Hope City: Zombie Guide: Cheats, Tips & Strategy Tricks

Hope City: Zombie is a brand new massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game by tap4fun. Read on for Hope City: Zombie guide, tips, cheats

Hope City: Zombietap4fun, one of the popular mobile game developers, well-known for Kiss of War game, recently published a new mobile game called Hope City: Zombie. The game puts you on the chief position and task you to manage the base where you can build and upgrade lots of facilities and get ready for the war battles in PvE and PvP game modes. If you are new to the game, then this Hope City: Zombie guide will help you understand all the core aspects of the game. Also, we have a bunch of Hope City: Zombie tips, cheats & strategy tricks for you to read and use to progress fast. So, without any further ado, let’s get started with this walkthrough guide!

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First things first – you need to understand the PvE and PvP concept of this game. It’s more PvP and less PvE. In the PvP, you will raid the base built by other real players – by raiding them, you can plunder the resources and use the plundered resources in base development. PvP includes guild raids, real-time player vs player battles. Speaking of PvE, you can raid the mutants, bandit camp to loot the items such as speed-ups, engine EXP, oil, food, shell crate, and other resources. You need stamina points in PvE(1 Pt. recovers every 36 seconds). Other than PvE and PvP, you can focus on base development, grinding the resources, and researches. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Hope City: Zombie tips & tricks featured in this walkthrough guide – 

Getting Stronger In Hope City: Zombie

The total power is displayed in the top-left corner. If you want to increase the total power, you need to focus on particular things; –

  • Troop – you must keep training the troops to build a powerful army. 
  • Buildings – you must keep building and upgrading the base facilities such as HQ, training centers, economy type buildings that produce oil, food, and other resources
  • Technology – with the help of research lab facility, players can research technologies and get the powerful buffs right from the start 
  • City trap power – with the help of a defense factory facility, players can build the traps. These traps help you improve the defense of the base
  • Hero Vehicle Power – hero vehicles can be assigned at the city wall for garrisoning. Upgrade them and make the base stronger

So these are some ways to increase the power in Hope City: Zombie game. 

Progression Guide To Newbies

If you have just started playing Hope City: Zombie, then we recommend the following activities to progress quickly: –

  • Keep training the troops in Bike Factory, Demolisher Factory, Buggy Factory, and Aircraft Factory
  • Max out all the economy type buildings to HQ level to boost the production; farm for food, oil refinery for oil, water station for water, scrap station for waste
  • Go to the map and defeat mutants/bandit camps for EXP materials, resources, and speed-up items
  • Go to the map and search for resource points such as farmland, oil plant, waterworks, and scrapyard. Dispatch the troops to these points to gather the stuff. You can use the search function to quickly find the RSS points and mutants
  • Do the missions to get free rewards. Tap the notepad button on the top-left side, near the quests widget. This will open the mission menu that has two sub-tabs; duty missions and common missions. Common missions are available every 24 hours. So make sure to complete them daily for free diamonds, hero vehicle recruitment tickets, speed-ups, engine EXP, stars, stamina, etc. 
  • Do the researches in the research lab to unlock buffs and functions
  • Participate in the event missions (tap the trophy button on the top-right corner) to get hero vehicle blueprints, tickets, diamonds, speed-ups, and resource chests

Hero Vehicles In Hope City: Zombie

Hope City: ZombieIn a march, along with the troops, you must add a hero vehicle. The number of troops a player can add depends on the hero vehicle he/she has selected. If you are willing to send more troop units on march, you must select a hero vehicle with high troop capacity. 

Getting hero vehicles; tap the tavern building in the base and choose to recruit. Recruitment tickets can be acquired from the missions and events. Spin the wheel and you may get the hero vehicles of SS Tier, S Tier, A Tier – or, it’s also possible that you get the resources only. 

On the main screen of the game, on the bottom-right side, tap the vehicle button to visit the hero vehicle list. This is the section that lists all the hero vehicles. Tap on a hero vehicle and upgrade it; tap the + button to level up, (⇑) button to rank-up and skill upgrade button to rank-up skills. You can use engines to level up, models to star-up/rank-up, and for skill upgrade. Models can be acquired from the tavern via recruitment. Each hero vehicle has a specific model of its name. 

Use The Hero Vehicles Wisely

In Hope City: Zombie game, hero vehicles are of many types; bomber, gatherer, jungler, command, siege, etc. Based on the specialty, you will have to use the hero vehicle. For example – siege type vehicles are suitable for invading other chiefs’ camps. Gatherers are suitable to gather the resources from the map. Go to “vehicle menu” -> tap the vehicle -> in the top-left corner, below its name, tap on the type-icons for more details. Also, build them wisely. 

Unlock New Troops And Buffs

You can unlock high-tier troops and improve their power by doing military researches. And, production and construction activities at the base can be improved by doing resource researches. Tap the research lab and switch between the tabs at the top-left. 

Join A Guild For Perks

Make sure to join an active guild in Hope City: Zombie game – you can get reinforcements, free rewards, rally function, and many more perks. Also, teleport near the guild as it would be safe there. 

Explore And Find Refugees

Hope City: ZombieYou can get a lot of perks by leveling up the radiation protection level. At the top-center of the screen, tap the radiation icon -> tap the search button -> explore the debris or build a radiation converter once you are in a guild. In exploration, you will send the aircraft carriers to the foggy place and look for the debris and rescue the refugees. You will receive the message in the mailbox once you found the debris. There would be a gift pack icon over that building. Tap it and get the rewards. 

Protect The RSS And Troops

Tap the city wall and choose the garrison option to add heroes on defense. Tap the bunker facility and add troops – troops in the bunker would not be attacked. Upgrade the storehouse to increase RSS protection. 

So that’s all for now in this post on Hope City: Zombie guide and tips for beginners. Share tips, tricks, cheats & strategies in the comments. 

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