EverMerge Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Guide

EverMerge is a brand new merge game for Android & iOS by Big Fish Games. Read on for EverMerge Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Guide

EverMerge Cheats Tips Guide

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Big Fish Games, the studio, well-known for Big Fish Casino and Cooking Craze games, recently published a merge game called EverMerge on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. It sets in the magical fantasy where you lift the curse from the cursed lands with your magical abilities. You will merge the objects of all sorts and try to reach their last form. There are characters that you can collect by proceeding through the basics, expanding the lands with wand stars, and plenty of stuff to do. If you have just started playing, then you are on the right page. This EverMerge guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of EverMerge tips, cheats & strategies that you may love. So without further ado, let’s get started with this walkthrough guide!

EverMerge Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Guide⇓

EverMerge Cheats Tips GuideFirst things first – your goal is to lift the fog from all over the island. You will be able to do so if you meet the minimum level requirements and have enough wands(a wand with a purple star). To level up in the game, you will need the crown EXP/Experience Points that you get by merging the objects and completing the quests. When you lift the fog from the island part, you will have control over all the objects there. For example – objects such as wood/tools, castle, trees, dust, etc. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the EverMerge tips, cheats & tricks featured in this walkthrough guide – 

Tap Those Shiny Blobs For Free Objects⇓

EverMerge Cheats Tips GuideNow and then, you may see the yellow color shiny blobs on your screen. Tap on them and you will get the random objects. 

Buy Chests From The Market If You Have No Objects To Merge⇓

After playing for a while, you might not have any more objects on the island that you can merge. In that case, you can buy the chest from the market; in the bottom-right corner, tap the market button and there you will see the chests and other deals; scroll left/right to check the complete list of deals. It will cost coins or gems to buy the chests. By default, EverMerge game gives you a big chest for free regularly. Other than that, you can spend the gold coins or the gems. Tap the (i) symbol on the top-right corner of the item card deal to check the drop rate. These chests contain pieces that you can merge; hero. product, ingredient, wood, etc. 

After buying the chest or sack, claim it from the main screen -> tap it and choose to open. 

Tips To Level Up Fast In EverMerge⇓

EverMerge Cheats Tips GuideIn the upper-left corner, it displays the level progress status where you can check how many crown points are required to level up. The best way to level up fast or get more crown points is: complete the quests that you see on the left side of the screen, merge the objects on the island, and complete the character quests. Quests grant massive EXP – so make them your priority., 

Always Try To Merge x5 Objects For Bonuses⇓

In EverMerge, you should always try to merge x5 objects if you want the merge bonus. As a merge bonus, you get more EXP and the coins. Merging less than x5 objects would not yield any extra bonuses. If you don’t have the x5 same objects, wait until you get them.

Tips Getting Objects In EverMerge⇓

This game is all about merging the objects. If you don’t have objects to merge, then you would not have anything to do – so you must learn how to get objects in the EverMerge game so that you can start merging them and get EXP and high-level objects.

  • Harvest – trees such as a wood tree, candy tree, apple tree produce the items now and then. Tap on the tree and get the objects; For some items like wood, wheat, you might have to cut the trees and harvest wheat field 
  • Open the chests – chests and sack give you objects. You can buy them from the shop or lift foggy areas
  • Lift fog from areas – on each area, you will find the objects
  • Tap yellow shiny blobs 

Tips To Get Rubies For Free In EverMerge⇓

Ruby is the precious and most premium currency in the EverMerge game that you can use to harvest the items from trees or crops immediately or use in the shop to buy chest like stuff. There are several ways to earn rubies at the beginning of the game: –

  • Complete the daily objectives – daily objectives unlock after level 6. Complete them to earn rubies
  • Level Up – leveling up gives you free rubies
  • Merge ruby dust – tap or merge ruby dust(on the ground) to get rubies
  • Complete the main quests visible on the left side of the screen

List Of Castles In EverMerge Game⇓

  • Wood/Log – keep merging to get houses and castle beauty
  • Stone – keep merging to get stone houses and castle boots
  • Cart – keep merging to get or build cart/wagon, castle Bunyan
  • Coral – keep merging to get shell houses -> castle mermaid
  • Moon Brach/Stone – keep merging to get moon houses, castle pan
  • Acron – keep merging to get forest houses, castle red
  • Flower – keep merging to get castle rapunzel
  • Canvas Roll – keep merging to get circus tent -> castle Pinocchio
  • Stone Brick – keep merging to get castle Sinbad
  • Lily – keep merging to get Castle Thumbelina
  • Leaf – keep merging to get Castle Snow

