Dungeon Dogs guide: tips, cheats & strategies

Dungeon Dogs – Idle RPG is a popular mobile game by PocApp Studios. Read on for Dungeon Dogs guide available with tips, cheats & strategiesDungeon Dogs guide tips cheats

Dungeon Dogs guide, tips, and cheats: – 

This article covers “how to play Dungeon Dogs”, about the dogs/heroes, their skills, upgrades, and other aspects such as camp, crafting materials, events, mini-games, tips & tricks to progress fast, and much more. So, let’s get straight to the Dungeon Dogs guide, tips, and cheats: – 

Get Started With Dungeon Dogs Basics

In Dungeon Dogs – Idle RPG, you, as a player, progress through the main story mode, which features lots of interesting quests. Your goal is to complete all these quests with the help of dogs. Dogs are called heroes in this game. Collect all the dogs; as of writing this, the Dungeon Dogs game has 64 heroes that you can collect and evolve and send them in the quests. Tap the dog icon in the upper-left corner of the camp screen, there you can check the story progress, the number of heroes that are yet to be collected, and the reputation level. 

Guide To Camp Area

On the camp screen, you have plenty of things: – 

  • Barracks – the barrack level determines the number of hero slots. The more hero slots you have, the more heroes you can send on the quests. In the early game, it’s 4. 
  • Scrap Station – from the scrap station, you get the bones. Bone is one of the crafting material items in Dungeon Dogs
  • Wood Station – from the wood station, you get the wood. Wood is another one of the crafting material items in Dungeon Dogs
  • Cloth Station – from the cloth station, you get clothing material – another crafting material
  • Reputation Board 
  • Quest board
  • Alchemy –  here you can craft quest items(read the quest items guide below), battle items(use these items in the battle to win easily), and eggs(get heroes with eggs)
  • Market – this is the place where you can exchange items

Dungeon Dogs guide tips cheats

Guide To Quest Items In Dungeon Dogs

The five main quest items in the Dungeon Dogs game are; speed potion – it reduces the quest duration. Diamond Lens – it grants a chance to earn a gem as a reward. Gold Shovel – with this quest item, you can increase the gold reward that you get from the quests. Forged Papers – this item reduces the material cost on quests. And, Spark Bottle – this once grants chances to obtain ember as a quest reward. 

Using Quest Items For Quests

Before selecting the quests, you can activate these quest items to get benefits. Tap on the quest board on the camp screen -> list of quests will appear -> at the top-left corner, tap the inventory box with potion bottle on it -> select the quest item that you want to activate. For example – if you want to reduce the quest duration, you can activate the speed potion. 

Guide To Main Story And Other Quests

By completing the main quests or other side-quests, you can get XP(to increase the camp level), gems(premium currency), ember(evolving material), coins(to make upgrades, or shop items), and other crafting materials that are mainly used at alchemy. 

Tap on the quest board -> the quests will appear -> at the top-left corner, you can check the maximum number of dogs that you can send on the quests. For example; if it’s 4/4 – that means the max limit is x4. Upgrade the barracks to increase this limit so that you can start multiple quests at a time. 

Another thing you need to know is each quest has certain requirements that you must meet to start it. Tap on the quest and at the bottom, check out the skills requirement. The heroes or dogs in Dungeon Dogs have these skills – send the ones with a high level to increase the quest success rate. After starting the quest, you can enter the battle and tap on the enemy to complete the quest quickly and get bonus rewards. Battle Energy is required to inflict DMG on the enemy during the battle; you can get it by using the energy potions. If you don’t have energy potions, play the mini-games. Tap the card icon on the top-right side to select the mini-game. 

Learn How To Get Heroes In Dungeon Dogs

Heroes or Dogs in the Dungeon Dogs game can be acquired from the boxes that cost gold coins, gems, or tickets. Tap the cute dog icon in the lower-right corner -> this will take you to the shop screen -> go to the boxes section -> there you can buy the boxes and get random dogs. Dogs are of many types; common, rare, and mythic. You can check the complete list in the dog book. At the top-left side, tap the book icon -> here you can check all the dogs. 

Some heroes can only be obtained from the eggs. Go to Alchemy -> eggs -> use the material items(obtain from the quests or events) -> craft -> get the egg – hatch it and get the hero. Dungeon Dogs guide tips cheats

Learn How To Level Up The Heroes

Heroes or Dogs gain XP from the quests. If you want to level up a hero character, send it on a quest; after the quest completion, that hero dog will gain XP – pay attention to the blue color gauge on the level bar when it fills, the dog’s level increases. Other than that, you can use the boosters to boost the level of dog; but, it’s a premium method. From the shop, you can buy these boosters and quickly level up the heroes. If you are a f2p and want to level up heroes, send them to the quests and grind XP. If the level is too low, pick a low-level requirement quest. 

Tap on the quest board -> at the top-left corner of the quest card, you can check the quest level requirement; 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on. 

Evolving Heroes In Dungeon Dogs Idle RPG

To evolve a hero dog, you need ember. The evolvement cost increases every evolution level. Go to the barracks -> select the hero dog -> tap the evolve button -> use ember. There are many types of embers; yellow embers, blue embers, purple embers, yellow rare embers, blue rare embers, and purple rare embers. You can craft these embers at alchemy or obtain from the quests. Or, go to barracks – dismiss a hero. Dismissing hero gives you free ember – but, you lose that dog. Dungeon Dogs guide tips cheats

Make Upgrades To Progress Fast

Go to the shop menu by tapping the dog button in the lower-right corner. In the shop menu, navigate to the upgrades tab. There you can spend the wood, cloth material, and bones/scrap to make upgrades. By upgrading barracks, you can send more hero dogs on the quests. Upgrade wood/station/cloth station to increase material gain per minute. 

Complete The Missions For Free Rewards

On the right side of the screen, tap the mission mail icon -> check the missions and complete them for coins and gems. 

Getting Free Gems In Dungeon Dogs

You can get free gems by playing the mini-games, completing the missions, quests, or by watching the video ads; go to the shop; there you will see the free gem offer that you can grab by watching a short video ad. 

In the lower-left side, tap on the setting/gear icon -> system settings -> tap/follow the game’s page on FB, Twitter, Insta for free gems. 

If you are feeling bored, you can join an alliance; tap the alliance option in the lower-right side -> join an active alliance. 

Check Out The Daily Events

In the upper-right side menu list, tap on the scroll to open the daily events menu; grab the daily offer that gives free coins, complete challenges to get special outfits, do the daily quests for free box/coins/gems, get free ember by watching a video ad, and claim daily login reward. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Dungeon Dogs guide, tips, and cheats for beginners. 

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