Gacha Club Secret: Secrets, Hidden Unqiue Codes

Check out the Gacha Club secret guide to get free in-game currencies including gems, gold coins, ticket, and byte – (earlier – phone codes)

Gacha Club Secret Codes Cheats

In case you don’t know – the Gacha Club game has secrets (secret codes or unique codes) that you can find as you continue to progress through the game. In the latest version of the game(Version 1.0.3), you can claim the free rewards by tapping on the secret spot. Go to options -> then tap on the “Options” word at the top-right side of the same screen(tap multiple times). We got 100 gems, x2000 gold coins, x1 ticket, and x200 bytes + 80 material items. Note – this secret is only tested on Gacha Club version 1.0.3. 

Another Gacha Club Secret: – 

Secret Number 1 – On the starting screen – where you tap the screen to start the game – behind the Gacha Club logo, a character will appear. Tap it and get the rewards; diamonds, coins, and other. 

Another Gacha Club Secret: – 

Go to the mini-games, on the exclusive shop banner, tap on the character’s Ahoge – the hair.

Another Gacha Club Secret: – 

Open Yuni’s profile (the enhance menu) -> tap the eye icon at the lower-right corner of her portrait -> this will open her image -> tap on her hair; repeatedly. 

Open Satsuna’s profile -> tap on the eye icon -> tap on her hat; repeatedly. 

Another Gacha Club Secret: – 

Head to the battle mode screen and repeatedly tap on the chapter story 2 banner; character face. 

If you are on an older version of the game, you will find a phone function in the options where you can enter the secret or unqiue codes. Here’s the full info – 

Gacha Club Secret Codes CheatsIn the older version of the Gacha Club game, there was a phone function in the game options(options -> menu) where you can enter the secret codes and get the rewards. If you are still on that version, then you can check it now(options -> phone -> enter the secret code). To discover unqiue hidden code, tap on the “phone results” near the cross sign. Once discovered, enter the code in phone application and get free rewards. We got x200 gems, 10K gold coins, x1 ticket, and x200 bytes from this Gacha Club secret code. Our hidden code was 936-300. 

So that’s all for now in this post on Gacha Club secrets or secret cheat codes. If you know more secrets, comment below. 

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