Rescue Wings! Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Rescue Wings!Rescue Wings! is a simple yet challenging casual game for Android and iOS, published by PlayStack Ltd. Let’s have a look at our Rescue Wings! guide, tips, cheats & strategies

In Rescue Wings! game, the player helps Scruffy, the dog – in saving the forest from being burned up by the fire. You will control a plane, dive into the water to generate water bombs and throw them at the fire spot at the right time. It’s too simple! But it’s hard to master. You will have to master the controls, plane movement, throw the water bombs at the right time, and there are loads of things to take care of to get a gold medal at each level.

There are lots of game modes; levels, adventure, competitive. In the levels mode, you progress through the stages with increasing difficulty. To unlock new levels, you will have to fly consistently for a long time in the adventure mode. While, the competitive mode lets you test the skills by matching you with other players. Both the players get three rounds – player with best overall performance wins the match and earn rewards as well as ranking/league boost. Let’s have a look at our Rescue Wings! guide and Rescue Wings! tips, cheats & strategies!Rescue Wings!

1.) Master The Controls

There are a few things that you need to know about the controls; you have to fly straight to get the maximum speed of the plane. If you keep flying higher or lower, the speed of the plane will get down. And, to get the gold medals at each stage, you should focus on catching the highest speed possible asap.

The two more things are; diving in and out – First, before you start the level, at the top of the screen, check the fire spots. For example; it’s 3. Now, try to capture enough water in the tank to save all these (3) spots. Keep in mind that you can not go back and get the water; so try to take it in one attempt. In some missions, you may get more water spots. But always try to capture as much as you can.

While diving in, don’t go too deep in the water – use the accelerate button to carry the water fast. While coming out from the water, always keep in mind that you have to fly straight onwards to catch the highest possible speed in no time. So make sure to keep those fly up-down controls quick and in a balanced way.

2.) Try To Get The Gold Medal At Each Stage

You can play a stage as many times as you want. For the first time, you will be playing for progress to unlock next levels. Next time, you will see the target time to get the gold medal. Get all the gold medals at every location to claim the free gold reward.

3.) Buy Better Planes In Rescue Wings!

Go to the main interface of the game and tap the plane icon above the gear icon -> here you can buy better planes. Tap on any plane to check its stats. These stats are: –

  • Speed – How fast a plane can fly
  • Agility – How fast a plane can respond; dive in and out quickly
  • Fill Speed – This stat determines the water filling speed

As you progress in Rescue Wings! game, you will have to clear the stage in a few seconds. So you should save and spend the coins in buying the best planes(high tier planes).

4.) Get Familiar With The Game Modes

  • Repeat the stages in levels mode to earn gold coins, level EXP. As the level rises, you will get more coins as a reward
  • Get the boosters in adventure mode by watching video ads and explore a vast area and unlock new levels
  • The competitive mode is all about the skills. You have to perform better than another player. Try not to crash the plane and try to focus on controlling the plane

5.) Grab The Free Stuff In Rescue Wings!

Go to the shop(tap the gas button on the main screen -> go to free stuff tab). Here you can get free coins, gas by watching the video ads.

So that would be all in our Rescue Wings! guide, tips & tricks. Feel free to share your own tips in the comment section below!

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