Funky Bay Tips: Cheats, And Strategy Guide

Funky Bay is a popular farming game for Android and iOS by Belka Games. Check out our Funky Bay guide, tips, cheats & strategy to progress fast

Funky Bay Tips: Cheats & Strategy Guide⇓

Funky Bay – Farm & Adventure is a top-class farming game for mobile devices that lets you build a town on a tropical island where you plant crops, build factories, sell items, and make money. You can farm, build a zoo, build factories, trade, and there plenty of things that keep you busy all the time. And as you grow or buy new lands, your workload will increase and you will have to invest more time in the game to keep the things in a working state. Today, In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know as a rookie farmer. 

Getting Started With The Funky Bay Basics

Before we dive into the cheats, tips, and strategy guide part, let’s learn the basics first. In the Funky Bay game, your main objective is to grow the business by expanding the farming territory all over the tropical Island. In the first phase of the game, you start with a small land where you cultivate crops such as wheat, berries, and strawberry. As you progress or level up, you will be able to buy nearby lands, build more fields/mills/shops/factories, and much more. After it, you will be able to add animals such as cats, dogs, bees, and more. You will make more money. But in the beginning, you have to keep patience as things take time. As you progress, your workload will increase and you will enjoy it a lot. Let’s take a look at our top Funky Bay tips, cheats & a strategy guide to master the game.

Build Confetteria To Get Energy

Conferreria is one of the facilities in the Funky Bay that unlock at a certain level. It helps you get free energy with the goods that you get from farming activities. You can get it from the shop for 500 coins. 

Look For The Objects Floating On The Water

Keep an eye on the water area around and look for the floating objects; tap on them for free rewards. 

Complete Season Tasks, Earn Tokens

From the season tasks(i.e. Regatta tasks), you can earn tokens that you can spend at the captains’ store; for energy potion, saw, two-man saw, chainsaw, hammer, Viking Banner, leader’s helmet, etc. 

Animals In Funky Bay Game

  • Chicken – produces eggs
  • Cow – gives milk
  • Llama Yard – gives woold
  • Flamingo Yard – gives feather
  • Ostrich – ostrich eggs

Insects In Funky Bay Game

  • Silkworm – gives silk
  • Beeworm – gives honey

Don’t Use All The Resources

Funky BayIn Funky Bay, you have magical garden beds. If you put one, you will get two. For example; in the beginning, the game gifts you free berries, wheat, and more crops. To get more, you sow these resources in the field, and in return, you get the double numbers. For instance; if you put one berry, you will get two berries. The tricky part is if you sell or spend or use all the crops (of a particular item), you will need to spend diamonds to get it back. So make sure to keep at least 1 quantity of each crop in the silo so that you will be able to produce duplicates in the field.

Use Diamonds Wisely, Here’s How

Funky BayDiamond is one of the precious items in the Funky Bay game. And you rarely get it from the quests, orders, and chests. We would recommend you to use it wisely. But where to spend? First of all, save at least 30 gems to buy a sprinkler. The sprinkler is a device in the Funky Bay game that helps you to grow grass. Usually, you can collect the grass by tapping on it on the ground. The grass appears over and over again on the ground after a certain amount of time(long time though). And as you know, to produce cow food in the feed mill, you need berries and grass. Without grass, you will not be able to produce cow food. And cow will not give you milk. And you will not be able to produce dairy products. So the sprinkler is very important. You need 30 gems to buy it. Once bought, grass will grow fast.

Or you can spend these gems to increase the slots in the factories. With more slots, you can keep more items in the queue. It will save you time.

Play The Shell Game To Get Tools And Items

Funky BayTools such as a drilling machine, shovel, and items such as dynamite are required to remove obstacles such as trees, stones, bushes, and more. And when you clear the obstacles, you get the chest. You can open the chest instantly using the key or you will have to wait for hours(without the key). And getting these items from normal quests or orders is very difficult. So when you get the chance to play the Shell game, then keep an eye on the cup that contains the desired item. You can play this shell game two times a day for free. The rule of thumb is to keep an eye on a specific cup. But how to play it? Near the dock, a small ship will come(randomly). Tap it to play the shell game.

Focus On A Specific Character’s Order To Get Gift

Funky BayThere are two types of order a player gets in the Funky Bay game; from paddlers and from the ship. Near the dock, tap the ship to check the orders. Tap on an order to check the customer. When you complete seven orders of a specific customer, you will get a gift. And from that gift, you can obtain rare items, keys, a huge amount of EXP to level up fast, and many more valuable rewards.

Claim The 30 Second Production Boost

Each product or item or crop takes time. The player can instantly complete the production of all the items when the remaining time is below 30 seconds. All you need to do is tap the item producing in the factory or growing in the field; after it, the game will show you the remaining time. When it reaches below 30 seconds, you will see 0 diamond cost. Just hit the diamond button and finish the process.

Sell Extra Items If You Need Coins

Upon reaching a certain level in the Funky Bay game, you will be able to build the market. By default, you get four slots for free. You can put items in these slots and set the price. For example; if you have extra milk bottles, you can sell it on the market. Other players will be able to visit your tropical Island and from the market, they can buy items. To claim the reward, head to the market and tap the coins. If you want to sell more items, then get more slots in exchange for diamonds.

