Atelier Online Reroll Guide For Beginners

Our Atelier Online reroll guide will teach you how to reroll in the English Global Version of Atelier Online Alchemist of Bressisle, reroll tier listAtelier Online Reroll Guide

Atelier Online Reroll Guide⇓

In Atelier Online, you can either reroll for a character or a weapon. For gacha, you will need Coles aka gacha currency, or the tickets. The following Atelier Online Reroll Guide will teach you everything, so let’s get started(Also, see –Atelier Online Codes, Tier List): –

Atelier Online Reroll Guide – Steps⇓

Step 1.) Step 1 is to complete the tutorial. It will take a few minutes to unlock the gacha menu of the game and claim the tutorial gacha. You will go through the map, clear some missions, learn the basics of battles during the initial tutorial. 

Step 2.) Once you have completed the tutorial, navigate to the main screen of the game and tap the gift box or present box icon in the top-right corner. And, claim the pre-registration rewards. 

By this stage, you should have accumulated X300 Coles – enough for a 10X draw. 

Step 3.) Go to the gacha menu by tapping the gacha option on the right -> there you will see the available banners. Let’s learn about the banners; 

Atelier Online Reroll Guide – Banners For Rerolling⇓

On the gacha menu, on the left side, there will be plenty of banners; specific character celebration banner(for instance, at the time of writing this reroll guide, the Totori Celebration Gacha banner is available), Launch Celebration Gacha banner(Paid one or use tickets), Weapon Chance Up Gacha(does not feature any characters), Cole Gacha(normal), Ticket Gacha(normal). 

The event banners such as Totori Celebration or Launch Celebration are time-limited and offer specific characters or their weapons. For instance, the Totori Celebration gacha banner features exclusive Totori and Totori’s gear. 

We recommend rerolling on the event banner if you want that specific character or Cole Gacha/normal banner. 

If you want a weapon, then there is an exclusive weapon event banner as well. 

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Atelier Online Reroll Guide – What To Reroll?

You should reroll for a top-tier character or a 5-star weapon(weapon, not other equipment) Marie, Marjoram, Bergamot, Rorona, or Totori(not the best, but can be a good supporter). Check the reroll tier list below: –

Atelier Online Reroll Tier List – Characters⇓

  • Marie – S Tier
  • Marjoram – A Tier
  • Bergamot – A Tier
  • Rorna – A Tier
  • Totori – Good Support Tier Unit

Atelier Online Reroll Tier List – 5-Star Weapon To Reroll⇓

  • Marie’s Mace – S Tier
  • Lionic Mace – S Tier
  • Swordmaster’s Long Sword – S Tier

How To Reroll?

If you don’t get any top-tier character or a 5-star weapon, then you can reroll by switching to another account; let’s say you are on a guest account, but with this guest account, you didn’t get any valuable character or weapon. To reroll or start again, tap the menu button in the top-right corner (other menu) -> user center -> change account -> log in to another account that you have not used already. Or, go to the title screen where you tap the screen to start the game -> tap the “title menu” button on the title screen -> user center -> change account. 

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So this would be all in this post on Atelier Online Reroll Guide: Reroll Tier List. 

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