Idle Police Tycoon Cheats: Guide, Tips & Tricks 2021

Capture smugglers, scammers, and all sorts of most wanted criminals. Find out Idle Police Tycoon cheats, strategy guide, help, tips & tricks

Idle Police Tycoon Cheats Tips Guide

Idle Police Tycoon Cheats, Guide, Tips & Tricks⇓

This Idle Police Tycoon guide covers “how to play Idle Police Tycoon”, “how to make money”, “how to make more money”, “about departments”, “progression”, “city”, “management”, “crimes”, “symbols, “cards”, “gems”, “most wanted criminals” , and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and read our “Idle Police Tycoon cheats, tips, and guide” for beginners: – 

Idle Police Tycoon: How To Play Basics Guide⇓

(1) First things first – get familiar with crimes(you must know the symbols’ meaning, only after that, you will be able to understand everything – read the symbol guide below for more info). On the reception, you receive the crime reports – the receptionist there files the report against the crime. If you tap the reception counter – you will see the number of crimes that you have got and what type of crimes that have been reported by the people living in the city’s districts. Idle Police Tycoon Cheats Tips Guide

(2) There are three types of departments in the Idle Police Tycoon game; the logistics department, the research department, and the arresting department. The logistics department includes reception and interns – the people with the responsibility of filing and delivering cases from one department to another. The research department facilities such as the detective division, fraud * counterfeit division, crime lab, and major crimes handle the investigation. And, at last, the arresting department that handles arrest. 

(3) Each department in the game specializes in specific crimes. Read the department guide below for more details. 

(4) You will see (!) warning symbols above the lockers, next to the progress bar, above employees/detectives if they are working on the cases in which they are not specialized. This warning mainly occurs when the cases are wrongly delivered. Due to that,  detectives/employees/officers will take more time to complete them. Read the warning symbol guide below. 

(5) At the top of detectives/scientists/employees’ heads, you can check the crime icon that showcases the type of crime they are investigating and the progress bar; the progress bar could be of orange color or green color. If there is a (!) warning symbol, then it means that they working on the wrong cases. Read the (!) warning symbol guide for more details. 

Idle Police Tycoon Guide: “Symbols Guide & Tips” ⇓

Idle Police Tycoon Cheats Cops Game

  • Spray Can Symbol – Vandalism Crime(Solved by Detective Division, Major Crimes department)
  • Semaphore Symbol – Traffic Violation Crime(Solved by detective division department)
  • Chemical/Drug Symbol – Drug Crime(Solved by crime lab department)
  • Mask Symbol – Theft Crime(Solved by fraud * counterfeit division) 
  • Credit Card Symbol – Forgery or Scam Crime(Solved by fraud * counterfeit division)

For more information, you can check the Idle Police Tycoon symbols guide here

Idle Police Tycoon Guide: “Departments”⇓

As we mentioned above, there are three main departments; logistics, research, and arrest. Each department specializes in certain tasks. In each department, you have plenty of upgrades to make. Aso, in each department, you can hire the employees to work on the cases. You will have to pay wages to these employees – to make the department profitable, you can fire and hire the employees. For example – if a particular department facility is not receiving cases, then there is no need to keep employees. Fire them and hire when needed. 

In the lower-right corner, tap on the management office button. In this menu, you can check which department facility is profitable and which one is not. Also, you can check the departments’ facilities’ specialization. For example – 

  • Detective Division – Vandalism Crimes, Traffic Violation Crimes, Theft Crimes
  • Fraud – Theft, Forgery Crimes
  • Crime Lab – Drug/Theft crimes
  • Major Crimes – Vandalism, Drug, Theft crimes
  • Police Officers – arrest criminals that do credit card fraud, vandalism crimes, and violate traffic rules
  • Tactical Unit – arrest criminals that do drug and theft-related crimes

Idle Police Tycoon Guide: “Crimes”⇓

All you need to do is expand the coverage in the city to receive all sorts of crimes; like crime lab(drug crimes), fraud division(forgery crimes), etc.: –

⇒The types of crimes that people come to report to the police station are based on city coverage. The city has many districts and in each district, specific types of crimes occur. For example – the first city in the game is twin hills; it has five districts: 

  • District 1: – from this district, you get traffic violation crimes
  • District 2: – from this district, you get vandalism crimes
  • District 3: from this district, you get vandalism crimes and theft crimes(mask)
  • District 4: from this district, you get forgery/fraud and theft crimes
  • District 5: from this district, you get drug crimes(crime lab crimes), theft crimes, and vandalism crimes

Tap on the district and check the crime icon to know what sorts of crimes occur there. 

Idle Police Tycoon Guide: “Overwork Orange Bar Symbol”⇓

Idle Police Tycoon Cheats Tips GuideWhen an employee or arresting unit works on the wrong cases, you will see an overwork (!) warning symbol above their heads. Also, above the lockers. That means the cases are too complex for that officer or department. As far as we know, the wrong cases are delivered when the departments that specialize in those cases are already full. Tap the management menu button in the lower-right corner and check the number of cases that the departments are handling at the current time. If it’s full, chances are new cases could be delivered to the wrong departments. You can make upgrades to the department, expand it, hire more employees, and quickly solve the cases so that you always have room for the new cases. This way you can get rid of these wrong case delivery situations. 