Visit Neighborhood And Check Out Their Store

As you can set products on sale, other players can also do this. So don’t forget to visit the friends’ farm. On the main screen, at the bottom-right corner, tap the friend’s option -> tap on a friend icon -> choose market -> and grab the cheap deals. To get access to this feature, you need to build the market first at your land.

Check Out The Funky Markets

On the main screen of the game, tap Mia browsing the internet on the deck chair. On the next screen, you will see the deals from other players all over the world. You could get precious items or tools such as dynamite, shovels or resources such as animal food, bread, and much more.

Upgrade The Farm Warehouse

You keep crops in the silo and other resources, tools, items in the barn. The storage capacity of these warehouses is limited. You can’t exceed this limit; once reached the maximum space, you will not be able to gather more items. So make sure to upgrade it. Tap the building and hit the upgrade button. Tools are required to upgrade these buildings. How to get? Collect the gifts from the characters(read the 4th point), level up, open the chests(clear the obstacles to get the chest), complete the quests, and by playing the shell game.

Dismiss The Orders To Get New Ones

Sometimes you get orders from the paddlers that are difficult to complete. For such orders, say no to them. Just tap the paddler and choose “no”. After it, the paddler will go back and come back again with the new quest. And next time, you may get an easy order like wheat, berries, and more. Actually, it helps you a lot. For example; if the order is for the cream, then you need to produce cow food first, then give it to the cow, and after it, collect milk bottles from the cow and then produce in the dairy.

So these are our top Funky Bay cheats, tips, and a complete strategy guide for beginners. 

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  1. I had bought a bunch of the “elective” items, like the picnic, mailbox, kites, waterfall, etc. When I first placed them in a pile as close as I could to conserve space, two of them were generating money every day I logged in, and the balloons generated a bonus item like dynamite or a speedup token. Then I moved them to spread them out and they stopped generating money for me. I still get the bonus item every 12 hrs or so. I have tried different combinations but just can’t get them to generate bonus coins again. Anyone experience this? Or better yet, figure out which ones create money and what makes them generate it?

  2. They do nothing with the game anymore. When you contact the support, you always get the same (automatic) answer that they work on it. I stopped playing, I play FarmLand now, it looks a bit like Funky Bay and they update the game a lot.

  3. i have joined three different neighbourhoods in order to assist or donate. i don’t get any feedback> how can i donate to others????

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  6. Why has buying changed now I can’t get onto the deck chair / hammock now to buy I can only buy a few of certain items now which has made the game unplayable I can’t get any crops or anything

        • Click on a trunk and it shows you a symbol for a key or a clock. If you have keys, then select the key symbol and they open. If you don’t have keys, select the clock symbol and it will start a timer that opens the trunk when the timer runs out.

    • always follow the arrows or stepping stones and they will lead you where you need to go. You can’t bypass those steps. In the dragon area, you follow the dragon prints

    • You can often find planks and bricks in the market. They come as random gifts from filling orders or playing the Underwater Game I think. People sell them all the time though

  7. Can anyone tell me where the last piece is to build the monastery part 2 it just says search location and take down trees and stones but it’s taking forever just wanted to see if anyone knew exactly where it is

  8. After building the stone pier, is there any need for compasses? They are clogging up my barn, so wondering if I can sell them or if I’ll need them for something else later.

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  12. Can anyone tell me the location of the wig owner on the movie set? I’m stuck. I’d really appreciate it. Thanks in advance

    • I believe you have to finish the order . After collecting 3 then the nectar collection from Great Honey Flowers will last longer then the regular Honey Flowers

    • when you pull up the orders, some will reward you with the compass or binocular and some will reward you with the shells. Just have to keep filling the orders until you get lucky lol

  13. Hi, following up on a previous question left unanswered, what are those white shells and what about them? I see that a Great Honey Flower costs 3 of these. Thanks

  14. Click on the building or object you want to move and a green arrow will appear and you can drag it to where you want it.

  15. How do I move shops and fields if they fall in the wrong place. My fields are spread out and can’t move them together.
    How do I move things out of the strip along the left side?

    • I don’t believe you can build the stone stairs until you reach level 41. I haven’t made it there yet so I’m not for sure how to do the stairs.

    • I sent the ship out and in the loot area it had all kinds of stuff, but when it returned, I didn’t get he stuff. I just got the boxes it had. No crab, seaweed, or other stuff. Just the crates. Also, I am pretty sure I had over 1300 purple starts for experience but when it docked it then said just a little over 500. Did I do something wrong?

  16. Can someone explain to me what those seashells for, please? I only know that I need 3 blue shells to get the nectar producing-orange flower bush, but the other 2 I’m clueless as to their function. Please help.

    • At level 21 you can fix the stone pier, then a ship will dock. You fill the boxes, send it out to explore and it returns with sea items and loot. The more boxes you fill the better. I sent1st time only half full and it came back empty. 🙁 Good luck!