Factory Inc. Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Factory Inc. is a brand new Idle game for mobile by Cheetah Technology Corporation Limited. Let’s have a look at Factory Inc. guide, tips, cheats & strategies

In Factory Inc. game, the player manages its own factory and make money by selling the products. All you do is choose the product and that product supplies through the supplying machine and passes through the machines like press machine, drilling machine, tongs machine, and more for the final transformation. After that, the truck ships the product in the market and you make money. There are a number of basic things that you need to know. And, all of these are covered in today’s Factory Inc. guide and Factory Inc. tips, cheats & strategies.

Factory Inc. GuideFactory Inc.

The Basics

Supply Machine and Hammering The Product -> 

Factory Inc.The product is supplied through the supplying machine and you tap it over and over again to discover a new product. The price of each product is different in each product line. For example; In the furniture product line, you get wood -> tap the wood(hammering) to get wooden board -> hammer the wooden board to get a stool, and the list goes on. The price of the product increases as it takes a new transformation.

You can check the points just below the product when it supplies through the machine. As you hammer on it, the points will reduce and once you reach 0, the product will transform into a new item. Hammer that item to get/discover another new product.

Machines -> 

As you know, you tap the product over and over again to get its new form, which usually sold at the highest price as compared to the current form. As you progress a bit, you will find hammering less effective because of the high-points product. Here comes the machine role. Machines hammer on the product and help you in getting its next form. As you expand the factory, you get one machine slot. Tap the ⇓ button above the factory -> select the machine.

Factory Inc. – How To Get Machines

You can get the machines in Factory Inc. from the boxes available in the shop. At the bottom menu, tap the shop option and there you can purchase boxes in exchange for diamonds or Idle cash. These boxes contain EXP, parts, and new machines. EXP and parts are required in upgrading/tuning the machines. Upgrading the machines will increase their stats such as power, speed, range, duration.

Factory Inc. – Managers Guide

The managers in Factory Inc. game also plays an important role. The machines in the factory stop working every now and then. To get them on track again, you have to tap manually. The manager does this job for you and you will not need to tap the machines. The yellow gauge/bar just below the machine level button displays either the machine is charged or not. If it’s completely at 0, tap the machine to get it into working condition. Or wait for the manager.

How To Hire Managers?

Factory Inc.At the top-right corner of the factory section, tap the sky blue color button -> tap the hire manager button -> it will cost diamonds -> once hired, assign him by tapping the ⇑ button next to it. You can fire the managers by tapping the same manager button -> then red color shop button.

Factory Expansion

Swipe to the right on the game screen and you will see a + button next to the factory slot -> tap it -> confirm to expand. Swipe the screen a bit more and you will see more factory slots. Buy more, expand, sell a variety of products -> make more money.

So this is the Factory Inc. guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our Factory Inc. tips, cheats & strategies!

Factory Inc. Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Complete The Goals And Get Reward

Factory Inc.You can earn Idle cash, diamonds, boxes by completing the quests. At the top-left corner of the game screen, you can check the orders/quests. Manufacture these products and get a free reward. Since diamonds and box hard to get, it’s a good idea to complete these quests asap and get the new ones for more rewards.

2.) Level Up The Factory, Machines

In Factory Inc. game, the factory level determines the money bonus and hammer power. Raising the factory level will improve the money bonus, hammer power and you will be able to get a new form of the items quickly. And, the machines level determine their hitting power. Keep leveling up the machines and the factory to improve overall hammer power. This will help you in getting a new form of items.

3.) Buy Boxes, Get EXP, And Tune Up The Machines

Tuning the machines and leveling up the machines are two different things. Tuning machines improve their overall stats such as power, speed, range, and duration. You need EXP and parts to tune up the machines. Buy these boxes from the shop or complete the quests.

4.) Challenge The Golden Pig

In this challenge, you need to hit a certain target figure by tapping the screen(hammering the products) in the given time. If you get successful, you will get diamonds. You can use these diamonds for the premium boxes in the shop. As you progress, the level/target/reward will increase.

5.) Sell The Factory For Money Bonus

To grow faster in Factory Inc., make sure to use the bank feature often. Once you hit a certain factory level(100~), this function will get unlocked. Tap the bank button -> sell the factory and get credits. You can redeem these credits for the money bonus. But there is a catch; your progress will be lost and you will have to start from scratch. But, it’s worth trying.

6.) Activate The Money Booster And Speed Booster

At the bottom-right corner of the screen, tap the booster buttons -> watch the video ad -> claim the boosters for a certain time.

7.) Complete The Achievements

You can earn hundreds of diamonds in Factory Inc. by completing the achievements. Tap the achievement button -> there you can check the goals. Complete them and get the diamonds by watching video ads.

So these are some basic Factory Inc. tips for the beginners. If you have more tips to share, comment below!

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