Idle Police Tycoon Guide: “Shield Badges”⇓

In the upper-right corner, you can see the city progress; in each city, you can achieve five shields or badges. Below the shields, there is a bar with a yellow gauge that fills when you make upgrades to the department. Tap on any department(ex; major crimes) – upgrade the objects, desks, build criminal records, add decorations, upgrade decorations, etc. to increase the yellow gauge – when it fills completely, you get a shield. So make upgrades and achieve 5-shields. You can read more about the shields here

Idle Police Tycoon Guide: “Gems”⇓

The gem is the precious and rare in-game currency in the Idle Police Tycoon. You can use it to buy the character cards that grant passive bonus effects. You can get gems by completing the most wanted criminals’ quests. Or, from the events.

Idle Police Tycoon: “Cards Guide”⇓

There are three tiers of cards; epic tier, rare tier, and common tier. The higher the tier, the more bonuses you get. By spending the gems, you can get the cards. Tap on the card option in the top-right side -> get cards -> basic card pack gives common cards, advanced card pack gives rare cards, and expert card pack gives rare as well as epic cards. 

Idle Police Tycoon: “Guide To Make Money”⇓

Idle Police Tycoon Cheats Tips GuideIn Idle Police Tycoon, you make money by arresting the criminals. Also, from some police departments, you earn a little money. To arrest normal criminals, all you need to do is build the department(example – anti-scam department) and then hire the staff to investigate cases brought by the people. They will solve the cases and hand over the file to police officers. Buy police cars to enable police officers to arrest criminals. 

“Tap on a department and on the top-right of its layout, you will see how much money it is generating”. Or, in the lower-right corner, tap the blue color management office button to check the overview of all departments; profit and losses. Keep in mind that you pay wages to staff – that would be your expenses. You can lower it by firing the unused staff workers – but, cutting all of them from the department would stop the case process and police would not be able to arrest the criminals such as scammers, smugglers, etc. 

1Idle Police Tycoon Tips To Make Money⇓

Idle Police Tycoon Cheats Tips GuideTip #1.) Catch most wanted criminals. Arresting the most wanted criminals increase your earnings by a massive number. The state pays more money for arresting the most wanted criminals. Read the guide below for more information on most wanted criminals. 

Tip #2.) Make upgrades to the department. You can invest earned money in upgrading the departments; to increase the maximum number of cases, improve the speed of staff, add/upgrade decorative items, coffee machines, or TV for workers so that they can relax (they might get sleepy or stressed). Tap the department and you will have lots of upgrades to make. 

Tip #3.) Watch the video ads to increase income. In the lower-left corner, tap the video play icon -> watching video ad increase the income by x2 times. On the top-right side, keep an eye on the video ad offers; you can get free bucks or criminals by watching the video ads. 

Tip #4.) Expand coverage in the city. In the lower-right side of the screen, tap the map icon. This will open the city map where you will see the districts; tap on the district -> expand. Expand the coverage and you will receive more cases of all sorts of criminals; vandals, scammers, smugglers, thieves, and more. 

Tip #5.) Workers get wages. You can fire workers to reduce expenses and increase profit. Don’t fire the workers if you are receiving too many cases. 

Idle Police Tycoon: “Most Wanted Criminals”⇓

In the lower-right corner, tap the criminal person button -> there you can check all the most wanted criminals; to arrest them, you will need to complete certain objectives. For example – to catch Johnny Goldhand, you need to capture x40 criminals, increase the number of shelves in the anti-fraud department to 2. The list includes; William Black, Vicente Furious Diaz, Karen Ocean, Kaleb Azazel Benida, Johnny Goldhand. The more dangerous the criminal, the more rewards you get; more bucks per hour, free gems. 

Most wanted criminals are kept in special cells. Tap on the guardroom -> there are low-security cells, medium security cells, and special cells. Low-profile criminals are confined in low-security cells. Dangerous criminals are confined in medium-security cells. And, most wanted criminals are confined in special cells. 

Low-profile/medium-profile criminals leave once they are reformed. While the most wanted criminals stay in the special cells. 

Idle Police Tycoon: “Expand The Departments”⇓

Idle Police Tycoon Cheats Tips GuideYou will see a warning “no more room for criminal cases” (symbol !) if the department has reached the max cases limit. Tap it -> spend bucks and expand; max out. Get more cases. 

Idle Police Tycoon: “Make Department Upgrades”⇓

In each department in Idle Police Tycoon, you will have lots of desks to build/upgrade, furniture/appliances/entertainment items such as TV, bookcase, audio samples, coffee machine to add/upgrade. Build desks and you will be able to hire the workers. Build/upgrade the items to increase workers’ speed and earn a few bucks.

Idle Police Tycoon: “Expand City Coverage”⇓

If you want more cases in Idle Police Tycoon, make sure to expand the coverage to all districts of the city. Tap the map -> select district -> expand. 

Earn Security Badges By Making Upgrades

In the upper-right corner, you can check the number of security badges that you have earned so far in the current city. Make upgrades; build all the departments and make upgrades to them(including reception, guardroom, urban security, intervention unit). Also, don’t forget to buy police cars and armored cars.

 Move To The New City

Once you have achieved all the security badges, move out to the new city and make it safe. As of writing this, the current version of the Idle Police Tycoon game features Twin Hills, LA Ruidosa. More cities may release in the next updates. They may also add events in future updates. 

Can You Transfer Money 

No. As per the current version of the game, you can not transfer money from one city police department to another city’s department. 

Idle Police Tycoon Cheats: “Time Lapse Cheat”⇓

Unfortunately, The time-lapse cheat in Idle Police Tycoon does not work! 

So that’s all we got in this Idle Police Tycoon cheats, tips & tricks, and a guide for beginners. Got more cheats, tips, or strategies to share? Comment below. 

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