Tennis Clash tips: guide, cheats & strategies

New to the Tennis Clash game? Find out all the Tennis Clash tips and strategies with lots of guides to master the game mechanics in no time

Tennis Clash Tips & Tricks

Tennis Clash tips, cheats & guides⇓

With these Tennis Clash tips & cheats, you can easily defeat the opponents. For starters who are new to this Tennis Game, we would recommend checking the Tennis Clash guide where we have answered all the basic questions about the gameplay. And, you can check our review on this game here. Now, let’s move to the Tennis Clash tips & tricks: –

Tips To Beat The Opponents In Tennis Clash⇓

One of the best ways to score points is by pushing the opponent on opposite sides. If he/she is standing on the left side of the court, you will hit the ball to the right side of the court – in this case, the opponent will run to the right side. And, in the next shot, you will hit the ball on the left side of the court to make him/her move to the left side. Always push your opponents to the sides. 

Tennis Clash Tips & Tricks

Continue doing this and you will eventually get the point. If not, at least, you will be able to reduce the opponent’s stamina and then it will be harder for him/her to reach the ball – either way, you are going to win.

If you don’t know how to serve precisely, please check out this guide: –

Position Is The Key In Tennis Clash⇓

The character’s position is the key to victory. Staying on the center position of the tennis court helps you reach the ball quickly – whether it’s aimed at the left side of the court or the right side of the court, you can always hit it.

So we would recommend you to move the character to the center-backward of the court before the opponent hits the ball or right after your first hit. How do you move the character? Tap the area where you want to move the character.

Surprise The Opponent⇓

If the opponent is far away from the net, then hit the ball softly just to pass the net. He/She would not be able to reach the ball in time if he/she is standing far from the net. You can push the opponent far from the net by making strong hits, which are quite long & fast.

For the soft hit, you swipe a little -slowly.

And, if the opponent is too close to the net, perform a strong hit.

Equip High-Grade Strings In Tennis Clash⇓

There are eight Strings featured in the Tennis Clash game. At the start of the game, you will have a Nylon String, which is a basic one. The rest of the Strings can be obtained by spending green gems. Go to the home screen of the game and at the bottom-center menu, head to the lineup tab(racket). There you can equip/change String.

  • Nylon String – Simple; nothing special
  • Swallow Poly – Long Catch, Critical Hit
  • Maestro Multi – Quick Catch, Stamina Shield
  • Joker Cards – Long Catch, Stamina Shield (Tier 2)
  • Toro Twine – Quick Catch, Critical Hit(Tier 2)
  • Punisher Gut – Backhand Counter, Critical, Long Catch
  • Siberian Wire – Forehand Counter, Critical, Long Catch

In the String menu, tap on any string on the screen to check its ability. Tap the ability icon to get more details. For example – Forehand Counter ability increases precision when your opponent delivers a forehand stroke.

During the tennis clash, you will see the gear’s buff icons on the right/left side of the screen.

Faster Swipes For Powerful Shot⇓

To hit the ball strong, swipe fast on the screen. When following the first tip(taking the opponent to the sides), you can try hitting the ball strongly with a fast swipe – stronger hit means powerful shot(fast)- and, if the opponent is far away, that shot will go beyond his/her reach.

Learn About The Agility Stats⇓

The total power of the character is the total value of all attribute stats. In the lineup tab, you can check the character profile and his stats. Among all the stats, agility stat is the most important because high-agility means fast movement. Although, each stat of the character matters a lot. And, you will be able to reach/react/recover fast. In short, reflexes would be much better. Lets’s take a look at the character’s stats: –

  • Agility – Move fast, react quickly, recover faster
  • Stamina – Endurance to move more while in the match
  • Serve – Ability to start each point with a powerful stroke
  • Volley – Striking the ball before it bounces – and, ability to do overhead smash hits
  • Forehand – Ability to hit balls on your dominant hand’s side, after they bounced
  • Backhand – Ability to hit balls opposite to your opponent’s hand side, after they bounced

How do you improve these stats?

Equip and upgrade better gear to improve these stats. For example; racket, grip, shoe, wristband, nutrition/protein, workout/endurance, etc. You get these gears from the bags that you receive from the victories or other rewards. Duplicate item cards are used in upgrading, while new gears are unlocked when you receive them for the first time.

Keep An Eye On Stamina⇓

In the match, at the top-left corner and the top-right corner, you can check the character’s stamina. When low on stamina, you will notice the character’s movement speed getting slow. For better movement speed, you should improve the character’s stamina. You can improve the stamina by equipping/upgrading better gears.

And, to consume less stamina, you should try hitting the ball without moving too much; read the position is the key tip below for more details. The stamina is restored automatically in every next round.

Move Backward To Receive Strong Serve Easily⇓

Strong hits are hard to handle if you are close to the net. So we would recommend keeping the character away from the net – move backward. When standing backward, you can easily hit the balls(tackle strong hits, which are fast). Note – Don’t go too far – otherwise, you will end up consuming more stamina on soft-shots.

