Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Cheats, Tips, And Guide Walkthrough

Harry Potter Hogwarts MysteryCheck out our Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery cheats, tips, and walkthrough guide to progress fast with full energy. Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, a brand new mobile game by Jam City is now available worldwide. In the game, you play as a student at Hogwarts university and uncover the mysteries related to your brother.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, the story-driven game was in beta since last year and it has been out officially in mobile stores. And the most common problem you will face in this game is “energy”. The game uses the energy system; energy points are required to complete the quest tasks. And these points are limited, re-generates after every few minutes. No energy points = No gameplay! And you can not leave an ongoing task without completing it. However, in short-term quests, you will not face this problem. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know; Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery cheats, tips, hints, and walkthrough guide to play like a pro!

Get Started – The Basic – Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

The game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; how to play Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery game, about casting spells, quests task, interacting, and much more. After the tutorial, you can manually play the game as you want.

The Basic; All you need to do is complete the quest tasks; these tasks include lecture attending, learn spells, flying, and much more. After you complete the quest, you have to choose a specific reward; energy, coin, or diamonds. As stated above, energy is important, limited, you will face many problems due to this energy system. Energy re-generates after every few minutes!

But still, there are hidden sources to obtain energy points. Currently, I know six ways to obtain free energy points, mentioned below in Hogwarts Mystery cheats part. 

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1.) Walkthrough Guide

After the tutorial ends, you will find yourself in dungeons.

Harry Potter Hogwarts MysteryTap on the quest icon, just below the avatar and then tap on the go option to start the quest. To interact with professors, students, tap on the (i) icon.

Here’s the process in this game;

  1. You complete the quest tasks
  2. Complete all the parts of a story to progress to next chapter
  3. Complete all the chapters to progress to next year

Harry Potter Hogwarts MysteryIn the quests; usually, you attend lectures(just tap on the glowing objects, professor or students), learn new spells or about potions, casting, and many more things. You will meet new students as you progress, some students are of devil nature while some are of friendly.

How to Explore? Hogwarts Mystery Guide

Harry Potter Hogwarts MysteryTap on the stairs icon on the main screen of the game to access all the locations in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery game;

  • East Towers
  • West Towers
  • Lower Floor – West
  • Dungeons
  • Castle Grounds
  • Lower Floor – East
  • Hogsmeade

You just tap on one of these locations to teleport there. At the beginning of the game, most of the locations are locked. You need to level-up in order to unlock new buildings or explore new locations.

2.) Leveling-Up Guide

Since most of the rooms, locations, features are locked at the beginning of the Harry Potters Hogwarts Mystery game, leveling-up is a much important task to unlock these locked features. And how to do it? You need EXP to level-up. EXP(Experience points) can be obtained by;

  • Finish Quests
  • Attend classes
  • And more

3.) Attributes – Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Guide

The three attributes of the character;

  1. Courage – It represents your strength of nerve, bravery, and might – EARN FROM FLYING CLASS
  2. Empathy – It represents your loyalty, friendship, and ability to understand others. EARN FROM CHARM CLASS
  3. Knowledge – It represents your academic aptitude, investigative skills, and the sum of what you know – EARN FROM POTION CLASS

4.) How to unlock new rooms?

Level-up the character, progress to next year, and unlock new rooms and explore more places.

5.) Hidden Source Of Energy – Hogwarts Mystery Cheats, Tips

Source 1.) Tap on the painting East Tower

Harry Potter Hogwarts MysteryI received four energy points by tapping on the painting(at the east tower, near charm class).

Source 2.) West Towers

Harry Potter Hogwarts MysteryGo to the west towers, near the bathroom, there is a painting. Tap on it and get free energy.

Source 3.) Dungeons 

At dungeon, there was a unique creature; I did not see it clearly, it runs away when I tapped on it. If you see any strange creature in the game, tap on it.

Update: finally captured it[House Elf]: – Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Source 4.) Castle Grounds

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery CheatsOn the ground, look for a wand. Tap on it and get the free energy points.[Tap on the staircase icon -> castle grounds -> swipe left].

Update: 2 new sources added: –

Source 5.) Lower Floor – West – Hogwarts Mystery Cheats

Harry Potter Hogwarts MysteryTap on the staircase icon -> go to the lower floor – west. Near the great hall, there are three knights, tap on them to get free energy points. And the just left side of these three knights, tap on the flame part(as shown in the picture above). This will give you another energy sphere.

Source 6.) Lower Floor – East – [Energy Cheats]

The stack of books on the bench.

Update: Source 7.) – Now, at East Tower, tap on the laughing ghost to get free energy points. It’s a new source to get free energy in Hogwarts Mystery game. 

Update -> Source 8.) Hogsmeade

Harry Potter Hogwarts MysteryIf you have unlocked Hogsmeade location in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery game, then from there you can get free energy points. All you need to do is go there, swipe left; between Broomsticks and Honeydukes, there is a street and tap on the stranger waving at you to claim free energy. Credits; Ruru, Nicole K, and all those who sent us Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery tips, cheats & hidden sources of energy. 

