Exos Heroes Tier List Guide(November 2021)

Our Exos Heroes Tier List 2021 Guide ranks all the characters available in the game, Get the latest updated tier list and find out the Exos Heroes Best Characters

Exos Heroes Tier List(Image tier list is not updated, please scroll down for updated text tier list version of Exos Heroes)Click here to see the full image; Scroll down to check the Exos Heroes tier list and characters info. 

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Exos Heroes Intro⇓

LINE Games, well-known for XROSS Chronicle, has published the Exos Heroes English Global Version on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. It features hundreds of heroes classified into six grades; Fate Core, Fated, Legendary, Rare, Magical, and Common. If you are new to the game, then you might be wondering what are the best ones that can deliver victories in all sort of PvE and PvP game modes. This EXOS Heroes Tier List global is designed to help players focus on the best heroes to build the best team. We have arranged Exos Heroes Tier List into five tiers; S+ Tier(Excellent), S Tier(Good to Excellent), A Tier(Good to Average), B Tier(Average to Below Average), and C Tier(Below Average to Bad), D(Bad). 

Also, we have shared a tier list of 4-star legendary heroes that can deliver victories in PvE and PvP. So, let’s not waste any time and read the EXOS Heroes Tier List Global featuring the best fated and legendary heroes guide. You might want to read the reroll guide here first to get one of these top-tier heroes at the beginning of the game. Or check out these Exos Heroes codes for free Xes. 

Exos Heroes Tier List 2021: Fated Heroes⇓

Here is the “Fated” Exos Heroes tier list 2021 global: –

  • Fated Garff – B Tier
  • Fated Rachel – B Tier
  • Fated Bathory – A Tier
  • Fated Shufraken – B Tier
  • Fated Jinai – B+ Tier
  • Fated Dorka – S+ Tier
  • Fated Schmid – S Tier
  • Fated Rudley – C Tier
  • Fated Rera – N/A, Check FC tier below
  • Fated Valentina – N/A, Check FC tier below
  • Fated Xiakhan – C~D Tier
  • Fated Jinn – N/A, Check FC tier below
  • Fated Neomi – C Tier
  • Fated SEO-A – N/A, Check FC tier below
  • Fated Ramge – C- Tier
  • Fated Baraka – B~C Tier
  • Fated Valarr – N/A, Check FC tier below
  • Fated Shell – N/A, Check FC tier below
  • Fated Uloom – C Tier
  • Fated Kylock – N/A, Check FC tier below
  • Fated Zeon – N/A, Check FC tier below
  • Fated Magi – B- Tier
  • Fated Mahar – C~ D Tier
  • Fated Bernadette – C Tier
  • Fated Emma – C~D Tier
  • Fated Talia – N/A, Check FC tier below
  • Fated Bernavas – N/A
  • Fated Baileysh – N/A
  • Fated Sabrina – C~D Tier
  • Fated Anastasia – B- Tier
  • Fated Chati – C~D Tier

Exos Heroes Tier List 2021(October 2021)⇓

  • FC Rera: S+ Tier(The First Guardians)
  • FC Rudely: S+ Tier
  • FC Garff: S+ Tier(The Reversed World)
  • FC Talia: S+ Tier
  • FC Bathory: S+ Tier
  • FC Rachel: S+ Tier(Awakening)
  • FC Jinai: S+ Tier
  • FC Schmid: S+ Tier
  • Misty: S Tier
  • Dorka: S Tier
  • FC Baraka: S Tier(Awakening)
  • FC Luna: S Tier
  • FC Magi: S Tier
  • FC Zeon: S Tier
  • FC Adams: S Tier
  • FC Shell: S Tier
  • FC April: S Tier
  • FC Iris: S Tier
  • FC Annie: S Tier
  • FC Tantalo: S Tier
  • FC Shufraken: S Tier
  • FC Uloom: A Tier
  • FC Jinn: A Tier
  • FC Ramge: A Tier(The First Guardians)
  • FC Neomi: A Tier
  • FC Baraka: A Tier(The First Guardians)
  • FC Jean: A Tier
  • FC Rachel: A Tier(Forgotten Memory)
  • FC Lepin: A Tier
  • FC Brooke: A Tier
  • FC Morris: A Tier
  • FC Rera: A Tier
  • FC Garff: A Tier
  • Bathory: B Tier
  • Garff: B Tier
  • Schmid: B Tier
  • FC Bailyesh: B Tier
  • FC Emma: B Tier
  • FC Leger: B Tier
  • FC Ramge: B Tier(Awakening)
  • FC Otard: B Tier
  • FC Hekin: B Tier
  • FC Anastasia: B Tier
  • FC Scarlet: B Tier
  • FC Chati: B Tier
  • FC Corgi: C Tier
  • FC Yao: C Tier
  • FC Degas: C Tier
  • FC Luke: C Tier
  • Carrie: C Tier
  • FC Deva: C Tier
  • Shufraken: C Tier
  • Rachel: C Tier
  • FC Sabrina: C Tier
  • Luna: C Tier
  • FC Bernadette: C Tier
  • FC Xiakhan: D Tier
  • Jinai: D Tier
  • Prithiof: D Tier
  • FC Mahar: D Tier
  • FC Monica: D Tier
  • FC Glenn: D Tier
  • FC Uloom: D Tier
  • FC RM: D Tier
  • FC Kylock: D Tier
  • FC Bernavas: D Tier
  • FC Nemeris: D Tier
  • FC Wilkes: E Tier
  • FC Iden: E Tier
  • FC Nika: E Tier
  • FC Liffy: E Tier
  • FC Dana: E Tier
  • FC Topaki: E Tier
  • FC Lyungen: E Tier

Exos Heroes Tier List 2021: Best Legendary Heroes⇓

Legendary heroes are good in the early game to mid-game. The following list showcases the legendary heroes that are good: –

  • Tantalo – Good Legendary
  • Degas – Good Legendary
  • Adams – Good Legendary
  • Scarlet – Good Legendary
  • Deva – Good Legendary
  • Astarte – Good Legendary
  • Cybele – Good Legendary
  • Annie – Good Legendary
  • Brook – Good Legendary
  • Lepin – Good Legendary
  • Leger – Good Legendary
  • Otard – Good Legendary
  • Karin – Good Legendary

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So that’s all for now in this post on Exos Heroes Tier List 2021 Global. Update – we will continue to update the tier list with recent tier ratings – based on the global version. Enabled comments. You can share your valuable feedback in the comments. Shared the codes link. 

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