Farm Fable Game Tips & Tricks: Guide, Cheats & Strategy

Farm Fable is a new mobile farming game by SKYUNION HONK KONG. Read on for Farm Fable game tips & tricks, guide, cheats, and strategy

Farm Fable GameSkyunion Honk Kong, the mobile gaming publisher, recently published a 3D farm game called Farm Fable on mobile app stores. It’s packed with a standard farming system where you will grow and harvest the crops and make a variety of products; that you will be using them to complete the orders. Additionally, you can trade, pet animals, do fishing, and there are lots of fun activities that keep you busy all the time. If you are just starting in Farm Fable game, then this post is for you. Here, we have shared a Farm Fable guide for beginners with a bunch of Farm Fable tips, tricks, cheats & strategy. So, let’s not waste any time and read the main walkthrough guide – 

Farm Fable Game Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy: –

First things first – the sole objective of the player in this game is to expand the farm and build all sorts of facilities that help you make all sorts of farming products and manage animals. At the beginning of the game, you will have access to a small part of a land(cropland) and a limited number of facilities. As you raise the main player level, you will unlock more cropland, factories, and items. So, after summarizing all the things, you would certainly have an idea of what you need to focus on; level up, unlock new stuff, pet animals, build facilities, join guild, socialize with other players, start trading, etc. Now, let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Farm Fable game tips & tricks featured in this guide – 

Leveling Up Guide & Tips

Farm Fable GameThe easiest and the best way to level up in the Farm Fable game is by completing the people’s orders and keep doing the farming. Especially, the orders, they give you more EXP than any other quests or tasks. On the left side of the screen, switch to the order tab of the quest widget -> tap on the order to check the requirements -> complete/meet the requirements, and complete the order. 

Farm Fable GameAlso, do the daily/main tasks to earn more XP. 

In the upper-left corner, the round-shaped level bar displays the level progress. If you tap it, a character info pop-up menu will open where you can check the amount of EXP that you will need to reach the next level.

Leveling up is important as it gives you more cropland so that you can grow more crops. 

Don’t Spend The Gems Recklessly

Gem, the premium, and most valuable currency in the Farm Fable game is used in completing the tasks instantly; for example – growing the crops immediately, producing the product items instantly, etc. Gems are hard to get than any other currency in the game – so, we advise you using it wisely. For example – spending the gems on VIP points and raising the VIP Level. VIP Level perk will help you all the time. On the other hand, if you spend the gems only on speeding up the things, that would just be a waste. 

The VIP Level In Farm Fable

In the above tip, we advised you to spend gems in VIP. VIP level is different from the normal level as it provides exclusive perks for the permanent. For example – VIP level 1 increases order revenue, reduces home orders cooldown and increases the variety. In the upper-left corner, tap the “VIP” button in the upper-left corner -> tap the + button -> spend the gems to raise the VIP level. Other than gems, VIP points can also be obtained as a daily login reward. Consecutive logins will increase the number of points that you get as a free reward. 

Do The Dailies & Main Tasks

Grassland, Speed-Up tickets, gems, Icefield, Desert are some in-game currencies and items that you can earn for free by doing the dailies. The dailies are easy to complete. In the upper-left side, below the level bar, tap the “daily task” icon -> there you can check the tasks that one can complete daily and earn rewards. 

Water The Crops And They Will Grow Fast

From the well on the cropland, you can collect the water for free daily. Use the water to grow the crops fast; water them after you plant them on the cropland. 

Learn To Trade In Farm Fable

Farm Fable GameOn the lower-right side, tap the location button -> this will take you to the map where you can find other players’ farm, trading posts, resting place, etc. Once you are on the main screen, tap the search button in the lower-left corner -> choose the level of trading post -> at the trading post, players can spend currencies like grassland, icefield, etc. for plot shards, tree seeds, and more. You can earn them by doing the dailies, completing orders, and main story tasks. You will need horses to trade; buy from the shop. 

Join A Guild In Farm Fable

Once you reach player level 10 in Farm Fable, you will be able to join a guild. Once joined, do the guild tasks and complete them for contribute points and special rewards. Also, members in the guild and send items to each other. 

So this would be all in this Farm Fable guide and tips for beginners. If you have more tips or cheats to share, comment below.

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