First Fishing Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

First Fishing is a brand new casual fishing game for mobile by Purple Ocean, published by Mobirix. Check out First Fishing guide, tips, cheats & strategy

First Fishing is the latest fishing game from the creators of Power Fishing. In the game, you will travel to different parts of the world to complete the fish collection. In each region, you will have to discover loads of fish to get the precious rewards such as item upgrade coupon, style exchange tickets, high-tier gears, and much more. In the master cup events, you will compete against other players for the high rank to obtain coral, pearls, and loads of coins. If you are having trouble understanding the game’s mechanics or looking for tips, then our today’s post First Fishing guide and First Fishing tips, cheats & strategy will help you! Let’s dive in!


First FishingThe controls are pretty simple; all you need to do is start strong by stopping the pointer when it comes towards the perfect point of the wheel after you tap the start button. After it, within 3-6 seconds, you will hook up the fish. There would be a tension gauge at the top with the three main points; miss, cool, and perfect. Taking the gauge to these points(cool/green, perfect/yellow) and releasing the finger just after it will deal more damage to the fish.

First FishingWhen you perform a perfect strike, partner’s skill’s gauge will fill up. Once it’s charged completely, you will be able to use the skill. Tap the partner button and stop the pointer in the center to deal massive damage to the fish. When you deal damage, the fish’s HP gets reduced. When reached to 0, the fish becomes unconscious and directly comes to you.

You will increase the chances of obtaining the big fish, rare fish by starting strong(stop the pointer at the perfect point), equipping better bait, and partner’s outfits. So that’s the First Fishing game basics/controls.

After Catching, 

After catching the fish, First Fishing game will display the overview; fish’s size, stars and allow you to choose one out of three options; sell, add, and gift. Selling the fish will reward coins, adding the fish will send it to tank, and gifting the fish to partner will give her EXP points(required to level up).

Fish sent in the tank will grow there and once reached the Max. growth level, you will earn more money by selling as compared to the base level.


The game gifts one fish tank for free when you start the game. You can unlock or buy two more by spending Coral. Premium fish tanks also increase the growth rate. Selling the fish(at max. growth) will always keep room for new and big fish.

Partner Guide – How To Level Up, Use The Skill, Upgrade The Stats

First Fishing features a partner system. You can use the partner’s skill while catching the fish to deal bonus damage. Additionally, the partner’s outfits stat can increase the chances of obtaining big/rare fish. In addition to the skill & outfit bonus, you can send the partner on Idle fishing using the partner fishing feature. This feature lets you earn XP, gold, and many more items.

Level Up Partner

Gift the fish or items to the partner to increase its level. After catching the fish -> tap the gift button. Gifting the fish will fill the heart gauge(friendship gauge). Additionally, you can use some items to increase it; go to the partner menu -> bag -> gift -> use.

How To Get Outfits For The Partner?

You can get the outfits from the partner’s daily trunk, by exchanging style-tickets. Go to the shop -> tap the partner button -> there you can spend gold to get partner’s trunk. From this trunk, you can obtain style tickets, instant fishing ticket, outfits, and much more.

To exchange -> tap the menu button on home screen -> exchange item -> go to the 5th tab -> select an item -> exchange the style tickets for the high-tier outfit.

How to equip? 

To equip the costume or outfit, you must claim it from the bag menu. Once done, go to the partner section -> Tap the partner -> costume -> select the costume -> equip.

How To Use Partner’s Skill?

While catching the fish, on the right side, pay attention to the partner button. Tap it once it gets charged. On the next screen, you have to tap at the right time; when the pointer hits the center.

Partner’s Tank

On the partner screen, just above the fish tank, tap the gift gauge. This will send you to the partner’s tank selection screen. The gift gauge will increase as you gift the fish to the partner. Once filled, you can claim the reward from this section. You can get coins, coral, pearls, style ticket.

How To Upgrade & Unlock Partner’s Skill?

In First Fishing game, all the partners have unique active and passive skills. Go to the partner screen -> tap the partner -> choose skill. There you can check all the skills. Level up the partner to unlock a new skill. To upgrade the skill, tap its icon -> hit the upgrade button. It will cost you gold coins, items(tap the item -> go).

