Final Outpost Game Guide: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

Final Outpost is a brand new survival game for iOS. Read on for Final Outpost game guide, tips, cheats & tricks to master the game in no time

Final Outpost GameFinal Outpost game has just been released for iOS on the iOS App Store. In the game, your goal is to build an outpost and survive in the zombie apocalypse. In the night, zombies come from the jungle and attack your outpost. You will have to assign the jobs to the fighters civilians so that you can protect the base from being plundered by these zombies. Civilians also help you gather the resources. You can use the resources in constructing the facilities, crafting the tools and weapons, upgrading the base or facilities. 

Final Outpost game is pretty fun and challenging. In the red night, you are gonna face more zombies than the usual nights. Heavy guard duty must come to the place to survive during the red nights. If you have just started playing it, then you are on the right page. This Final Outpost game guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Final Outpost game tips, cheats & strategies that you may love. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content. 

Final Outpost Game Guide, Tips & Tricks: –

There are four things to do in the Final Outpost game; build the facilities like wood storage, workshop, upgrade the base and these facilities. Craft the weapons with the metal scraps. Manage the civilians or workers – assign them to the job. And, at last, try to survive as long as you can. You are free to expand the outpost; build fences/walls in all the directions to boost up the defense/expand the outpost. Upgrade the facilities to store more resources and go for the big upgrades. Let’s learn everything in detail in this Final Outpost game tips & tricks: –

Learn About The Jobs In Final Outpost Game

There are seven types of jobs in the Final Outpost game – you can assign civilians to these jobs. Each job specifies the sole purpose. 

  • Scavenger job is gathering the scraps from the wilderness
  • Lumberjack job is gathering the wood 
  • Farmer job is producing the food at the farm
  • Knife Fighter, Guard, and Sniper helps you defend the base

Tap the avatar button -> on the next screen, you can assign citizens/workers to these jobs. Keep in mind that you need a specific tool or weapon for some jobs. For example – Knife for the Knife Fighter. Tap the + button to recruit a civilian to a specific job. Tap the – button to fire him from the job. On the same screen, you can check the jobless status that shows how many civilians are free in the outpost. 

Lumberjack or Scavenger gathers the wood/metal scraps from the wilderness and then come back to the base -> load the gathered materials to the base. Once loaded, you will see the resources are taken into the account. Keep an eye on the loading bar to track their job network. 

Upgrade The Base To Increase Population

On your screen, tap the base -> upgrade. Upgrade the base to increase the population and storage limit for the wood, wood, and metal scraps. Increasing the population will give you more workers to assign to jobs like a lumberjack, farmer, etc. Construct Housing to increase citizen capacity. 

Civilians will come now and then. Tap on them(white color dots on the screen). to recruit. 

Store More By Building, Upgrading The Facilities

Food, Wood, and Metal Scraps are the three main resources in the Final Outpost game. 

  • Food – stored in base and Granary. Build Granary to increase the food capacity
  • Wood – stored in base and wood store. Build/Upgrade wood store to increase the wood capacity
  • Metal Scraps – store in base and Scrap Pile. Build/Upgrade scrap pile to increase metal scraps capacity

To check the current max capacity, tap the box button on the footer menu. There you can check the food consumption, max food/wood, and metal scraps limit. For example – if it’s 200/300 for wood – it means that the max wood capacity is 300 and you have 200 wood. 

To make a higher-level upgrade, you will need more resources. And, you can store more resources only when you have space/store in the Outpost. So build and upgrade the facilities like base, wood store, scrap pile, granary to increase the resources max limit. 

Go On Alert In Night In Final Outpost Game

On the top-center of the game screen, you can check the game’s timeline. Every night, you are gonna face the zombies. They will attack your base and destroy the outpost. You have to stop them. In the night, fire all the gatherers like Scavenger, Lumberjack and assign jobs to the Knife Fighter, Sniper, Guards. They will slay the zombies if they try to break into the outpost. 

Manage The Wall Of Outpost

The entrance to the outpost will close in the night – this is the time when dark zombies appear. They can break the wall with their attacks. If you tap the wall, you can check its max health. You can repair it if it’s broken -> upgrade it to increase its max health and max guards number. 

Build The Workshop For Advanced Crafting

Tap on any empty brown color spot on the base to open the facility menu. From there you can construct any facility you want. The workshop is one of the main facilities in the Final Outpost game as it lets you craft the tools/gears for Guard/Worker/Sniper. 

Build the Tower for Snipers. 

So this would be all in this post on Final Outpost game guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. 

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  1. I’m on day 115.

    To answer a few questions:
    – to get higher level scraps, you need to upgrade your scrap pile to accept those higher leveled scraps.
    – honestly, snipers and guards are best on the outside slots. They do attract more zombies with their noise, but they well make up for it with their 5 damage and long range.

  2. I also have the same question about the range of the sniper towers. Can I place them in the center of the base so the zombies won’t hear the shots?

  3. What’s the range of the sniper tower? I see guards eliminate their side of the wall but idk how far a sniper shoots in terms of where I should be placing their towers