Genshin Impact Reroll Guide(Android & iOS)

How to reroll in Genshin Impact on Android & iOS? Character to reroll for? Everything is explained clearly in this Genshin Impact reroll guide

Genshin Impact Reroll Guide

Genshin Impact Reroll Guide

NOTE: – it is not easy to reroll in Genshin Impact: it would take around 15 to 40 minutes to reroll(based on what you want). That’s because the gacha summon function unlocks at adventure rank 5. And, to reach that, you will have to pass through prologue quests that feature lots of cut scenes, tutorial steps, etc. But we would strongly recommend rerolling if you want to start with a great 5-star character! You can read the Genshin Impact tier list here. Now, let’s get straight to the Genshin Impact Reroll Guide Android & iOS: – 

Genshin Impact Reroll Guide: “How To Reroll”⇓

If you are on Android & iOS, then we would recommend you to create a mihoyo account first and don’t use the email address. Head to miHoYo website -> register now -> there will two options; register by email and register by username. Use the register by username method to create an account and log in to the game with it. Here’s the link to the official website of miHoYo: – 

(1) Visit the website. (2) Tap on “register now. (3) Register by Username. Now, you have created an account that does not link any email address; instead, it has a unqiue username with a password. When you want to reroll, you will create another account; by username and start again. 

Open the game -> log in with the miHoYo account that you created(username and password). 

Genshin Impact Reroll Guide Android & iOS: “Reroll Process”⇓

Once you are logged in to the game, start doing the main quest and reach “Adventure Rank 7”. Yes, the gacha summon unlocks at Adventure Rank 5, but we recommend playing further and reach rank 7 – when you reach rank 7, you get 1.6K Primogems that you can exchange for 10 Acquaint Fate(in-game currency). Upon reaching these ranks, the game sends you an in-game mail with these rewards: – 

  • 10x Acquaint Fate(Upon reaching adventure rank 5)
  • 1.6K Primogems (Upon reaching adventure rank 7). Exchange these to get AF(acquaint Fate) or Intertwined  Fate. Go to the shop -> Paimon’s bargains -> purchase with primogems
  • 2x Acquaint fate as a tutorial reward 

Genshin Impact Reroll Guide: “Reroll Step 3″⇓

After reaching Adventure Rank 7, claim all the rewards from in-game mail. Go to menu -> wish. Choose a banner featuring your favorite character or top-tier character. And, spend all the AF/IF to summon! 

What To Reroll For In Genshin Impact?

We would recommend rerolling for a top-tier 5-star character; Venti, Diluc are the most recommended characters as of now! Or, a tier 2 character (5-star) would also be a good roll. 

Also, see – Genshin Impact Tier List

So that’s all in this post on Genshin Impact Reroll Guide Android & iOS. If you are playing it on a PC, use the same method! Rerolling would not ban your account; feel free to reroll! 

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