LifeAfter Intermediate Guide: Raiding, Fishing, Tactics

Let’s check out our LifeAfter Intermediate guide and learn about the game tactics, raiding, events, fishing, and many more things you need to know

LifeAfter is not an ordinary survival game. It has many advanced features that make it completely different from other survival games. It is a combination of survival, sandbox, zombie-shooting, PvP battles, hunting, and fishing aspects. We’ve already shared a bunch of guides on this game. In today’s post, you will learn some intermediate things that you need to know; raiding someone else manor, fishing, maps, events, and loads of things. Let’s get started: LifeAfter Intermediate guide! Use the quick navigation links to directly visit that content.

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1.) How To Raid Other Player’s Base – LifeAfter Intermediate Guide

LifeAfter Intermediate GuideThere are five items that you need when going on raiding: –

  1. Climbing Rope(Optional)
  2. Manor Battery
  3. Manor Detector Battery(Optional)
  4. Mailbox Key
  5. Vault Key

The price of these items is between 10-1000(gold bars).

  • Climbing Rope – Using this item, you can climb up over the broken roof – like a ninja. To use it, tap the bag -> tap climbing rope -> gear -aim to the valid point.
  • Manor Battery – To enter someone else manor in LifeAfter, you need five batteries. After that, you can decode or pass the manor’s security. It is one of the main items that you need to raid someone else base
  • Manor Detector Battery – It lets you know about the items(value, defense) in the manor(other players)
  • Mailbox Key – As you know that we receive all the items through the mailbox. Many players don’t collect these mails because of storage shortage. You can use this key to unlock the mailboxes of others
  • Vault Key – Using the vault key, you can unlock the vault(when raiding)

Getting These Items

In private camp’s town hall, near the helicopter(enter/exit point), there is an NPC named Jude who sells these items. You can purchase these items from her. You can even sell the same items to her and get the gold bars back.

LifeAfter Intermediate Guide – Raiding

LifeAfter Intermediate Guide⇒In your camp’s town hall -> visit the enter/exit point -> helicopter -> open -> war zone -> turbulent city -> proceed. Before you proceed, you must buy the items listed above.

⇒You will land on an unknown camp’s island. Open the mini-map -> check the manor locations and visit any manor.

⇒To enter the manor, go close to the manor gate -> tap the decode option. Then tap start to explore the option to check the defense and good value. If it’s good, tap the decode option and enter the manor.

⇒Use your gun or any melee weapon to break the manor’s door. After that, go inside and break the cabinets, closet, and all other storage stuff. When you break a cabinet, you get a bag. Aim to the bag and search for the items. You get a small number of items when you rob someone.

Decoding Vault and Mailbox 

LifeAfter Intermediate GuideTo unlock the mailbox or vault(someone else), you need to enter the code. Use your finger to slide-up down the numbers. It will get unlocked once you enter the correct numbers. The numbers that you enter will be displayed in colors. Green – correct. Red – wrong. Yellow – it means these numbers are correct, but their position is incorrect. If you are lucky, you may unlock it. You have a certain number of attempts only. After that, you will not be able to decode it again.

If you know any other way or any cheat to unlock it, please mention in the comment section below. I have wasted thousands of gold bars, never succeeded.

So this is the LifeAfter raiding guide for intermediate players. Is the robbing feature good or not? Share your own view in the comment section below.

2.) LifeAfter Intermediate Guide – Maps

1.) Fall Forest 

Resources that you can get in fall forest are: –

  • Twig(Chop trees)
  • Hardwood Vine(Chop trees when its raining)
  • Sapling(Chop trees)
  • Plant root(Gather hemp)
  • Iron Ore(Rocks)
  • Flint(break rocks, On rainy days)
  • Cast Iron Drill Bit(Chests)
  • Bones(Kill infected or animals)
  • Hide(Kill infected or animals)
  • Mushroom(On rainy days)

Limit: –

  • Common items – Unlimited
  • Rare items – 120(free), 60(Paid)
  • Valuable items – 60(Free), 40(paid)

Free – the daily quota. Paid – Use the gold bars to transfer items to the mailbox through helicopter mailing service.

2.) Sand Castle

  • Resin(Chop the trees)
  • Wood Core(Chop the trees)
  • Oak Seedling(Chop the trees)
  • Hemp Stem(Gather hemp crops)
  • Hemp Bast(Gather hemp crops)
  • Castor Seed(Gather hemp crops)
  • Tin Ore(Break rocks)
  • Sulfur(Break rocks)
  • Alloy Drill Bit(From the chests)
  • Claw(Kill animals or infected)
  • Beast Tendon(Kill beasts, infected)

These are the secondary resources and the drop rate is quite low. For example; There are very rare chances of getting castor seed when you gather hemp crops.

