EXOS Heroes Reroll Guide To Pull Top-Tier Heroes

Started playing Exos Heroes and wondering how to reroll on Android or iOS? Read on for Exos Heroes reroll guide to pull top-tier heroes

Exos Heroes Reroll GuideExos Heroes has just gone global. You might want a head start with a top-tier hero like Baraka, Anastasia, Bernadette, etc. This Exos Heroes reroll guide teaches you how to reroll on Android & iOS. For starters, we recommend reading the EXOS Heroes tier list

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Do Reroll In Selection Recruit: –

You get one chance as a newbie to reroll until you get the desired hero. Head to the recruitment menu of the game -> selection recruit -> tap the (i) symbol to check the list of heroes that you can get from there. Tap the select button -> summon -> check the results; there would be x10 heroes – tap the “selection complete” button to confirm – if there is a top-tier hero in the list. Tap the “reselect” button in the bottom-right corner to reroll for another batch. You can get a legendary or fate core hero. Aim for the top-tier gold/fated hero. Our recommendation selective reroll list – Anastasia or Baraka or Bernadette. You can read the complete tier list here

Exos Heroes Reroll on iOS: –

If you are on iOS, you must log in with the guest account and proceed to the chapter episode challenge quests(go to the world map and in the upper-left corner, you can check the chapter progress) to earn Xes. Go to the mailbox – currency and get the free Xes.  You will need x700 Xes for x11 pull on the recruitment order. Try these Exos Heroes Codes to get x800 Xes for free or if they are not working, keep doing the chapter story missions or complete challenge quest to earn Xes. When you have enough, go to the recruitment menu -> spend Xes for x11 pull. If you get the top-tier characters, you will continue playing. If not, uninstall the game and reinstall from the iOS App Store. It should start from scratch after you delete it from the phone. 

  • Make sure to use “Selection Recruit/Selective Summon” (recruit -> selection recruit -> select -> keep rerolling until you get the gold fated hero that belongs to the top-tier

Exos Heroes Reroll Guide – On Android: –

If you are on Android, you don’t get the guest account options. You can either use the FB or Google Play Games account. For reroll, you will need multiple Google accounts or FB accounts. After doing the below-listed steps, you will have to logout from the current account and login to another to start over. 

  • Follow the tutorial and complete the prologue quests
  • Follow the chapter episode or story challenge quests to earn more Xes
  • Check your mailbox and claim Xes
  • Go to recruitment screen and throw all the x700 Xes for x11 draws
  • Try these Exos Heroes codes for x800 Xes and do another draw
  • Continue playing if you get the top-tier heroes
  • If you don’t get what you desired, tap the menu button in the upper-right corner -> settings -> log out. And, log in with another account. Or tap the Withdraw button to reset the account(it would take x7 days to finish the reset process). 

Note: –

  • Make sure to use “Selection Recruit” (recruit -> selection recruit -> select -> keep rerolling until you get the gold fated hero that belongs to the top-tier

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