Gacha Club Guide: Tips, Tricks, Cheats & Strategy

Gacha Club is a brand new game for Android & iOS by Lunime. Read on for Gacha Club guide, tips, tricks, cheats & strategy for beginners

Lunime, the mobile game publisher, well-known for Gacha Life game, recently published a brand new game called Gacha Club where you will collect and enhance the chibi characters to fight the battles, – and you can also customize them, use in the studio, mini-games, and more. If you are new to it, then you have come to the right place. This Gacha Club guide covers the basic core concepts of the game that you must know as a beginner. Also, we have shared a bunch of Gacha Club tips, tricks, cheats & strategies to progress fast. So, let’s not waste any time and read the main walkthrough guide!

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Gacha ClubFirst things first – Gacha Club game is packed with battles, mini-games, and customization functions. The game has four battle modes; the story mode, training mode, element tower mode, and shadows of corruption mode. From these game modes, you will earn the coins and gems that you can use in the gacha and get the units, pets, and other things. By playing the mini-games, you can earn the currency called Byte that you can use in the mini-game shot to unlock mini-game units. Other than the mini-games and battle modes, players can customize the characters and use them in the studio to create scenes. You will be able to import and export the characters once you cross level 10+ in the game. Now, let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Gacha Club tips, tricks featured in this walkthrough guide – 

Getting Characters Units In Gacha Club

Gacha ClubPlayers can acquire the units from gacha banners. All the gacha banners have different-different drop rates for the units. The best gacha banner is “ticket gacha” as it has a 90% drop-rate for the units and 10% for a legendary unit. While other gacha banners have a 1-4% drop rate(for units). 

Go to the gacha tab in the game -> there you can select the gacha banners -> use the up and down keys at the bottom of gacha banner section to switch between gacha banners -> select the gacha banner -> spend the currency and get random material items, units, pets, objects, etc. 

Learn How To Get Gacha Tickets

To pull units from the “Ticket Gacha Banner”, you need “gacha tickets”. You will earn x10 gacha tickets for free when the game asks you to share a review. After that, you can get gacha tickets from the “Gold Gacha”. Go to gacha -> select gold gacha banner -> it has a 0.4% drop-rate for gacha ticket. Other than that, keep an eye on the events. 

Get Familiar With The Characters In Gacha Club

Gacha ClubCharacters or Units in Gacha Club have unique skills. For example – Uslaina has a healing skill that heals the team. Lammia Sparkles has a debuff skill that decreases all enemies’ ATK/DEF/CRIT Rate, CRIT-DMG. 

If you want to build the best squad to eliminate the enemies in the story, elemental towers, training, and shadow of corruption game modes, then you should get familiar with all the unit characters that you have obtained so far in the Gacha Club game. 

Go to the “Units” tab in the game -> tap on the unit -> tapping the unit will show its profile on the left side of the screen -> tap on the “enhance” button -> under the skill enhance section, you can read the characters’ skills. 

Raise The Base Stats Of Units

As you continue to progress in the battle mode, the battles get more challenging and competitive. And if you have not powered up the units that you have in the team, then you might get the defeats. So, it’s better to raise the base stats of units that you are using in the battles. To do that, go to the “Units” tab -> select the unit -> tap the enhance button -> this will open the enhancement screen where you can level up the units, their skills, and increase the level cap. 

Enhancement -> select the XP material items and spend the gold -> enhance. 

Skill Enhance -> it requires certain material items and gold amount. If you have enough skill material items, tap the level skill button, and confirm. This will boost the skill effect.

Awakening -> once you reach the max level of a unit in the Gacha Club game, you will be able to awaken it. Like skill enhancement, you will need Awakening records(material items) and gold to awaken the units. 

Gacha Club Farming Guide For Newbies

To enhance, level up skills, and awaken the units, players need material items; enhancement stars to level up, skill moons to level up skills, and awakening records to awaken the units. You can farm these material items by playing the training mode. Go to battle -> training -> there you can select the training mode -(tap the Rec.) button -> start the battle and farm the items. Then use these items to develop the Gacha Club characters. 

Please note that character units can gain XP from the battles. If you don’t have enhancement stars, you just do the battles and gain XP from the battles to level up. 

Grind XP To Level Up Fast, Gold, And Gems In Main Story

The stages that you have completed in the main story mode can be played again for the rewards like gold, XP, and gems. So, if you are low on gold, gems, or want to level up fast in Gacha Club, all you need to do is go to battle -> main story -> select the chapter -> select the stage -> start battle -> in the top-right corner, turn on the “auto-repeat-mode” on and the battles will repeat until you turn the auto-repeat mode off. 

Activate the repeat-mode and go AFK. Raise your DJ level and get access to new functions. 

