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Are you looking for Echocalypse codes? Read on for an updated list of all new gift codes for Echocalypse to redeem.

Echocalypse Codes Redeem Gift Code

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Published by Yoozoo Singapore Pte. Ltd., Echocalypse is a mobile RPG that sets in a post-apocalyptic world. 

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We provide regular updates and fast/full coverage on the latest Echocalypse Codes. The total number of promo gift codes we discovered for this game title is N/A. Active promo code status: N/A. Here’s the list of Echocalypse gift codes(comment below if you know any working codes): –

Echocalypse Codes 

Working Echocalypse Codes:

  • jd93jp92sa : Gift code expires on Dec 10th, 2023

Echocalypse Codes [Expired]

Echocalypse Codes do not last forever. They are available to redeem for a limited period, and once that expires, you will no longer be receiving the rewards. If you find any code in the above list not working, please let us know by sharing it in the comment box below. 

  • B4H67WAK : Gift code expires on November 19th, 2023
  • OATHOFLOVE : Gift code expires on November 30th, 2023[Added on September 27th, 2023]
  • POCKYDAY1111 : Gift code expires on November 17th, 2023
  • UC7K9SX56W : Gift code for Random SSR Affinity Gift Chest *10, Iridimorphite *60[Expires on November 5th, 2023]
  • KIKISGIFT : Gift code for Nurture Solution III *10, Echo Crystal Flake *1[Added on October 27th, 2023]
  • ECHO1STANNIV : Gift code expires on October 31st, 2023[Added on October 19th, 2023]
  • 1STANNIV1 : Gift code expires on October 31st, 2023[Added on October 18th, 2023]
  • 1STANNIV3 : Gift code expires on October 31st, 2023[Added on October 16th, 2023]
  • AUTUMN2023 : Gift code expires on September 28th, 2023[Added on September 22nd, 2023]
  • 8HD7CN4E53 : Gift code expires on September 17th, 2023[Added on September 15th, 2023]
  • 7A9SDF78G23C : Gift code expires on September 10th, 2023[Added on September 8th, 2023]
  • 87XBF24NFA35 : Gift code expires on September 3rd, 2023[Added on September 1st, 2023]
  • 87FNX2JL3FNV : Gift code expires on August 27th, 2023
  • SUMMER2023 : Gift code expires on August 31st, 2023
  • HS7F76CK2JZX : Gift code expires on August 2nd, 2023
  • 4DNX7U9LS34G : Gift code expires on July 17th, 2023
  • TANABATA77 : Gift code expires on July 15th, 2023
  • F7SJVHE0Y3K2 : Gift code expires on July 2nd, 2023
  • X7NSW9AK3DF6 : Gift code expires on July 3rd, 2023
  • DRAGONBOAT2023 : Gift code expires on June 28th, 2023
  • GOLDENWEEK2023 : Gift code expires on June 25th, 2023[Added on May 26th, 2023]
  • HDNCYEGDKFHG : Gift code expires on June 17th, 2023
  • CAMELIAFORU : Gift code expires on May 10th, 2023
  • NICE40KSEA : Gift code expires on May 24th, 2023
  • CATSDAY2023 : Gift code expires on February 28th, 2023
  • THANKS2022 : Gift code expires on February 23rd, 2023
  • ECHO10KSEA : Gift code expires on January 24th, 2023
  • TESLOVIK : Gift code expires on January 19th, 2023
  • ECHO777 : Gift code added on October 14th, 2022
  • NICE30KSEA : Gift code expires on December 9th, 2022
  • THANKYOU : Gift code expires on November 2nd, 2022
  • EARLYACCESS : Redeem this gift code and get X1 Random Favorability Gift Chest, X Tribute Points, and X Random SR Furnishings Chest (Expires on October 31st, 2022)

Echocalypse Codes FAQ

How Do You Redeem Gift Code In Echocalypse?

To redeem the Echocalypse Gift Code, the player first needs to complete the tutorial. Once the tutorial is completed, look for the profile icon button, which should be located in the top-left corner of the game screen. Tap it. On the next screen, look for the basic data tab and tap it. Then choose to redeem the gift code by tapping the redeem gift code button.

Tap on the redeem gift code option; you will get the option of entering and redeeming the gift code. The above Echocalypse code wiki showcases the complete code list. Enter the valid code and get the rewards. New gift codes are released often; we keep track of all these codes and put them all together in this one updated code wiki list.

How To Get More Echocalypse Codes?

More new Echocalypse Codes are published on the game’s official social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and the game’s official Discord. You can bookmark this page and regularly check for Echocalypse gift codes. Once available, we will update this gift code list with all the new redemption codes. Usually, the game developers publish the gift codes for special events like the game’s milestones, popular occassions, collaborations, and special events.

So this would be all in this post on Echocalypse Codes. Got any new gift codes? Comment below. 

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Echocalypse is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi mobile strategy RPG. As an Awakener, you’ll lead the last hope of humanity, Kemono Girl Cases, onto adventures. Collect Mana from different factions, accumulate strength, liberate your little sister from her seal, uncover the truth of the world, and restore its order! Fight in the post-apocalyptic world with your kemono girl companions!

• Uncover the truth behind an epic story
The Calamities prophesied in the ancient texts had come to reality in this post-apocalyptic world, putting humanity to its greatest trial in millenniums. The strange Echo Crystals are destroying the environment day by day, and the dire situation has pushed humanity to research the crystals. It led to different stances of different factions toward the crystals, and the schism is now reaching the boiling point of local war. At the same time, the prophesied Day of Return of the Ancient One is approaching fast…
Civilization that we once knew is no more, and a new order of arcana, technology, and ploys of different factions was born. Your little sister Rayna had disappeared, and all clues point to the mystic order of Rasparta and the great powers behind it. Your trustworthy kemono girl companions will always be by your side, together you’ll find the legendary Relics, save your sister, and uncover the truth!

• Simple controls, endless lineups and tactics combos
Recruit kemono girls, forge your dream team, and sweep through your enemies with your tactical genius! Enjoy an immersive story, lots of different play modes, and numerous instances! Let the lit skill graphics and sounds wow you!

• Kemono girls just for you
A hundred kemono girls from the hands of famous artists, each with a unique character and a beautiful, detailed avatar. Upgrade them in different ways to boost their attributes and dominate battles. Or how about a date with them? You’ll boost your affinity with them and their stats too.

• Build a troop with other Awakeners
Meet friends in your adventure and build a troop together! Or join one to meet new friends, exchange gifts, and charge the High-energy Reactor together for fat gains.

• Your base, your style
Flex your creativity and decorate your base to your desires in an assortment of different styles. Do you like the Japanese, tech, glam, or exotic style? Build your dream base.

• Immerse yourself in the story with the greatest VAs!
Yoshimasa Hosoya, Sora Amamiya, Rina Hidaka, Misato Fukuen, Hisako Kanemoto, Yumi Hara, Asami Seto, Sumire Uesaka, Chinatsu Akasaki, Mai Nakahara, Minami Tanaka, Reina Ueda, Maki Kawase, Aki Toyosaki, Haruka Shirashi, Yuka Iguchi, Ayane Sakura, Chiwa Saito, Fairouz Ai, Yoko Hikasa, Junko Minagawa, Mamiko Noto, Naomi Oozora, Mariya Ise, Mikako Komatsu, Mutsumi Tamura, Marina Inoue, Chika Anzai, Satomi Sato, Sayaka Oohara, Riona Imaizumi, Anna Yamaki, Misato Matsuoka, Aoi Inase, Saran Tajima, Yuri Usui, Hikari Kubota, Shiori Kurosaki, Kanon Fujimura

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