlock the next restaurants or locations. For example – Sunset Paris, the first location features these restaurants; breakfast cafe, Meilleurs etoiles(15 keys), Le Saint-Jacques(45 keys), Viandes Maison(85 keys).

Getting Free Rubies In Cooking Sizzle: Master Chef 

You can get free rubies from the gift packages that you can open after collecting a certain number of keys. Also, on the main screen of the city, on the right side, you will often see the video icon; watching video ads give you rewards; rubies. 

Login With FB To Save Progress And Get Freebies

If you haven’t login to the game, we would recommend you to do if you want to save the game progress to the cloud. Also, you get freebies by linking the game with FB account. Tap the gear icon on the lower-right corner -> login. 

Make Combos To Earn More Coins Cooking Sizzle: Master Chef

If you want to earn more coins in Cooking Sizzle: Master Chef, then try making combos. All you have to do is serve x3 or more orders back-to-back without any pause. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Cooking Sizzle: Master Chef tips & tricks and guide for beginners. Got any more tips, cheats or strategies? Comment below. 

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