Mario Kart Tour Guide – Points, Cup, Level, Pipes, And Much More

Mario Kart Tour is a brand new game for Android and iOS by Nintendo. Let’s have a look at our Mario Kart Tour Guide – Points, Cup, Level, Pipes, and much more

If you have just started playing the Nintendo’s latest Mario Mobile game, Mario Kart Tour, then this article is going to teach you all the basics of the game – points, best courses, items, level up, Cups, and much more. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content – Mario Kart Tour Guide for beginners!

Mario Kart Tour Guide – What Are The Points?

Mario Kart Tour GuideBased on the number of points that you get by completing a race, you get the Grand Stars, which are required to unlock the next cups in the tour. When you finish off the race, the game calculates the points and you get the Grand Stars. The higher the points, the more Grand Stars you can get(not more than the maximum limit). So how the game calculates the points? And, how do you earn more points in Mario Kart Tour Game? Let’s find out!

Types of Points in Mario Kart Tour Game: –

  • Position Points
  • Base Points
  • Bonus Points

Position Points: –

In Mario Kart Tour game, you race with more than five characters. And, your objective is to finish off the race with #1 rank. The higher the rank in the race, the more position points you get. Leave other characters behind and try to get in the top 3 to get more position points. The lower the rank in the race, the fewer points you get.

  • 1st Rank – x1
  • 2nd Rank – x0.85
  • 3rd Rank – x0.75
  • 4th Rank – x0.65
  • 5th Rank – x0.55
  • 6th Rank – x0.45
  • 7th Rank – x0.35
  • 8th Rank – x0.2

As you can see in the table – as the rank drops, the points reward drop simultaneously.

Base Points

Base Point(s) calculation is determined by the individual score – the driver, kart, and the glider selected by you. Each driver/kart/glider has their individual score, which adds to the total points calculation after the race. For example –

  • Driver – 513
  • Kart – 232
  • Glider – 232

So the total base points would be 977(Driver score+Kart score+Glider score).

Bonus Points

After the race, on the points calculation screen, there would be a separate score for this section! Bonus Points are given to the player upon performing actions such as jumps(pass through jump boosters), knocking off the opponents(hit them using the items), combos, and techniques.

After finishing the race, the combines these scores(bonus points, base points, and the position points) – and, based on these points, you will get the Grand Stars. Your objective is to earn enough points to get all the Grand Stars.

Mario Kart Tour Guide – Favored Courses or Tracks?

Mario Kart Tour GuideIn each cup, you race on a variety of courses. For example – In the Donkey Kong Cup, three courses are Dino Dino Jungle, Toad Circuit, and Rock Rock Mountain. If you select the drivers or characters based on the favored course, you will get more items from the item boxes.

If the track is not preferred by the character/driver – and, yet, you choose him/her for the race, you will get only one item per item box.

The same rule applies to kart and glider. However, both these provide a different buff to the player.

To start the race, you have to select three things: –

  1. Character/Driver
  2. Kart
  3. Glider

Character – select the best character to get three items per item box or two items per item box.

Kart – select the best kart to get more bonus points.

Glider – select the best glider to get more combo bonus and combo-time boost.

On the selection screen, you can check the bonus/buff a character/kart/glider gets. If you don’t have the best ones, then go with the available ones.

Mario Kart Tour Guide – Leveling Up

As you raise the player level, the game gives more position points. Also, as a level-up reward, you get free rubies in Mario Kart Tour. How do you level up? By obtaining the EXP, you can level up.

Play the races – try to get the highest rank for more EXP. As per the game info, you gain or lose experience points based on the position in the race. So it would be better to try reaching the #1 rank – to level up fast.

At the upper-left corner of the game screen, you can check the current level. Tap the level bar to see rewards and points boost that you will get by reaching the next level.

How To Get Drivers, Karts, Gliders In Mario Kart Tour?

Mario Kart Tour GuideThe player can obtain drivers, karts, and gliders by firing off the pipes, from the shop, and as a tour gift. As you progress through the tour or unlock new cups, you get gifts. These gifts include rubies, drivers, karts, and gliders. And, the main way to obtain these drivers, karts, and gliders in Mario Kart Tour game is by firing off the pipes. To fire off pipes, the player needs to spend rubies.

At the bottom-center of the game screen, tap the menu button -> under the tour pipe(i.e. New York Pipe) section, you can spend the rubies for drivers, karts, and gliders. Or go to the shop -> there you can spend coins on karts, drivers, and gliders.

Coins In The Game!

From the race, you can obtain the coins! The coin is the basic in-game currency in Mario Kart Tour game. You can use it in the shop for valuable in-game characters or items.

So this would be all in this Mario Kart Tour Guide for the beginners. Also, see –

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