The Wild Darkness Coupon Codes: List, How To Get And Redeem?

Started playing The Wild Darkness game and wondering how to get and redeem coupon codes? Read on for The Wild Darkness coupon codes guide

The Wild Darkness Coupon Codes GuideThe Wild Darkness is a new mobile survival game where you play as an adventurer, warrior, barbarian, wizard, hunter, assassin, blacksmith, divine warrior-like characters and embark on a survival adventure where you will hunt for the food, water, craft the tools & weapons to fight enemies, explore the dungeons, statues, build skills, discover/acquire totems, blueprints, magic, and there is a huge map to travel. If you are new to the game, then you might be wondering what are the coupon codes and how to get or redeem them. This Wild Darkness Coupon Code guide will teach you how to get and redeem the codes. So, let’s not waste any time and check out the main content. 

The Wild Darkness Coupon Codes⇓

Here’s the list of The Wild Darkness coupon codes 2021 and info on how to redeem them – 

Code Number 5 is “happy2021“. Redeem this The Wild Darkness Coupon Code and get 30 Star Gems, 6 ankh. Copy this code: –


Code Number 4 is “xmas2020“. Redeem this The Wild Darkness Coupon Code and get 60 Star Gems, 3 ankh. Copy this code: –


Code Number 3 is “rebirth15“. Redeem this coupon code for 15 ankhs. 


Code Number 2 is “halloweenboy“. Redeem this coupon code for 100 star gems. Copy this code: –


Code Number 1 is “wild100“. This coupon code was announced on July 9, 2020. Copy this code from the box below. 


To redeem the coupon code, you need to go to the main screen of the game. There you will see ting settings option that you need to tap to proceed further into this process -> then, tap on “access info” -> tap “enter coupon code” -> enter the code and tap the confirm to receive rewards. Remember – this is the coupon code – not the cheat code. The coupon code is officially issued by “PoPeyed”. 

How To Get Coupon Codes: –

Players playing The Wild Darkness game can acquire the coupon codes from the developers’ FB page. Head to FB and search for “PoPeyed“, the developers of the game. Like and follow their page. Contact them for the coupon codes and wait for the response. Coupon codes are only issued by the developers of the game – you can not discover them by yourself as there is no cheat or hack method to get goodies. So, it’s better to contact the developers. They are very responsive on the FB page. 

So this would be all in this post on The Wild Darkness Coupon Codes guide. 

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