List of Items And How To Get Them In EverMerge⇓

  • Candy – Candy Tree
  • Wheat – Wheat Field
  • Apple – Apple Tree
  • Carrot – Giant Carrot
  • Mushrooms – Big Mushrooms
  • Corn – Corn Field
  • Mango – Mango Tree
  • Sugar Cubes – Sugar Cane
  • Wood – Wood Tree
  • Stone – Stone Stockpile
  • Wagon – Wagon Stump
  • Coral – Coral Reef
  • Moon – Moon Boulders
  • Magical Wood – Oaktree
  • Flower – Large Flower Vine
  • Circus – Circus Props
  • Lighthouse – Lighthouse Slab
  • Water Lily – Lily Tree Pond
  • Magical Apple  – Magic Apple Pole
  • Wands – Quests
  • Coins – Bronze Dust
  • Ruby – Ruby Dust
  • Magic Crystal – Crystal Splinter
  • Red Gnome – Mallet/Hammer

Complete The Orders For Wand And Bronze Dust⇓

As you expand and unlock new areas, you will get to meet the characters; characters give you order – make them recipes by collecting the ingredients such as wheat, candy, apple, etc. and complete them asap for wands, bronze dust. The wand is required to lift the fog. By merging the bronze dust or tapping it, you can collect the coins that you can use in the shop for chests stuff. 

EverMerge Cheats or Cheat Codes⇓

EverMerge game does not support any sort of cheats or cheat code input. 

So this would be all in this post on EverMerge Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Guide. If you have more tips or tricks to share, comment below. 

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  1. Hallo , mijn zus speelt dit spel ook maar krijgt elke week een bonusspel met een kabouter die zo snel mogelijk items moet omhakken , ik vraag me af waarom ik dit niet krijg voor mooie prijzen ?!
    Translate: Hello, my sister also plays this game but gets a bonus game every week with a gnome that has to cut down items as quickly as possible, I wonder why I don’t get this for nice prizes?!

  2. The Quest circle that gives you challenges to complete (left side of the screen) is huge! Make sure you pay attention and complete these to progress quicker. If you are at a point where the second island is in play (Paradise Cove), there is a ship that transfers items between the islands. If the Quest is for you to find a quantity of crystals or pieces of crystals, put whatever size is needed for the Quest on the ship and transfer to the opposite island. As soon as you send the ship away, touch the timer that is counting down the ship transfer and hit ‘cancel’. The ship will come back, you claim the crystal pieces that you had put on the ship, and the game accepts them as new. Quest is now complete! You may want to keep some crystal pieces off to the side for when you need them. Just finished the game at level 33. Glad it’s done, but I’ll miss it!

  3. It’s great that EverMerge is sharing the Cheats, Tips, Tricks & Guide ” with the player. I thank EverMerge very much.

    • Once the plant can no longer produce fruit, don’t “pick” it and get rid of it, water it and it will renew it

    • They will chop anything down immediately! They have an hour i think worth of time in each. They are priceless! Use them when you are ready to do those 5-15 minute long wait times.

    • Use them to build your merges instead of the blue gnomes. They have an hour of energy that doesn’t cost you yours.

  4. Wie kan vertellen hoe verhalen eiland werk, ik kom niet verder, ik kan niets meer doen op dat eiland, je moet draken fruit vinden om verder te kunnen maar waar en hoe vind je dat! Wie kan mij helpen, je maakt mij er heel blij mee!

  5. I don’t understand how to use the wands. How do you unlock for with them. Why can’t I buy more energy with them.

    • Ik kom ook niet verder in verhalen eiland, ik weet ook niet waar je die draken fruit kan vinden! Ik snap niet hoe dat eiland werk!

  6. I’ve found when you get a red gnome with time left you can’t use . If you hold him over any item with a timer he will use his time and click will countdown without a gnome

  7. Silly question- where do I harvest leafs from for the castle snow? I have some and now can’t remember where I got them from!!

  8. When merging magic crystals. Combine them with castles to upgrade castles. I couldnt figure out what the crystals were for until i accidentally merged them.

  9. Ive learned you dont have to merge by 5s to get max items…
    So far…
    3=1 item
    4=1 upgraded item w/ 1leftover
    6=1 upgraded item w/ 1leftover
    7=1 upgraded item w/ 2 leftover
    And so on

  10. Addictive game. I agree, only merge in multiples of 5. I havnt bought any chests. All my gems goes to energy. It runs out to quick. Maybe it was how I started or cleaned up to kuch.

