Durango: Wild Lands Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Durango: Wild Lands is a brand new survival game for mobile by Nexon. Let’s have a look at our Durango: Wild Lands guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Durango: Wild Lands is finally out globally and all the survivors can join the endless survival adventure on their mobile devices. You will get your own domain at tamed Island where you can put loads of structures such as makeshift taming pen, baskets for storage, tent, and more. You will also explore loads of Islands for the resources. Also, you can tame dinosaurs, ride them, and use them as a true companion. Clan, friends party, and other social function is also there. If you have just started playing Durango: Wild Lands game, then you may want to read our Durango: Wild Lands guide and Durango: Wild Lands tips, cheats & strategies to learn all the basic aspects of the game!

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Durango: Wild Lands Guide

The Basics

The very first step you have to do is choosing a character; all these characters have an extra buff in a particular skill. Tapping on the character will give you the overview of that extra buff and lets you compare all manually. We would not recommend you to choose a certain type of character as it completely depends on your play style. After that, you will complete some tutorials and learn about how to accept the quests, what is a waypoint, heading to the new Island, and more. Let’s get started and learn everything in details: –Durango: Wild Lands

Your Domain in Durango: Wild Lands

Durango: Wild LandsThe game gives you a free domain on a tamed Island where you can build the shelter and install all the essential structures(tent, taming pen, bonfire, fence, flower bed, and more) to make the survival easy and safe. So, that’s basically your shelter. You can go there anytime by tapping the mini-map at the upper-right corner -> then on the bottom-right side, tap “To waypoint” button. After that, the game will teleport you to the home/domain.

Expanding the domain in Durango: Wild Lands

At the beginning of the game, you get a small area in tamed Island and that would not be sufficient for you as you reach a higher level or progress a bit more in the game. You will have to expand it and it’s quite easy to do. At the bottom-left corner, tap the menu button -> on the right side menu list, tap domain(the first one in the right side menu list) -> choose to expand tamed island option -> tap Expand button -> that’s it. You have limited plots; so expand wisely. You can get more plots in the domain by raising the Taming Island level. To raise the rank, you need personal communication center building, which unlocks at level 60. After that, using the building, you can raise the taming Island rank and get more plots to expand the domain in Durango: Wild Lands.

Setting Up Sails – Visiting Islands & More In Durango: Wild Lands

See, taming Island does not have all types of RSS. So you will have to visit different-different Islands to get particular RSS or dinosaur/animal. To head to the new Islands, tap sail button at the bottom-right corner of the game screen or open mini-map -> tap the button “To Harbor”. After that, tap the raft -> set sail -> here you can see all the permanent and temporary(red ones) Islands. Tap on any Island -> tap again -> set sail -> pay the fee(T-Stones) -> confirm. That’s it.

Grinding RSS & Accepting Quests

You will need a bunch of resources in building the structures, crafting weapon or tool, cooking food, etc. At the bottom-right corner of the screen(When you are on an Island), tap the magnifying glass icon to turn on the label function. After that, wherever you go, you will see the name of the resource over it. In the different-different Islands, you will find different type of items. So exploring is one of the common things that you need to do.

Accepting quests or missions in Durango: Wild Lands – On every Island, you will find a shelter; there would be a bonfire, bulletin board, basic workbench, communication center, and a drop-off point. These spots are marked on the mini-map, so easy to find. You get the quests from the communication center. After completing the quests, you head to the drop off point and submit the items to claim the rewards. The rewards include T-Stones, EXP(EXP is required to raise the player level, as the level increases, you will be able to get access to new items).

Encourage Other Pioneers With A Cheer

This quest may confuse you as the game does not provide much information to the player of this quest. In this quest, you need to go close to another player and use the cheer(smiley) emote). Tap the smiley icon at the bottom-left corner of the game screen(near menu button) -> after that choose the smiley to emote. That’s it. There is a 1-minute cooldown, so after the one minute, you can use it again.

Durango: Wild Lands Skills Guide

Your character can learn and master dozens of skills in the game and it would be very easy for you to survive in dangerous conditions, fighting against the powerful dinosaurs/animals, and also lets you access numerous kind of structures, defensive items, weapons, cloth, and other things. These skills are gathering, survival, melee, butchering, processing, construction, defense, weapon, tailoring, cooking, ranged, and farming.

