Empire: Age of Knights Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Empire: Age of Knights is a brand new medieval MMO Strategy game for mobile by Goodgame Studios. Check out our Empire: Age of Knights guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Goodgame Studios, the publisher of Skytopia game, has just published its new mobile game called Empire: Age of Knights on mobile app stores. In the game, the player manages a medieval city – intending to turn it into an empire. You will produce wood products, stone products, food items, bakery products in different buildings. It’s up to you to trade these products or use them in other upgrades or construction. The game offers plenty of things to the player – building & upgrade, trading, tournaments, production of resources, battles, etc. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content. Empire: Age of Knights guide and Empire: Age of Knights tips, cheats & strategies.

Empire: Age of Knights Guide

The Basics

Let’s start with the basics first. Your objective in Empire: Age of Knights is to expand or grow the medieval city to an empire. And, to expand the city territory, you will need to buy the expansion(tap the expansion option outside the city boundary). To expand, you must meet the minimum requirements – level, material items. To raise the level, you need the player EXP. And, to gather the materials, you will need to build production centers in the city or attack the Orc(s) on the map.

At the top-center of the screen, you can check the current level and the experience points required to reach the next level in Empire: Age of Knights. And, to check the number of resources that you have at the time, tap the wooden box option at the bottom-menu of the city screen. There you can switch between different tabs; products, materials, military, and heroes.

To build the buildings in the city, you must meet the minimum requirement; level, dwellers number – and, you must have enough space for the building. Tap the hammer option at the bottom-center menu to see all the buildings featured in the Age of Knights. Select any building, then tap the(i) icon to check its info. Let’s learn about each building: –

Empire: Age of Knights Buildings Guide: –

  • Woodcutter – It produces Log. Also, you get EXP. Upgrade it to increase the Log production
  • Sawmill – In Sawmill, log(s) are processed. As a secondary product, you get planks.
  • Carpenter – Process the planks into furniture
  • Stone Quarry – It produces the boulder/stones
  • Stonecutter – It processes the boulders into blocks
  • Mason – Mason processes blocks into pillars
  • Dwelling – Build it to get workers. You need workers to build/upgrade the facilities in the city
  • Farm – Farm produces flour
  • Bakery – Bakery processes flour into a bread
  • Iron Mine – Produces iron ore
  • Forge – Processes iron ore into iron bars
  • Temple – Produces energy potions and blessings
  • Hospital – Heals the units

These are economic buildings. Let’s learn about military buildings.Empire: Age of Knights

Military Buildings: –

  • Training Ground – Train militia units
  • Barracks – Upgrade the units to next tier

Age of Knights Production Guide – Blessings & Enchanted Goods

Blessings – Blessing(s) are of three types – blessing, premium blessing, and instant blessing. Normal blessing increases production. Premium blessing increases production(+ in comparison to the normal blessing). And, at last, instant blessing, which not only increases the production – but also finishes the production instantly. Build a temple in the city to produce blessing.

Using Blessing in Age of Knights: – After starting the production, tap that building -> choose a blessing -> tap the hammer button. For example – tap the woodcutter and start the log production. Once started, tap the woodcutter building again – and, then select the blessing.

Enchanted Goods

Empire: Age of KnightsWhen you select a building which produces a particular resource item, for instance – stonecutter. You get a variety of options; enchanted boulder, magic boulder, and instant boulder. Depending on the quality, you get buffs. For example – process instant boulder to get blocks immediately, process magic boulder to get more exp and blocks. But when you process the normal boulder, you get the normal results.

How do you get the enchanted or magic or instant raw material?

Spin the wheel at the trade fair to get these premium quality rare material. Near the waterfall, you will find this spinning wheel. There are two ticket tabs; normal tickets or premium tickets. You can switch between these tabs. Tap the show all button to check the drop rates.

Or attack the Orc camps to get these materials.

Empire: Age Of Knights Guide To Heroes

Empire: Age of KnightsGladius is the first hero that you get in the game. Heroes lead the army units in the march – fighting Orc. Their power stats matter a lot – because to win the fight, your power must be more than the enemy’s power. At the bottom-center menu, tap Orc to navigate to the map. On the map screen, at the bottom-center, tap the hero option.

A new heroes menu will pop-up where you can upgrade and unlock new heroes. To unlock new heroes, you need their tokens – hero tokens can be acquired by conquering their camps(for example – Defeat Khan to unlock/upgrade a hero named Khan). Also, you can obtain tokens from the chests – you can buy the chests from the tournament shop.

Or defeat the Orcs at the map to get hero tokens.

To upgrade the hero, you need battle banners. Obtain by defeating the Orc Camp.

Level Up Guide

As mentioned in the above part, you need EXP to progress to the next level. There are lots of ways to grind EXP in the Age of Knights: –

  • Complete the quests
  • Produce the items
  • Build & upgrade the buildings

So this would be all in this Empire: Age of Knights guide for beginners. Let’s have a look at our Empire: Age of Knights tips, cheats & strategies!

Empire: Age of Knights Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Build & Upgrade Decorative Buildings To Increase Happiness

Empire: Age of KnightsAt the top-left corner, you can check the happiness level of the workers working in the city. The happier the workers, the less will be the production cost. And, to increase happiness – you can build and upgrade the decorative buildings in the city.

2.) Complete The Castle Quests

On the bottom-left corner, tap the quest book to check the quests. Complete these quests to get a large amount of EXP and other rewards. It’s the best way to level up fast. Also, you can obtain premium quality raw materials from some quests – enchanted, magic, etc.

3.) Complete The Market Orders & Improve The Market Level

At the bottom-left corner of the game screen, tap the cargo cart to open the market menu. There you get the orders or contracts – completing these orders or contracts gives you market EXP, player EXP, coins, and other in-game items.

Market EXP is required to reach the next market level. At the bottom-center of the market screen, you can check the current market level. As the level increases, you get access to more contracts and other improvements.

On the same screen, head to the purple star tab -> there you can spend the items such as barrels trading scales, cartwheels(fulfill market orders to get these items) to unlock & upgrade bonuses such as contract bonus, coin bonus, market XP bonus, ancient scrolls bonus, etc.

4.) Do Common Tasks

  • Build and Upgrade the buildings
  • Upgrade the castle
  • Train the units in training grounds
  • Attack the Orcs to get rich rewards
  • Build & upgrade decorative items
  • Expand the city territory
  • Spin the wheel

5.) Join An Alliance

At the bottom-right corner, tap the alliance icon(hand) -> in the alliance search menu, you can search & join the alliance. The alliance offers a lot of benefits – loyalty points, alliance missions that you can complete for rewards, etc. You can spend loyalty points in the shop.

At the bottom menu, tap the coins cart option -> there are four shop tabs; coin sale, tournament shop, tickets shop, and loyalty shop.

6.) Participate In The Tournament

Near the spinning wheel, tap the trophy cart -> there you can get the info on tournament. For example – as per the current tournament, you earn tournament points by collecting market XP. And, at certain points collection, you will get rewards.

Reaching the next league rewards a premium gift.

So these are the top Empire: Age of Knights tips & tricks for beginners.

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