Fantastic Cats Game Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Fantastic Cats is a brand new mobile game for cat lovers by DazzlePlay Inc. Check out our Fantastic Cats game guide, tips, cheats & strategies

DazzlePlay Inc. has just released a brand new game called Fantastic Cats on Android and iOS. In this adorable game, your goal is to become the Fantastic Cats blogger. Also, there are lots of cute cats and their fantastic behaviors to discover. You will attract these cats by placing food, toys – then click their pictures to post in the blog and gain subscribers. That’s how you become the fantastic cats blogger! If you have just started playing this game, then you are on the right page. This Fantastic Cats guide teaches you all the fundamentals of the game. Also, we have posted a bunch of Fantastic Cats tips, cheats & strategies that you may like. So without further ado, let’s get started.Fantastic Cats Game

Fantastic Cats Guide: –

You have to attract cats and discover their fantastic behaviors. When you discover the cat’s fantastic behavior, the game saves the moment by clicking its picture, which will be uploaded to an in-game blog every day. As you discover more fantastic behaviors, you will gain more subscribers. In the upper-left corner of the game interface, you can check the number of subscribers that you have got so far. Let’s learn how to attract cats and discover their fantastic behaviors in this post on Fantastic Cats game tips, cheats & strategies.

How To Attract Cats In Fantastic Cats?

By leaving the food or snacks in the feeding bowl, you can attract the cats in the Fantastic Cats game. It features plenty of items that you can leave for the cat; normal food, luxurious food, etc. On your screen, tap the cat feeding bowl -> scroll left or right to select a particular item. Here we are talking about food or snacks –

  • Normal Food – It costs you gold coins(60) and attracts(the number of cats a food item attracts is displayed when you select it; x2, 6, etc.)
  • Luxurious Food – Watch the video Ad to leave luxurious food for the cat. It attracts up to four cats
  • Alaskan Tuna – The first six-packs of tuna would be free. After that, you will have to pay (15)purple coins. It attracts six cats
  • Chicken Churut – The first two-packs of Chicken Churut would be free. After that, you will have to pat (25) purple coins. It attracts eight cats

So our first tip would be leaving better food items if you want to attract more cats in the Fantastic Cats game.

How To Discover Fantastic Behaviors Of The Cats?

You need to place the toys in the backyard. Each toy can help you discover more than two fantastic behaviors of cats. You will see the change in the cat’s outfit, activity when you discover a new fantastic behavior. For example – a cat with a tennis racket and outfit, with a box, flying with a balloon, etc.Fantastic Cats Game

Use The Catnip To Trigger Fantastic Behaviors

The plant pot in the backyard gives one catnip for free every 8 hours. And, you may get the luxury catnip from the lucky cat box(available in the shop). The normal catnip increases the chances of discovering the fantastic behavior by 30%, while the luxury catnip increases it by 50%. If you have this item, then tap the pot -> select catnip; normal or luxury -> tap the confirm button -> then tap the cat to apply this buff. A purple color (?) will appear on the cats who have not discovered the fantastic behavior – tap those cats and you may discover a new fantastic behavior.

After that, that moment would be saved in the gallery. Tap the paw button in the bottom-right corner -> gallery -> there you can see it. So this would be our second tip.Fantastic Cats Game

The Cat Intimacy!

The cats who have two or more intimacy points may message you in the chat app. Tap the paw button in the bottom-right corner and then tap the cat avatar -> this will take you the cats list menu where you can see all the discovered cats; as of now, there are 36 cats in the game. The number of hearts determines intimacy; these intimacy points or hearts are earned when the cat visits your cafe each day.In-Game Blog

In-Game Blog In Fantastic Cats Game: –

You have a blog named Fantastic Cats in the game where the pictures of the cats are posted automatically every day. You get daily rewards based on the subscriber count and previous days’ performance. Rewards? You get coins. If you want to increase this reward, gain more subscribers, try to discover more fantastic behaviors, attract more cats. When you open the game the next day, a blog page will open where you can check the last day’s performance, the number of subscribers, and reward. There would be a video Ad offer on that page – watching the video Ad gives more subscribers – so make sure to accept it. Go to the menu by tapping the paw button in the bottom-right corner -> blog icon -> there you can check the details.Like Messages of the Cats

Like The Cat’s Messages To Earn Purple Coins

As we mentioned above, the cats who have more than two hearts or intimacy points may message you. If you like 10 messages, you will be rewarded with the purple coins. Go to the menu -> community tab -> type the message(tap the menu button to edit the message) -> wait for the cat’s reply or message -> tap the message -> click the like button. At the bottom-center of the screen, you can check the progress. You can use these purple coins to buy the toys.

Get The Boxes

Sometimes the cats leave the boxes for you, tap them to get the reward; coins. You can double this reward by watching the video Ad.

Complete The Tasks

At the top-right side, tap the task board to check the current mission. Complete these tasks to get free purple coins.

Watch The Video Ad For Gold Coins

If you are low on coins, head to the shop -> navigate to the second tab -> scroll down to the bottom -> there you will get a video Ad offer -> watch the video Ad to get 300 coins for free.

So these are some basic Fantastic Cats tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. If you have more tips to share, comment below!

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