Durango: Wild Lands – How To Raise Skill LevelDurango: Wild Lands

  • Combat Skill – To learn new weapons formula or master the weapons, you will need to increase the combat level(Ex; melee). To increase the melee skill level, use the attack actions; fight dinosaurs. To increase the defense skill level, use the defense actions(like dodge) in the combat.
  • Weapon Crafting Skill – Increase it by crafting weapons, weapons material.
  • Tailoring – This skill is related to the clothes/armor. Equipping the suits matching the climate helps a lot. To get access to more tailoring skill, you need to raise the level. And, to do it, you need tailoring skill XP -> earn it by crafting clothes materials and outfits.
  • Cooking Skill – Various kinds of food provide awesome buffs to the character. Cooking items will grant you cooking EXP and as you gain more, your cooking skill will eventually level up. At the beginning of the game, you can cook Skewer(tap the menu button at the bottom-left -> craft/build -> cooking -> Skewer). You can kill the animals for food/meat and get the tool, required for cooking, from the Islands or market(Menu -> Island market) or tap the shop icon at the top on the material selection screen.
  • Construction – You can get construction EXP by constructing structures such as Makeshift fence, tent, and more. To check what EXP you get from the items, tap the menu button -> craft/build -> select any category -> tap the item -> on the right side, you can check the skill category. For example; If it’s construction category, then you will get Construction EXP or its related.
  • Butchering -> Kill animals and get the RSS; meat, leather, bones, and more. Rank up this skill to gather more types of materials from the dead animals.
  • Processing – Craft material process items to gain processing EXP; menu -> craft/build -> material processing.
  • Gathering – Gather RSS from the Islands

How to tame animals or dinosaurs in Durango: Wild Islands?

Durango: Wildlands TamingTaming an animal or dinosaur is quite easy; all you need to do is take the fight and stun it until its HP drops down to less than half(25-35). Once stunned, you capture and put it in the Makeshift Taming Pen -> then you form a bond. Once it is successful, you can summon the dinosaur. Keep in mind that not all animals can be tamed. And, for some dinosaurs, you need to learn the corresponding skill(Menu -> skill -> survival -> animal taming -> dinosaurs).

Stunning an animal -> Use the body tackle button to stun the animal. Better use it when the animal is low on HP(Less than 40%).

Capturing – Once the animal is stunned, tap the net button. If the capturing process gets successful, you will see the animal in the bag(menu -> bag -> cage).

Form the bond, place the animal in making shift pen -> check the result -> put in the bag -> summon -> ride. Don’t forget to feed(tap the animal).

How To Craft Makeshift Taming Pen In Durango: Wildlands?

Durango: Wild Lands Makeshift PenYou get the first Makeshift Taming Pen for free(check the bag), in a tutorial. After that, you need to craft it. And, to craft it, you need to learn it first in the skill section. Tap the menu button -> skill -> construction -> choose living quarters category -> under level 15 column, you will find Makeshift Taming Pen option -> tap it -> learn. Once done, you will be able to craft it from the crafting menu.

How To Get Mud?

Durango: WildlandsThere are two ways to obtain mud; you can buy it using the T-Stones or grind it. Read the market guide below if you want to buy mud. Grinding Mud – You can obtain the mud from the mud pit(set sail to the Islands -> explore). You can find a mud pit near the river banks. Since there is no exact location, you will have to explore and find out it manually.

Or Animal Droppings…

Animal Droppings work as a mud alternative. All you need to do is tame an animal and raise it in a livestock pen. Craft a makeshift pen(menu -> craft -> storage/furniture -> makeshift pen). Keep in mind that makeshift pen and makeshift taming pen are two different structures. Once built -> tap it -> animal handling -> tap the + button -> select a tamed animal. After selecting the animal, tap the production button at the bottom of the screen(Makeshift Pen menu) -> start the production. You will get the animal droppings after a certain amount of time. Also, other rewards such as egg, corn seed as a bonus.

Farming In Durango: Wildlands

You can farm lots of items at the tamed Island; potatoes, tomato, corn, and much more. To farm these items, you must learn the corresponding skill first. For example; If you want to grow the potato, you must learn that skill. Go to the skill menu -> farming -> there you will see the farming level requirement. After that, you just craft the field for farming and use the seeds.

To raise the farming level, we would recommend grinding the mud pits.

Seeds – You can obtain seeds from the market, loot boxes on the Island, or from the animal raising(production bonus reward).

How To Trim Materials?

This is one of the daily tasks that you will have to do for the T-stones, EXP, and points. The very first step is to learn the trimmed material skill. It unlocks at Processing skill level 25. Go to the skills -> processing -> standard processing -> level 25 column -> trimmed material.