Accuracy Matters In Tennis Clash⇓

Strong hits have less accuracy while soft hits are more precise. When you perform a strong hit, make sure that it’s not cross-court lines – otherwise, it would be considered as a foul. If you are not good at strong hits, then don’t make. Focus on normal and soft hits strategies.

Play & Score Wisely In All The Match⇓

  • Don’t hit the ball if it’s landing cross-court lines – you will get a point because it’s foul
  • Serve Precisely – Two wrong serves and you lose a point
  • Avoid fouls; net, cross-court hits, wrong serves, etc.

Low On Coins? Switch The Tour⇓

As you progress through the game and earn trophies, high-rank Tours get unlocked. And, the prize pool also gets increased – so is the entry fee. If you are low on coins and can not afford the entry fee, we would recommend playing low-rank tours where the entry fee is low; tour. For example – Tour (1)(New York) prize pool is (200) and the entry fee is (100) coins. And, Tour (3)(Rio) prize pool is (3000) and the entry fee is (1,500) coins.

To switch the Tour -> tap the Play button on the screen -> swipe left/right.

Get Better Bags From High-Rank Tours In Tennis Clash⇓

The game gives you a bag when you defeat the opponent. If you want high-quality rewards in high numbers, participate in the high-rank tour. For example – The bag you get by defeating the opponent in Tour (3) will give you more rewards than the bag that you get by defeating the opponent in Tour (1).

Connect To Facebook To Play With Friends⇓

If you want to play with friends, connect the game to your Facebook account. After that, you will get a basic bag as a reward + you get to play with friends. Once the account is connected, tap the Facebook icon on the top-left -> friends -> there you can see the online friends. Challenge anyone. Sadly, if your friends are not on Facebook, you would not be able to play with them because the game does not have an in-game friend function.

Try The Practice Mode Of Tennis Clash Game⇓

Tennis Clash Tips & TricksThere is a practice mode available that you can try to master the controls; swipes. Tap the play button and swipe left until you see the Practice mode. You can practice soft-shots, strong-shots in this mode.

So these are the basic Tennis Clash tips & tricks for beginners. If you have more Tennis Clash tips to share, please comment below.

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  1. How do you compete against those who clearly have lower stats and come out hitting the ball like a bullet out of a gun and zip all over the court?

  2. Great help. Relatively new to game. Why all of sudden is my character hitting almost every shot backhanded even when it is awkward and a forehand would be better. I can no longer control character to hit forehand. He runs around for backhand. Thanks

  3. Why are my returns so soft and lame off of hard, fast serves? I have a 48 forehand and 42 backhand, but no matterhow fast I react, they are slow set up returns for my opponents!

  4. How do you slow down the other player’s shots? I’m pretty new to this game but I’m starting to see it more and more. I’ll hit a hard forehand shot and it seems like the other player has the ability to slow down my shot so much so it will STOP in mid air and they will come from across court and still have time to get behind it and hit a winner. What are they doing to slow the ball down?

  5. I had a agility rating of 34. When I spent coins to improve it, it was reduced to 27!
    Sometimes spending coins on attributes does nothing. A real bummer. What am I missing?

  6. I’m with manu the game is good but I refuse to pay money for upgrading my skills

    Besides the game is rigged…players can’t progress without spending money and other players cheat. So it ruins it for others

  7. I’m with many the game us good but I refuse to pay money for upgrading my skills

    Besides the game us rigged…players can’t progress without spending money and other players cheat. So it ruins it for others

    • Would 100% agree with you!!
      It’s rigged big time so you have to spend $$$ to remain relevant. I came in top 5 in the first rookie tourney then lost 12 games in a row before getting another win. The random game matchup is not so random.

    • Would 100% agree with you!!
      It’s rigged big time so you have to spend $$$ to remain relevant. I came in top 5 in the first rookie tourney then lost 12 games in a row before getting another win. The random game matchup is not so random.

  8. I’m with Manu – I’ve playing this for a while and I refuse to spend money…you get to a stage where it’s nearly impossible to win because you’re competing against players that have the best racquet, high skills. I found it really fun at the beginning but the further you get the less fun it is because why bother?

  9. I haven’t bought anything and I refuse to. This game is brilliant but obviously a money maker for the programmers but well done. I find best stats to work on are agility and volley.

  10. I think there is a bag with 25000 gold for only 2,99€. With this, you can improve all your skills when you get bags.
    This is no money, and the game is very good, so I’ve spent this coins.

  11. Hi. I’ve been playing this game for about 3 weeks now. Few games a days. But I notice that many of my opponents have better numbers than mine. So, some of these players buy these and that’s why they are better in every statistic ? I don’t want to buy, I want to get better and play better but I seen my statistics remained the same for the longest. I get frustrated because even though I’m good at it I just can’t compete with players with better numbers than mine. ?