Limit: –

  • Common items – Unlimited
  • Rare items – 120(free), 60(Paid)
  • Valuable items – 60(Free), 40(paid)

3.) Miska University 

  • Combat Mastery
  • Gold Bars
  • New Dollar
  • Skill Points

4.) Snow Highlands

  • Old Cypress(Cut the trees)
  • Cypress Leaf(Cut the trees)
  • Ginkgo Seedling(Cut the trees)
  • Flax Leaf(Gather hemp crops)
  • Flax Petal(Gather hemp crops)
  • Aluminum Ore(Break the rocks)
  • Kyanite(break the rocks/mine ore)
  • Grease(Kill the beasts, infected, soldiers)
  • Beast Horn(Kill the beasts, infected or soldiers)

The drop rate of these items is quite low. You must upgrade the corresponding gathering ability to increase the drop rate. For example; upgrade the flax leaf & flax petal skill in gathering ability menu to increase the chances of getting these secondary resources. Also, use the fire AXE or assembled pickaxe.

Limit: –

  • Common items – Unlimited
  • Rare items – 120(free), 60(Paid)
  • Valuable items – 60(Free), 40(paid)

5.) Farstar City

  • Twig
  • Hardwood Vine
  • Sapling
  • Plant ROOT
  • Flint
  • Bones
  • Hide
  • Cast Iron Drill Bit
  • Mushroom
  • Iron Ore

In LifeAfter, Farstar City offers the same resources that can be obtained from the fall forest. Because of shipping limit, you will have to visit here and gather the resources. But there is a combat limit in Farstar City; you can switch between the peace mode or PvP mode. In the PvP mode, the name is shown in red color. If you are in peace mode, your name will be shown in the white color. If you attack the white name players, your name will be added to the wanted list.

To ship the items from farstar city to manor, you need to find the shipping drone. Open the mini-map -> if the helicopter point is grey, it means the shipping drone has not arrived yet. If it’s green, go there and ship the resources.

At the top of the mini-map, you can check the in-game time. You can not visit farstar city from 2:00-8:00 time.

6.) Nancy City

Nancy City is the PvP mode in LifeAfter game. It’s a 12v12 mode where two team fight for the points. The team with the most points at the end of the match wins. All you need to do is capture the stronghold points; A, B, C, D. Visit these points and stay there until you occupy it. Additionally, you can shoot each other(enemy team). From this mode, you can earn the medal of drills, combat mastery, gathering mastery,

7.) Charles Town

The resources that you get from Charles town are similar to the loot that you get in the sandcastle. (Resin, Wood Core, Hemp Stem, Hemp Bast, Castor Seed, Tin Ore, Sulfur, Alloy Drill Bit, Claw, Beast Tendon).

You visit Charles town through the transfer station. There is a house too. You can build it using the resources. Members in the camp donate the resources.

To shop the resources, you need to find shipping drone(open mini-map) -> go there -> pick the drone -> charge it. Once done, you can use it to ship the resources.

8.) LifeAfter Intermediate Guide – Fishing Guide

The Fishing in LifeAfter starts when you accept the caravan quest. In this quest, you visit Vast(In fall forest) and he gives you some fishing bait and a fishing rod. After that, you can craft fishing tools or bait. Tap the make option -> tools -> here you can check the fishing rods and fishing baits list.

  1. Wooden Fishing Rod – Unlocks after completing the quest mentioned above. You need wood and hardwood vine to craft it
  2. Iron Fishing Rod – Unlocks at the fishing mastery level (After completing the quest; Let’s go fishing! Just for fun. You need iron ore, hardwood vine, and wood to craft Iron Fishing rod
  3. Fiberglass Fishing Rod – Unlocks at fishing mastery level(after completing the quest; There’s plenty of time to fish). You need Wood, Resin, Hemp Step, and Hardwood Vine to craft Fibreglass fishing rod

How To Upgrade Fishing Level?

Catch fish and you get the fishing mastery points. In the profile menu, you can check the fishing skill level and the amount of EXP required to reach the next level(Tap the home icon at the upper-left corner -> profile -> here you can check the fishing skill info).

LifeAfter Fishing – Fish

There is a wide range of fish featured in LifeAfter game. Some fish are rare and you need a better rod to catch it.

  1. Grass Carp
  2. Catfish
  3. Perch
  4. Carp
  5. Puffer Fish
  6. Red Tilapia
  7. Shrimp
  8. Crab
  9. Koi

All-above mentioned fish can be obtained in freshwater(All rivers in fall forest, sandcastle, farstar city). Note – You can catch shrimp and crabs in all the rivers.