Once done, go to crafting screen -> material processing -> trimmed material -> craft -> select materials -> confirm. You can process up to two units at a time. And, you need level 20 workbench to trim the materials. Read the guide below to learn how to craft it.

How To Craft Level 20 Workbench? (Or Higher)

Durango: WildlandsThe very first thing that you need to check is whether the max level of the workbench is higher than 20 or not. Crafting -> storage/workbench -> workbench/basic -> check the max level. If it’s higher than level 20, then it means, you can craft it.

The next thing that you need to know is the level of materials used in constructing workbench matters a lot. If you use low-level materials, then you will get a low-level workbench. For example; you need level 10 plank shape+plank pillar+strap + level 5 tool. Instead of using level 10 or level 5 materials, use higher-level materials for the better output. Go to craft menu -> storage/workbench -> basic workbench -> construction -> select the materials -> once you select all, you can see the expected result at the top-right side -> if it’s lower than level 20, you will have to use high-level tool/material.

Durango: Wild Lands – Market Guide

You can buy and sell the items through the Island market. Tap the menu button -> on the left side options, choose Island Market. Search the item that you are looking for -> once found, tap it -> buy. To sell the items, tap sell option on the left side -> select the item that you want to sell -> choose the price -> add. You can earn T-Stones by selling the items. Earn T-Stones from the quests/missions.

So this is the Durango: Wild Lands guide for the beginners. If you have any question, let us know in the comment section below. Let’s have a look at our Durango: Wild Lands tips, cheats & strategies part!

Durango: Wild Lands Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Complete All Types Of “Quests”

There is so much to do in this game. If you want to follow everything step-by-step, then we would recommend you to follow the quests; visit Islands -> accept the communication center quests -> earn EXP, T-Stones. Complete the tasks -> Tap the menu button -> tasks -> task -> daily tasks -> complete all these tasks to earn task points(you will get Warp Gems once you got enough points), EXP, T-Stones.

2.) Raise The Skills Level

You can access to loads of new things by raising the skills level and it will be more fun to use those new items. In the skill guide part above, we have mentioned how to raise the skill level. Make sure to read that part.

3.) Rest, Eat Food, Take Care Of Character

Life & Health – To stay alive for a long time, make sure to keep an eye on Life & Health stats; take medicine or rest for a while to recover HP. Eat Food – Eating food recovers energy. Cook the food at bonfire and craft food dishes. Fatigue – The yellow bar at the top-left corner displays the fatigue condition; if it’s high, rest for a while and recover the HP.

Try to get better clothes, weapons by raising the corresponding skills.

4.) Explore, Tame Animals, Gather RSS

This game is best suited for those who love to grind. Explore as much as you can, discover Warp holes, new animals, tame them, gather the RSS, and build the house at domain!

5.) Join A Clan

You will get loads of perk when you join a camp; Increase in EXP, T-Stones earning, sail cost reduction, warp cost reduction, and more. Donate T-stones in the clan to raise its level and get more benefits.

So that’s all for now. If you have more tips, share in the comment below!

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  1. I keep seeing a tip when warping about raising the Pioneer level of your tamed island, and I think building a personal communication box, but I can find nothing that explains how to do either, and no pattern for the communication box. Any ideas? Am I just missing something? Lovin’ the game though. The rest of my life is going to slowly crumble away and I won’t even notice ’cause I’ll have my face stuck in Durango.

  2. Herbivores, during taming, only accept flowers and milk(speeds up taming, far slower for carnivores), but once tamed, they eat vegetables, flowers, fruits, etc, including leaves.
    Carnivores eat, well, meat. It does not reduce the taming time by much at all(a few seconds, I think)
    A side question, btw: Some creatures seem to be capturable(atleaat on map when viewing an island) but I guess they are soon to be added? Some dinosaurs that were tameable before also are no longer tameable, such as the bonusaurus.
    I’m guessing that end game islands include items with the special item and pet buffs, like gathering mania?

    • @Cassy Lee Tap the animal -> feed -> it will show you the animal type(example; herbivore) -> tap the ? next to it to check the favorite food.
      Durango Wildlands

  3. Thanks for the guide, it clarifies things and is concise!
    And I do have a question. I recently joined a clan and apparently we’re all beginners so we don’t know much, especially on domains. Our clan leader kept asking me, who is also a newbie, how to build domain on an island together with the whole clan. Is it the enclave or is it another thing?