Hot Spring Story 2 Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Hot Spring Story 2 is a mobile game by Kairosoft. Read on for the Hot Spring Story 2 guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners.

Hot Spring Story 2 Guide Tips Cheats

Hot Spring Story 2 Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

Your goal in this game is to build the best and the biggest hot spring resort in Japan and make more money. The game gives you a free plot at the beginning where you can build the rooms, facilities, and other things to attract visitors. There are more than a dozen rooms and facilities that you can construct and get popular. As you continue to progress, you will be able to expand by developing the land around you.  In this post, you will learn “how to play the Hot Spring Story 2 game”, about the staff, visitors, rank system, and other aspects such as upgrades, in-game items or currencies, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and get straight to the main content: Hot Spring Story 2 guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners: –

How To Make More Money In Hot Spring Story 2

There is a simple rule that you need to follow to make more money in Hot Spring Story 2: get more guests or visitors = fetch more money. What you need to do is expand the resort, build more rooms so that more people can stay, and also build the stores so that they can spend more. Guests staying in the hot spring resort often visit the nearby stores or restaurants and make purchases. 

How To Expand The Resort?

Hot Spring Story 2 Guide Tips Cheats

Need more space? Get ready to spend a buck load of money in buying another land piece and start building rooms/facilities there. To expand, tap the build button in the lower-left corner -> under the environment tab, tap on the “hammer” button (removal) -> take the cursor to the land piece that you want to buy, and tap on the confirm button. Once the purchase is finished, the worker will cut the trees and give you access to it after the work is done. 

How To Attract More Customers In Hot Spring Story 2?

In this guide part, you will learn all the ways to get more stayers or guests in the Hote Spring Story 2. 

  • Add footbaths – go to build menu -> outdoor -> footbath -> footbaths attract the passerby
  • Make Inn Popular – you can get popular through marketing 
  • Select Targets: select the target audience that matches the demographic popularity. 
  • Requests: complete the requests to attract more guests
  • Improve the guest experience and you can attract special guests to the resort
  • Conduct the tours 

How To Improve The Guest Experience In Hot Spring Story 2?

There are four factors that determine the guest experience in the Hot Spring Story 2 game. These four factors are Relaxation, Entertainment, Food, and Utilities. By improving these four aspects of the resort, players can significantly improve the guest experience. Relaxation – improve it by providing the facilities that help them relax(for example; massage chairs, hot spring bath). Entertainment: improve it by adding the facilities that they can enjoy; gaming rooms, gumball machine, ping pong table, etc. Food: discover new recipes and offer them a variety. Utilities: improve it by adding utility facilities such as rest stops, stores, and restrooms. 

Navigate to the build menu -> select a facility -> tap the information button in the lower-left corner to check its info.

Hot Spring Story 2 Guide Tips Cheats

Guests Are Not Coming Anymore!

Guests would stop coming to the resort if the reception area is inaccessible. Make sure that it’s properly linked with the stone floor. Some players while readjusting the resort layout often remove the stone floor right in front of the reception area. You can remove the wooden floor or grass with the hammer tool in the build menu and put the stone floor back. 

How To Change The Layout In Hot Spring Story 2 Game?

Hot Spring Story 2 game allows you to freely move the built facilities at any point in the game. In the lower-left corner, tap the build menu -> tap on the 4th option; adjust -> double-tap it -> point the cursor to the facility that you want to move -> select it -> then select the target position and confirm the changes. 

Don’t get lazy while readjusting the resort layout – keep combos in the mind and have better navigation to all the rooms and facilities for the guests staying in the resort. 

Hot Spring Story 2 Combos

You can activate the combos for bonuses by placing the two specific structures close to each other. You can check the complete list of combos in the wiki guide here

Scenery Points In The Hot Spring Story 2

By placing the plants or other environmental objects near the facilities, you can improve their scenery stats that ultimately increase the affected facilities’ popularity and the price. 

Hot Spring Story 2 Guide To Staff

Staff workers play a vital role in the game; as you expand the resort, you will need to hire more staff workers. First of all, build a break room that allows you to hire x3 workers. After that, navigate to the menu -> recruit -> wait until the recruitment process is done and confirm the hiring. Staff workers possess these stats: energy(as long as they have energy, they will keep working), strength(carry more futon mattresses and chase out animals like the dog), tech(earn more research points), and smile(improve guests mood and satisfy their needs).

Level them up with the research points to increase their stats and get a high ranking in the results. 

Guide To In-Game Currencies

Gold: earn from the guests. Build the stores, attract more guests, expand to earn more. 

Research Points: use research points in marketing, leveling up the staff, discover new recipes, etc. You get the research points when guests use the facilities. 

Medals: you can use the medals to buy stuff from the shop or instantly complete the construction. Earn medals by increasing the rank of the resort. 

Rank: earn resort EXP by building the facilities, serving the guests, and completing the requests. In the upper-left corner, the game displays the rank bar; level up the resort rank and earn the medals. 

Beginner Walkthrough Guide & Tips

  • Complete the requests to make more money, unlock tours, and attract special guests
  • Focus on the layout design; combos, better navigation, hallway, and scenery 
  • Buy new land, build rooms, and hire staff
  • Do the marketing to get popular(menu -> supervisor)
  • Discover new cooking dishes
  • Level up the staff members
  • Check out the store for items; you can use the items to boost facility stats such as popularity and price
  • Don’t waste medals
  • As the popularity increases, more guests will come – make sure to have enough rooms

So this would be all in this post on Hot Spring Story 2 guide and tips for beginners. Got more tips or tricks? Comment below!

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