  1. Silver Carp
  2. Ribbonfish
  3. Yellow Croaker
  4. Salmon
  5. Red Grouper
  6. Turbot
  7. Wrasse
  8. Parrotfish
  9. Lobster

You need iron fiberglass fishing road to catch lobster. All above-mentioned fish can be obtained in saltwater. In Charlestown, on the left side, there is an island. Visit there. That’s the saltwater place.LifeAfter Intermediate Guide

9.) LifeAfter Intermediate Guide – NPCs and Their Gifts

In LifeAfter, there are many NPCs with whom you can interact and send gifts. Sometimes, they gift you items, the in-game currency. If you send gifts to the NPCs and reach a certain acquaintance level, they will give you a gift.

Hope 101(Town Hall): –

  • Chris – Skill Points
  • Vincent – Armor Materials
  • Judy – Skill Points
  • Tom – Weapon Materials

Commerce Bureau ->

  • Fernando – Armor Materials
  • Rachel – Formula Shards

Steak House ->

  • Rapunzel – Formula Shards
  • Stephen – Skill Points

YK Store ->

  • Enya – Weapon Materials

Market ->

  • Heider – Formula Shards

Sandcastle ->

  • Lina – Weapon Materials
  • Perfect – Armor Materials
  • Quitai – Skill Points
  • Quintus – Skill Points
  • Sekter – Weapon Materials
  • Sextius – Armor Materials

10.) LifeAfter Intermediate Guide – Gathering Tools

  • Stone AXE – Unlocks by default
  • Stone Pickaxe – Unlocks by default
  • Iron AXE – Upgrade the basic logging talent in gathering ability to unlock
  • Iron PICKAXE – Upgrade the basic mining talent in gathering ability menu to unlock
  • Fire AXE – Level 3 basic Logging
  • Assembled Pickaxe – Level 3 basic mining
  • Steel Axe – Level 4 basic logging(talent)
  • Steel Pickaxe – Level 4 basic mining(talent)

11.) LifeAfer Intermediate Guide – Weapons and Armors List and How To Unlock Them?

  1. Remington M870 – Formula Research – Fusion
  2. Expert Compound Bow – Formula Research – Fusion
  3. UZI SMG – Unlocks at manor level 3
  4. Barb Wire Bat – Formula Research – Fusion
  5. Molotov – Cert Talent
  6. Smoke Bomb – Fusion II – R&D
  7. Competition Reflex Bow – Event
  8. Type 95 AR – Event
  9. Carbon Spider Bow – Event
  10. Assault Howitzer – Event
  11. UMP9 – Unlocks at manor level 5(~)
  12. Brass Knuckles – Unlocks at manor level 5(~)
  13. 590M Shotgun – Fusion III
  14. Thompson SMG – Fusion III
  15. Flash Bomb – Fusion III
  16. AK47 AR – Fusion IV
  17. M24 Sniper Rifle – Fusion IV
  18. Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle – Fusion IV
  19. Kukri – Fusion IV
  20. MP5 SMG – Unlocks at Manor Level 7

These are the guns. Let’s take a look at LifeAfter Armors: –

  1. Casual Jacket
  2. Casual Cap – Fusion I
  3. Expedition Expert – Manor Level 3
  4. Police Jacket – Fusion II
  5. Baseball Cap – Fusion II
  6. Battle Vanguard – Fusion III
  7. Punk Jacket – Cert Talent
  8. Medical Personnel – Fusion IV
  9. Mob Mask – Fusion IV
  10. Mob Jacket – Fusion IV

12.) LifeAfter Intermediate Guide – How To Get Formula Shards?

Formula Shads are required to research new blueprints or items. Using the R&D Facility(Formula Research), you can fuse the shards and get new items; weapons, armors, items, defense facilities, structures, and more. To fuse, you need formula shards.

  • Events – You can earn formula shards from the events(for example; at the time of writing this post, you can exchange the chocolates to formula shards)
  • NPC Gift – List is above
  • Sandcastle – In the center hall of the sandcastle, you can find formula shards from the chests
  • Farstar City – Chest(Airdrop)
  • Charles Town – Chest(Airdrop)
  • Snow Highlands – Warehouse(Guarded by mercenaries)
  • Treasure maps – You can get these maps from the merchant, near stronghold battle board
  • Exchange – Exchange medal of drills(near camp’s helicopter, NPC or in Hop 101, Acer)
  • Achievements – Tap the home icon at the top-left -> slide left -> achievements(complete these achievements to get formula shards)

So these are the ways to get Formula Shards in LifeAfter.

13.) How To Get R&D Data – LifeAfter Intermediate Guide

You need R&D data to modify/upgrade the blueprints/formula. You get R&D data when you fuse shards or when you get the duplicate item by fusing, through the events.

So this is the LifeAfter Intermediate guide for the players who have reached level 5 manor. We will post more guides, tips & strategies soon! Also, see –

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