Update -> Source 9.) Forbidden Forest

In year 4, you can access this location. Beside Spider lair room, there is a spider web. Tap there to get free energy. Credit: – Tiffany Hearn

Update -> Source 10.) Diagon Alley

In Diagon Alley locations, in front of Gringotts bank, tap the coin bag to get free energy. Credit; Vicki Kasa, Angi Sanders 

If you know any other source to get free energy in Hogwarts Mystery game, then please submit here.

Update -> Make sure to read duel guide, tips, cheats & strategy mentioned below. And at the end of this post, I have also linked the Q&A Spreadsheet, follow it and get all the questions and answers[Best choices, Best Answers, All Chapters]; Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. You can use Google Spreadsheet app || if you already know about Google Spreadsheet, then you can easily access it.

You can use these sources to get free energy points, but once in a day[Update; available after every 6 hours]. On the next day, go to these locations again and claim free energy points.

Update; Energy spawn time has been changed. New timing;

  • 3 hours: West Tower (pumpkin painting)
  • 7 hours: East Tower (lady painting) Castle Grounds (Fang)
  • 8 hours: Lower Floor – West (candle), Dungeons (house-elf)
  • 12 hours: Lower Floor – West (armor)

Grab the free energy in Hogwarts Mystery after every this certain amount of time.

6.) Reset or restart – Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery game?

Can you reset the game progress? When the game starts, I picked the female character as I was in hurry and there is no option to change the gender or reset the game progress, since the game progress is not linked with Google account. I will update this part if I succeed in reset! As of now, I tried many ways; reinstalling, cleared the data, none of them worked. Update; Here’s how you can reset the game progress[at least try]; Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery game;

  • Link the game to your Facebook account[go to the game settings – account info – link]
  • Delete the game after linking[clear the data, cache as well]
  • Now, unlink or remove the game from Facebook(FB settings – apps – find Hogwarts mystery -> remove it)
  • Reinstall the game through Google Play Store

Special Thanks; Jay. If you know any other reset method, please submit here.

Update: – How to restart Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery 

If above method is not working for you, then drop a mail to this email address: – [email protected], [email protected]

Contact the support and they will definitely help you. Let’s start the Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Cheats, tips, and strategy guide

7.) Hogwarts Mystery Cheats, Tips, And Tricks

1.) Read all the dialogues – Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Tips

Because sometimes you need to make a choice by giving your opinion; you could get attributes points by presenting a perfect opinion.

2.) Attend the lecture carefully in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Game

Sometimes professor asks you questions and if you don’t answer it correctly, you could lose the house points. So, it would be better to read all the dialogues or attend the lecture like you are attending in reality.

3.) Attend the quests like a pro![Obsolete]

As you know, you need the energy to complete the quests or to earn stars. And energy is limited. Before you start the quest, check the duration of the quest(if it’s long, then it means you need lots of energy points) and then, check the energy points you have. Don’t start the quest if your energy points are low. Go, explore or attend classes to earn energy points. Start the quest when the energy bar is full.

New: – Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Cheats, Walkthrough, Guide: – 

Before you start the quest or a class, you can select the duration; 8 hours, 1 hour, 3 hours. I would recommend you to choose 8-hour duration because you will get more rewards and there will be no energy problem(even if you start with 0 energy]. If not, then choose the 3-hours duration and start with at least 20 energy. But I strongly recommend you to choose the 8-hour session, you could earn 10 house points(house points are needed to win the house cup in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery game).

8.) How to earn gems.

Gem is one of the precious items in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery game. You can use gems to get energy or in the quests. How to earn gems?

  • Complete the quest and choose gem as a reward
  • By leveling up
  • Win the house cup
  • Learn new spells and potions+more
  • Raise Friendship Level(Read the friendship guide/walkthrough below)

9.) How to earn coins?

Coins used to unlock accessories for the character and to start some quests. To get coins in Hogwarts Mystery game;

  • Finish the quest
  • Complete or attend classes+there are many sources

10.) How to change the name of your character?

On the main screen -> tap on the avatar -> then at the top-right corner -> tap on the pencil icon -> enter the name and confirm.

11.) How to customize the character?

You can change the dress of the character, customize the face hair color, and equip accessories in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery game. On the screen -> at the top-left -> tap on the avatar icon -> then, at the bottom-left -> tap on the outfit/hanger icon -> choose the customization option; face, hair color, dress/outfits, accessories. Don’t waste your coins and gems in buying outfits or accessories.

12.) How to earn house points?

To get the house cup, you need house points. You can earn house points in Hogwarts Mystery game by;

  • Doing well in the lectures/class
  • Completing the quests
  • Making best dialogue choices
  • Choose 8 hours duration before you start the quests – Hogwarts Mystery Tips(read above)

You can not change your house! The house with most points at the end of each year wins the house cup[100 Gems]. To check your rank -> tap on the avatar -> rank.

13.) How to progress to next year?

Complete all the chapters to progress to next year(from year 1 to year 2, then year 2 to year 3, and so on).

14.) How to save progress?