Cheer Impact

Partner’s cheer level can also impact the fishing experience. Go to the partner screen -> tap the partner -> choose cheer -> manage cheer -> upgrade. Upgrading the cheer stats can increase chances of getting big fish, improves ATK, coin bonus, damage, and more.

So that’s all about First Fishing – Partners.

First Fishing -> Gears Guide

  • Rod
  • Reel
  • Lure
  • Line

All the above-mentioned gears come in different qualities; normal, special, the masterpiece. At the start, you get normal equipment set. You would not be able to catch the big fish with this normal set. Additionally, in the cup event, to outrank other players in the league, you must have a good equipment set. Let’s dive in; First Fishing Gear Guide

How To Get Gears?

You can get the gears from the supply chest. All the gears belong to one of the tiers; T1, T2, T3, T4, T5. High-tier gear provides bonus buffs to the player while fishing. Go to the shop -> gear -> there you can spend gold to buy a high-tier chest.

Additionally, you can exchange the items to get a good tier gear. Go to the exchange item menu -> rod/reel/lure/line -> select the gear tier/grade -> select the gear material(rod/lure/line/reel – depends on the selected item) -> exchange.


First FishingGo to the tackle box menu -> tap the gear -> upgrade.

  • Normal Upgrade – Requires pearls
  • Coral Upgrade – Requires coral
  • Coupon Upgrade – Requires Tier coupon

How To Earn Pearls, Coral, And Tier Coupon?

You can earn pearls, coral by completing all the daily quests(stage missions, daily missions, challenges) and tier coupon by completing the chapters. (+ from supply chests).

Master Cup

As you catch the fish or participate in the ranking events; big fish master cup, time attack master cup, and UFF master cup, your rank will increase. You start from the rising star league and progress to dark horse, celebrity, majesty.

You will get the season reward at the end of the season. The rewards include; pears, coins, and coral.

So that’s all for now as First Fishing guide. Let’s take a look at our top First Fishing tips, cheats & strategies.

First Fishing Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Pay Attention To The Durability

The durability of gears; rod, reel, lure, and the line gets decreased as you play the game. Make sure to pay attention to it and restore it asap. Go to the tackle box menu -> tap the gear -> repair. Repairing the gear will cost you coins and restore the durability. At the maximum durability, it would be easy for you to catch the fish.

2.) Develop The Partner’s Stats, Skills

In the guide part above, we have explained everything about the partners. If you really want to catch the bigger and rare fish in First Fishing game, then make sure to gift the fish to partner and develop it for further benefits; partner’s tank reward, new skills.

3.) Spend Coins In The Shop

You can spend gold in the shop for partner’s items, high-tier gear, and material items. To earn gold, sell the fish(at maximum growth level), complete daily missions, challenges. Gift the low-star fish to partner. Keep the high-star fish in the tank. Once the fish reach maximum growth level, sell it for the coins.

4.) Send Partners On Fishing For Items

Items such as starfish, scallop, and more are required in upgrading gears, exchanging items, upgrading skills, and more tasks. You get most of these items as a bonus reward upon catching the fish. For more, make sure to send the partner on partner fishing. Go to the home screen -> partner fishing -> cast. You can use the instant fishing ticket to finish instantly.

5.) Save Coral For Aquarium Or Tank’s Slots

Since you have only one fish tank, it would be better to save coral to invest in the fish tank. Jakarta tank’s buff will increase the fish growth speed by 10%, Rotterdam tank’s buff will increase the selling amount.

6.) Get More Tank Slots 

The first tank, Sydney has 10 slots. So you can store up to 10 fish at a time. To store more, make sure to buy more slots. It will cost you coins. Go to the fist tank menu -> tap the + button next to Sydney tank’s slot number. For more slots, you will have to spend coral.

If you have capsules, you can equip them from the tackle shop menu.

So that’s all for now as First Fishing tips & tricks. Keep upgrading the gear’s tier, partner’s stats and you are good to go. If you have more tips, then share with other players in the comment section below.

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