Play Mini-Games In Gacha Club

Gacha Club features awesome mini-games – each one with different gameplay. From these mini-games, you will earn the special currency called Byte that you can exchange in the exchange shop for the new mini-game units. 

Learn How To Get Gems For Free

In Gacha Club, the gem is required to draw characters, objects, pets, etc. from the gacha banners. You can earn gems for free by playing the battles; we recommend “repeating” the battles in the main story mode and set on auto-repeat mode to grind gems while AFK. Other than that, watch the video ads to get free gems. On the home screen -> on the bottom-left -> free gems. 

The Elemental Buff Tip

Gacha ClubAll the unit characters in Gacha Club belong to one of these elements; water(blue), wind(green), fire(Red), light(yellow), dark(purple), corrupted, and DJ. Certain elements are strong/weak against certain elements. Read this elemental chart: –

  • Water > Fire
  • Fire > Wind
  • Wind > Water
  • Light <> Dark

The Water-element unit inflicts more damage to fire-element enemies. The fire-element units inflict more damage to wind element enemies. And, so on. If you are getting defeats, then try changing the team and set up according to the elemental chart – first, check the enemy’s element(you can see enemy’s element on the left side of its HP bar in the battle). For instance, if the enemy belongs to the wind element, you should add the wind-element units. 

To change the team, go to “units” -> tap on the unit -> tap on the swap icon and then select the unit that you want to add -> tap the + button.

Stuck On A Stage Guide

If you are stuck on a stage, try using the element buff tip mentioned above or make your party club stronger; level up the units, enhance their skills. Also, go with a good set-up; all those units have different-skills. Read their skills and choose the right ones. Some units can decrease the enemies’ attack(debuff), while some units can heal the allies’ health during the battle. It’s all about the skills and formation. Strategically forming up the squad/club will drive you to the victories. 

Gacha Club Characters List

You can check the complete list of Gacha Club characters on the official website(link)

So this would be all in this post on the Gacha Club guide and tips for beginners. Do you have more tips, cheats, tricks to share? Comment below. 

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  1. If you don’t know, if you go to the presets then go to the diamond with the crown, you can get 30 diamonds for subscribing to the youtuber (or go to yt then open back up gacha club and not subscribe ) and you can keep getting 30 diamonds each visit, so if you need extra or a bit more diamonds to get the unit or so, do that!

  2. Too bad the character screen doesnt talk about stats or anything. I have shizu in the dark catagory. Her attack is almost 2k but her hp is only 6 ??. When neon attacks first shes pretty much dead in the water.

  3. Hey! I found a secret! While you’re in the beginning screen (the screen where you press to play the game) The bunny comes out above the disc that says Gacha Club! You can press it to get a secret reward :3

    • You’ll also want to Limit Break your characters by obtaining them multiple times from Gacha Pulls/Mini-game shop to increase their stats further, which is akin to promoting characters in SEGA Heroes. If a maxed out character is pulled, they give 2,000 gold.

      In order to beat Shadow Neon and Shadow Merupo, I had to raise my characters’ levels to 80+, and in the case of Merupo, take out her underlings first to reduce her team’s crit rate.

      Characters who have AOE Skills (attacks that hit all enemies at once) are useful. These include Cherica (obtainable from Mini-game shop), Corrupted Emiko, Carla (who also heals the team), Meloa & Lenoa (high HP and also obtainable from Mini-game shop), Rinrin, and maybe DJ Atom (gives team defense up).

      • If you had to level up to 80+ for Shadow Neon, that clearly says something about your strategy because I beat him with level 20+ characters. I haven’t beaten Shadow Merupo yet, but it seems like level 50+ should do it.

        • I can defeat both Shadow Neon and Meurpo consistently now with units that are fully Limit Broken. Fun fact: Shadow Merupo was used as a placeholder for Clover’s Tower, and defeating her would yield Ohige Alien, so I managed to fully Limit Break him.

          I’ve been trying to beat Shadow Luni in Shadows of Corruption, but I can only chip away about 2/3’s of his HP at most until I run out of tries. He just has way too much defense, while all bosses raises their stats over time. If I use a healer to heal the team they’ll survive longer, but at the same time the bosses’ stats will increase too much. I tried increasing my team’s crit rate and lowering his defense, but his defense eventually maxes out.

          I have most of the units that were implemented as of the July 3 update so far. Meloa & Lenoa’s Passive Skill glitch still hasn’t been fixed yet: Its level won’t save upon exiting the game.

          Now, I can simply farm the Level 100 material training stages.

      • the one that you said “characters who have AOE skills” there is one other character that was have AOE skills his name is corrupted male cry. u all can buy it on mini game’s shop :3