Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats And Tips: Coins, Sharks, And Gems

hungry shark evolution cheatsHungry Shark Evolution Cheats, Tips, and Tricks; are you looking for Hungry Shark Evolution cheats? Check out how to get free coins and gems in the Hungry Shark Evolution game, unlock new sharks, special sharks, and know about all sharks in the Hungry Shark Evolution game

Hungry Shark Evolution by Ubisoft is one of the best Android games. The fact behind its popularity is its endless gameplay. It is simple, challenging, and addictive; controls are smooth, gameplay is far better than other arcade games, and everyone loves it. There is only one task and that is “eat sharks and be the top scorer of your friend list”. As it is an endless game, you can play it without paying anything and there is no energy system. But still, you should know about the Hungry Shark Evolution cheats, tips, and tricks.

Get Started – Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats

First of all, let’s talk about the basics of the game, in-game currency, your enemies, sharks, special sharks, and hidden items. In the game, you have to navigate your shark towards other sharks to eat them and avoid dangerous sharks and weapons inside the ocean. Your shark eats other sharks automatically when you bring it close. The challenge is you have to eat fish/sharks/swimmers continuously in order to avoid starvation. Also, see – Best Pokemon games for Android

  • In-Game Currency

In Hungry Shark Evolution, there are two types of currency used in buying equipment and special sharks. We have added the cheat “how to get free coins and gems in Hungry Shark Evolution game” below.

  1. Coins – Used in purchasing special sharks and for equipment
  2. Gems – Used in purchasing sharks and for equipment.

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Equipment in Hungry Shark Evolution Game: –

  1. Missile Launcher – Fires homing missile from a distance
  2. Laser – Stuns Prey from a distance allowing you to eat them with ease
  3. Jetpack – It makes your shark fly
  4. Cloaking Device – Using this device, you can hide your shark and be invisible from your enemies
  5. Shark Vortex – It emits from the shark and pulls in anything in its path
  6. Skateboard – Do you know? You can roll over land in Hungry Shark Evolution using this device
  7. Firework – It increases the speed of your shark by 50%
  8. Antidote – Heals your shark when gets hurt
  9. Crab Fork – Do a double damage against giant crabs
  10. Blood Bath – For those who have not enough blood and guts
  11. Basic Map – What is the best equipment in the Hungry Shark Evolution game? It is “map”. In can be obtained in exchange for coins and using it “you can locate treasure” under the ocean.
  12. Baby Reef – Add mouth to the shark

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  • Sharks In Hungry Shark Evolution Game

hungry shark evolution cheats

  1. Reef Shark
  2. Mako Shark
  3. Hammerhead Shark
  4. Tiger Shark
  5. Great White Shark
  6. Ghost Shark
  7. Electro Shark
  8. Ice Shark
  9. Robo Shark
  10. Pyro Shark
  11. Natasha The Narwhal

Among all these sharks, you can easily acquire or evolve to Reef shark and to unlock all sharks in Hungry Shark Evolution game, you need thousands of coins. But you can easily get a strong shark, read the cheats below 🙂

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Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats – All Kinds Of Creatures

Under the ocean, there are lots of hidden treasures and dangers. Let’s talk about all kinds of creatures in the Hungry Shark Evolution Game: –

  • Sardines – Danger Level – Zero
  • Tropical Fish – Danger Level – Zero
  • Barracuda – Danger Level – Zero
  • Swimmer – Danger Level – Zero
  • Sailfish – Danger Level – Medium
  • Jelly Fish – DL – Medium
  • Jelly Fish Pink – DL – High
  • Jelly Fish Green – DL – High
  • Diver Knife – DL – Medium
  • Pelican – Danger Level – Zero
  • Mini Sub – DL – Extreme
  • Mega Mine – DL – Extreme
  • Mine – DL -High
  • Tube Man – DL – Zero
  • Diver Speargun – DL – High
  • Stingray – DL -Medium
  • Turtle -DL -Zero
  • Small Fishing Boar – DL -Zero
  • Lion Fish – DL – Medium
  • Tuna – DL – Zero
  • Jetski – DL – Zero
  • Kempy Bass – DL – Zero
  • Gemfish – DL – Zero
  • Small Crab – Zero
  • Fisherman – Zero
  • Fisherman Captain Zero
  • Beach Woman – Zero
  • Beach Man – ZERO
  • Enemy Reef Shark – Medium
  • Enemy Hammerhead – High
  • Enemy Great White – Extreme
  • Biplane – High
  • Flying Great White – HighKing Of Summer – High
  • Ultra Mines – Extreme

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Among all these, the creatures and device with extreme danger level can easily slay down your shark. You have to avoid all of them in order to continue living life.

Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats: –

hungry shark evolution cheats

  • How To Get Free Gold And Gems?

In this Hungry Shark Evolution cheat, we will talk about the ways to acquire free coins and gems. These cheats are: –

  1. Activate Gold Rush: – Each time you reach a points milestone, gold rush mode activates. As well as coins, it triggers extra points multiplayer. To reach a milestone, don’t starve, eat, eat, and eat.
  2. Facebook – Log-in to your Facebook account and you will earn 10% coins. (At the top right -> tap on Facebook icon -> and login).
  3. Social Media – Before you start playing it, the game will show you the list of items that can be obtained in exchange for coins and gems; go to the last of the list and there tap on social media icons to claim free coins.
  4. Double Your Reward: After playing a match, you can double your reward by watching a video ad.
  5. Free Gems And Coins -> At the top of the main screen, tap on the + button next to coins or gems. Go to free section and there tap on “watch video to get” button and claim free coins and rewards.
  • Get Free Trails Baby

In this Hungry Shark Evolution cheat, we will talk about this free shark. You can get it by downloading “trials frontier” game. As mentioned above, when you tap on the play button, the game shows the list of items you can purchase before playing, scroll right and find this “Trails Baby”, tap on “play trials frontier” option and download it. That’s it! You got a free shark!

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  • Unlock Special Sharks For Free In The Hungry Sharks Evolution Game

Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats -> Unlock Special Sharks -> You can unlock special sharks in exchange for gems. And gem is one of the valuable and rare items. So the best way to get them for free is score “7,50,000” points. Simply play the game, don’t die and reach this milestone. It’ easy if you want it free.

Quick Hungry Sharks Evolution Cheats: –

hungry shark evolution cheats

  1. To defeat the giant enemy crabs, dodge its pincer attacks and it will expose its weak spot.
  2. You can boost the speed of your shark by taping on the screen. It is a temporary booster.
  3. To evolve you small shark to a great white shark, you have to play the game, the more your shark eats, the bigger it will become. Growing your shark to the maximum level will unlock the next shark. Earn coins, upgrade your shark and unlock new sharks
  4. You can double your points by eating many creatures in quick succession; simply eat sharks and people back-to-back instantly
  5. There are 15 hidden items under the sea, find them, collect them to earn free coins and points
  6. Some edibles on the map contain coins or gems. Eat these and spend the money on upgrading your shark.
  7. Your shark’s energy slowly depletes, it must eat to stay alive.
  8. Find shells, unlock new missions, and earn free coins.
  9. Challenge your friends and other players in the quickfire frenzy mode.

So these are Hungry Shark Evolution cheats, tips, and tricks. The more you play, the more you will earn. Download Hungry Shark Evolution game for Android – here(Google Play Store).

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