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Dragon Up: Idle Adventure is a brand new game for Android & iOS by East Side Games Studio. Read on for Dragon Up: Idle Adventure guide, tips, cheats

Dragon Up: Idle AdventureEast Side Games Studio has just released a beautiful game called Dragon Up: Idle Adventure. In this game, the player builds the dragon nest, upgrade them, get hearts, and progress day-by-day. These cute dragons need you to revive their magical powers, which were blocked by an evil wizard a long time ago. But, fortunately, one dragon, somehow, remained safe from the evil wizard’s destruction. Now, you, the dragon saver, along with the ally dragon Billy, hatch the eggs to save his dragon friends. 

If you have just started playing the game, then you are on the right page. This Dragon Up: Idle Adventure guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Dragon Up: Idle Adventure tips, cheats & strategies that you may like. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content. 

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There are two types of Dragons in Dragon Up: Idle Adventure – green dragons and nest dragons. Green Dragons are the most powerful dragons with the ability to increase feeding time power. While Nest Dragons are the dragons that generate hearts and make you money. As you progress through the days, you will discover new nest dragons, nests, and green dragons. At the end of each day, you will get to feed the dragon – feeding time or feeding the dragon gives you gems, cards, and unlock new things in the game. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Dragon Up: Idle Adventure tips & tricks. 

Complete The Goals To Enter Next Day

At the top of the game screen, the game displays the day’s goals’ progress bar. And, below this progress bar, you can check the goals like getting 50 hearts for nests, upgrade dragon, automate the dragon nest, etc. As you complete all the goals, you will be able to enter the next day – as mentioned above, each next day, you are going to unlock new dragons, nests, and get feeding.

Learn About The Feeding Time In Dragon Up: Idle Adventure

After completing all the goals of the current day, you can feed the green dragon. Feeding Time label will show up in the top of the screen after you finish all the current day goals. Tap the feeding bowl in the top-right corner -> tap the Go button -> tap the screen to feed as many gold coins you can – the more you feed the dragon, the more gems, potions and rewards/cards you are going to get. 

One thing that you need to know is the feeding time difficulty level increases as you progress further to the next days in the game – so you must increase the feeding time power by upgrading the dragons. 

Upgrade The Dragons

To upgrade the dragons in Dragon Up: Idle Adventure, you need dragon cards, which can be obtained from the chests that you can acquire by completing the goals or from the shop; in exchnage for potions or gems. In the footer menu, tap the dragon button -> this will take you to the dragon cards screen where you can see all the dragons. 

Feeding Time Power – if you want to increase the feeding time power, you need to upgrade the green dragons like Billy, Alvin, Puggles. 

Nest Dragons – by upgrading the Nest Dragons, you can permanently increase the gold earnings from the respective nest. For example – Springles is one of the dragons in Dragon Up: Idle Adventure who stays in Spring Nest. By upgrading this dragon, you will get more gold from the spring chest. Dragon Up: Idle Adventure

Upgrade The Nests

Like dragons, you can upgrade the nests. And, the process is also similar. You need nest cards to upgrade the nests like Spring Nest, Pond Nest, Jungle Nest, Desert Nest, etc. You can get the nest cards from the chests; complete goals, feeding time power, shop. Go to the nest tab in the footer menu -> tap the nest -> upgrade. Upgrading nest increases gold earnings.

Get Heart Bonus For Cards

You can get extra cards; nest cards, dragon cards by claiming the heart bonus. The nests generate gold -> you can use gold to level up these nests -> next to the current level of a nest, you can check the heart meter. When the heart fills up completely, you get the heart bonus; and, as a heart bonus, the game gives you nest or dragon cards. So we recommend leveling up the nests and claiming the heart bonus for cards before you feed the green dragons to reach the next day. Feeding Time does give you gems and cards but resets the current day(dragon nests, gold earnings). 

Claim More Cash In Dragon Up: Idle Adventure

If you want to earn more gold coins, then watching the video ads would be a good idea. In the footer menu, tap the TV button to see this video ad offer. Tap YES and you will get an earning boost for a few hours. You can extend this booster duration by watching the video ad again. 

Participate In The Events

You can earn gems, potions, nests, etc. by participating in the time-limited events of Dragon Up: Idle Adventure. On the main screen, on the right side, tap the event button option to check the event -> let’s go -> the event follows the same gameplay rules, which is followed in the main story of the game. You can go back to the main game anytime you want. 

So this would be all in this post on Dragon Up: Idle Adventure guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. If you have more tips and tricks to share, please comment below. 

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