    • Peter Pan is the 5th available hero.
      Hero Unlocked Required to begin Quest: Little Mermaid

      Peter Pan Quest Item amount: 8

      Upon unlocking Little Mermaid you will begin to see drops for Red Riding Hood

      Level 15: 4,750

      Level 16: 4,850
      9 Tiers to unlock Castle Pan
      Guaranteed Creature Rewards per Upgrade Level:

      ★ Common: 1 Peacock

      ★ ★ Common: 2 Peacock

      ★ ★ ★ Common: 3 Peacock, Rare: 1 Dire Wolf

      ★ ★ ★ ★ Common: 4 Peacock, Rare: 2 Dire Wolf

      ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Common: 5 Peacock, Rare: 3 Dire Wolf

  11. On iOS, I have a flashing house on Paradise Cove. It does not fit onto any of the Castles, it can be shipped to the Main land and still cannot be used anywhere. What gives?

  12. Still newbie. Made way too many tree stumps. Now, I remove anything that will make new ones. Any way to remove existing tree stumps? The shovel doesn’t work. Thanks.

    • You need to keep these to upgrade and get better gifts from your castle. You just make items as if building your castle then drop in your castle.

    • You wil want the buildings, once you build a castle , the resources of trees can be used to upgrade the castle, but merge the tree resources into wood buildings and keep merging them up, the higher the merges you put into the castle the higher the upgrades for your castle. Im not meaning until once the castle is built, im meaning after the castle is built you upgrade the castle with the merged buildings to level up the built castle it has several stars just like the tree mine, and stone mine. They level up, so does your castle. So save those resources to upgrade the castle

  13. Am only on Level 10, on Android. Put some things in storage. Removed two Owl eggs. Cannot remove the last one. Is there a waiting period or ???
    Wish there were basic instructions or a diagram with labels to figure things out. Thanks.

  14. I have seven stone mines that I do not need, how do I delete them?
    Also, I read that you are able to sell things by tapping on them, but when I tap, nothing happens. Well if it is on a mine it comes with REMOVE. As in, spend coins to farm. But I have completed the castle (it took me 5 days!!!) and no longer need them.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Don’t delete de castles! Every 24 hours the castles give you prizes and you can increase the “quality” of them if you continue to “feed” the castle more houses, etc. to accomplish that quicker, try to get to the highest level of house and only then move it to the castle.

    • Use the shovel to remove things, i have not tried a mine, it may not be allowed to be removed. Only certain things can be.

  15. You have to get enough wands to total the amount needed to lift the fog and access will then be granted. The amount should be in small purple bar/box with a star on the end of it with a number inside. That number is the amount from wands gathered. Hope this helps.

  16. I’ve cleared all the items in the first two fogs in Paradise Cove. How do I get the Delivery service?
    What do you do with it?

  17. How do I get rid of unwanted items, I.e. wagons, shells, etc. they can’t be removed with the shovel & they’re just taking up space.

    • For the timed islands the key is to get all the prizes. You get those prizes by making the animals evolve, so it’s not impossible to open the whole island, focus on evolving the animals. You can get more energy using 350 coins from the game, for 3 times and afterwards the price increases to 700 coins, so you can wait several hours until it’s 350 again

  18. If I have a big moon dust what do I do with it? I have merged but an arrow keeps showing above it I tap the arrow and nothing happens

  19. Where is the mine for circus. I can’t see it behind any fog patches and it’s getting frustrating as the game is not progressing

    • You have to get enough wands to total the amount needed to lift the fog and access will then be granted. The amount should be in small purple bar/box with a star on the end of it with a number inside. That number is the amount from wands gathered. Hope this helps.

    • To level the castle up after its final build you want to keep it. You can collect better gifts from the daily castle prizes when you level up the stars on it.

    • When they’re big and rainbow-ish looking, the are like a wildcard. Use it to complete a pair to make three or a foursome to make five ( save them for final stages of castle building!! )

  20. Is there a CASTLE for PETER PAN and if so, WHERE IS IT & WHEN DO I GET IT?? I no longer am getting FLUTES. I am confused as to what I need to do to move on. Besides mining for STONES, WAGON PARTS, AND CORAL.

    • So far, I haven’t found any purpose for any on the of them besides taking up space. Hopefully there will be an update soon that changes that

  21. Can I skip castle Bunyan and go straight to Castle Mermaid? Or do you need to do all the castles in order? I have been working on mermaid and skipped Bunyan but now that I have Pan, it seems like I need Bunyan to proceed further. Any comments or suggestions?

  22. You know near Level 10 I think, you go to another area where you need to merge fluffy animal that looks like balls… How do I get to that area again?

    • That is a special event and is on a time limit. They run it quite often so wait for the next event and try to do as much as possible before the time limit runs out. Good luck

  23. You need to use the mine to create all the different pieces to get to the castle. Once you have three of the last item and merge them, you will get the base that the merged item goes on