Hero Ball Z Coupon Codes: List of Codes And How To Find More

Started playing the Hero Ball Z game and wondering how to get and redeem the coupon codes? Read on for Hero Ball Z Coupon codes guide for beginners

Hero Ball Z Coupon Codes List of Codes To RedeemHero Ball Z is the latest idle & merge game for Android & iOS platforms, by JoyCity Corporation, one of the popular mobile game developers. In the game, the player progress through the stage mode; combine and develop the novice hero army and come up with the main heroes to fight from the front and eliminate the waves of enemies. In this post, we will talk about the Hero Ball Z Coupon Codes that you can redeem and get the rewards. So, let’s not waste any more time and read the main content on coupon codes. 

Hero Ball Z Coupon Codes: –

First of all, you must complete the tutorial to access the coupon code screen. After completing the tutorial, you need to tap the menu button that you see in the bottom-left corner of the gameplay screen. Tapping it will expand the menu list – from there, you will have to tap the gear icon that takes you to the in-game settings. 

Once you are on the setting page, you will have to scroll down a bit and look for the section called coupon codes. Enter the coupon code and tap the register button to claim the rewards. 

Since the game is fairly new on the mobile app stores, the devs have not announced any gift/coupon/promo codes. We will update this post with the coupon codes as soon as they are published. 

How To Get Hero Ball Z Codes: –

Players in Hero Ball Z game can get the coupon codes from the community handles of the game; FB, FB group, Reddit, Discord, etc. We recommend following the Hero Ball Z official FB page and keep an eye on the mods’ published posts. Like most other mobile games, the codes are announced on these community handles. So, make sure to follow them. Or, keep checking this page for the latest code releases. 

So, that’s all for now in this post on Hero Ball Z Codes info. If you know any active coupon code, please do share with other Hero Ball Z players in the comment section below. 

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