To save the progress, you need to link the game to your Facebook Account. At the bottom -left, tap on the gear icon -> account info -> link and confirm.

15.) How to play on a new device, restore the saved data?

If you have linked the game to your Facebook account, you can load the saved progress by re-connecting it. Go to the settings -> tap on the account info option -> then link.

16.) Characters or Friends in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery: –

  • Rowan Khanna[Year 1]
  • Ben Copper[Year 1]
  • Penny Haywood[Year 1]
  • Bill Weasley[Year 2]
  • Nymphadora Tonks[Year 3]
  • Tulip Karasu[Year 3]
  • Barnaby Lee

17.) How to raise Friendship Level

By completing the interactions such as playing Gobstones in the Courtyard and eating meals in the Great Hall, the level of friendship gets strengthen. Raise the friendship level to earn precious rewards such as gems. And this is not a manual activity; you get quests; like report to Rowan, Ben. Usually, you have to pay coins to start this type of quests and in return, you get the precious reward; gems/diamonds for free. If you complete these quests in fewer moves; by choosing the best choice, you get more rewards.

And when you reached the maximum level in Friendship, you get a special reward. For example – Glasses(Rowan). Belt and Shirt(Penny). Icy Robe(Ben). And many more rewards; necklace, hairstyle, sweater.

18.) Duel – Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Guide

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery CheatsDuel quests get unlocked when you reach the chapter 5. At chapter 5 of Hogwarts Mystery, you battle against other students[Merula, Rowan]. Playing the duel is quite simple. You can duel when there is a quest available. Before the chapter 5, your character learns some special magic;

  • Potion
  • Charms

Potions? For instance, using Wiggerweld Potion, you can heal or recover the HP points while dueling. Another example; If the opponent hurts you by casting a spell using the wand, you will lose health points. At that moment, use the healing potion to restore stamina. The player who losses all the points/stamina first will lose the match. Your objective in dueling is defeating the opponent and you can defeat the opponent easily by reading our Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery cheats and tips below.

Charms? You can say it “skill”. Use it to reduce the HP of the opponent or to stun.

As you progress in Hogwarts Mystery game, you learn about new potions and charms. Attend potion class to learn about new potions and attend charm class to learn about new charms. Become the master! Duel mode is one of the best parts of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery game. And it could be better if one can play against friends or other players in real-time. However, the quests are limited and it’s a story-driven game!

Let’s start the Duel guide: –

In duel mode, you have to select a specific stance upon your turn. The three stances are: –Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

  1. Sneaky
  2. Aggressive
  3. Defensive

Each stance has a unique list of options to choose from. And you can not figure out what your opponent is going to choose.

19.) Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery cheats, tips – Stances

  • Sneaky has more advantage over Defensive
  • Defensive has more advantage over Aggressive
  • Aggressive has more advantage over Sneaky

For instance, you choose sneaky and your opponent chooses defensive, then you will win.

If you choose defensive and the opponent chooses aggressive, then you will win.

And at last, if you choose the aggressive stance and the opponent chooses sneaky, then you will win. And Vice Versa.

In short,

  • Sneaky > Defensive
  • Defensive > Aggressive
  • Aggressive > Sneaky

If both the players have chosen the same stance, then it will be tie and the player who has low HP will get the bonus points. Actions: –

  • Sneaky Stance – Throwing a vital, cast spells
  • Aggressive Stance – Distract an opponent, cast offensive spells such as Incendio, Flipendo
  • Defensive Stance – Taunting, use potions or supportive spells. If your HP is low, then use the healing option.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Cheats, Tips – Play Duel Like A Pro!

You will be able to choose an action if your stance beats the opponent’s stance. And you should choose it wisely; here’s how: –

  • Stun your opponent – Check the actions you can perform and choose that, which can stun your opponent.[If available].Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Cheats Tips

If you stun the opponent, the opponent would not be able to choose an action. It means, on the next turn, if opponent’s stance beat your choice, he/she will not get the advantage. Stunning your opponent is a great defensive tool during a duel.

How to restore stamina? 

In the duel, the player who losses all the stamina(energy or HP) first will lose. If your stamina has decreased due to an attack by the opponent, you can restore it by choosing a defensive stance and then choose the healing action.

Another tip – Increase your attribute points to strengthen your duel performance. Read the attribute guide above.

Hogwarts Mystery Duel Strategy Tips, Cheats: – 

  • The first action depends on the luck – no strategy. If you win, then choose aggressive or sneaky
  • If the opponent is low on health, chances are they will choose defensive – in this case, you should choose sneaky
  • If you are low on health, chances are they will choose aggressive. In this case, you should choose defensive and heal
  • And at last, if both are low on health, choose sneaky.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Full Walkthrough: Best Answers to all Questions; Spreadsheet: –

And finally, Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Walkthrough; all answers to questions; choices’ best answers; download the spreadsheet here.

So, these are some Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery cheats, tips, and a guide on the duel for the beginners.

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We will update this post with more Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery cheats, and tips soon. Download the game – Here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Best horror games for Android 2018

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