Hotel Transylvania Monsters Guide Tips, Cheats & Strategy To Beat Enemy Monsters

Hotel Transylvania Monsters is a brand new Puzzle RPG for Android by Sony Pictures Television. Check out our Hotel Transylvania Monsters guide, tips & cheats to master the game

Your favorite characters from Hotel Transylvania film are now in the game. Sony Pictures Television has recently published the game Hotel Transylvania Monsters on Google Play Store and it challenges you to collect all the monster characters and beat the other players in season mode. And in this post, we are going to share everything about the game you need to know: Hotel Transylvania Monsters guide and Hotel Transylvania tips, cheats & strategy guide.

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Guide To Basics Of Hotel Transylvania Monsters Game – How To Play Guide

In Hotel Transylvania Monsters game, your main objective is to drain the spirit of the enemy monster as soon as you can. All you need to do is match the same color gems. This will break down the gems and deal damage to the enemies. Once the enemy losses all the spirit points, you win the match. And as a reward, you get items such as coins, relic, monster mojo, shards, costume, and much more.

At the beginning of the game, most of the features are locked; season mode, events, guild, and more. Rank up by obtaining players XP and unlock all the features.

The campaign mode has two sub-modes; normal and hard. In this mode, you battle or match against a specific enemy. In season mode, you battle against other players’ team from all over the world. Once you reach level 10, events mode gets unlocked. Your primary objective is to build a party of monsters; 3 monsters are enough to play season mode. Like other Puzzle RPG games, this game also follows the same rule; match to break, upgrade to increase the power. So this is the basic Hotel Transylvania guide for the beginners. Now, let’s take a look at our ultimate guide that covers almost all the aspects and after it, check out Hotel Transylvania tips, cheats & strategy guide.

Hotel Transylvania Monsters Guide⇓

Characters Guide⇓

In this part, we will learn about the characters, how to unlock them, level up, upgrade, increase the power, and much more. First of all, let’s take a look at the list of characters: –

List Of Characters In Hotel Transylvania Monsters Game⇓

  1. Johnny
  2. Blobby
  3. Augustus
  4. Tinkles
  5. Mike
  6. Linda
  7. Wanda
  8. Winnie
  9. Frank
  10. Wayne
  11. Murray
  12. Dennis
  13. Mavis
  14. Maud
  15. Babayaga
  16. Male Skeleton
  17. Blue Gillman
  18. Green Gillman
  19. Drac
  20. Vlad

How to unlock characters?

To unlock a character, you need to find its shards. For instance; to unlock Drac in Hotel Transylvania Monsters game, you need 100 Drac shards(Booprint Shards). At the bottom-menu, tap the team option and on the next screen, you can check the list of all the characters. Tap on a monster character to check how many shards are required to unlock it. Once you have enough, you will have to conjure it.

How to obtain Booprint shards?

You can obtain Booprint or Booprint shards from the campaign mode or shop or lab capsule. In the shop, you can purchase it using the crystals. And in the lab capsule, you can use capsules(if you have) or spend crystals.

We would recommend you complete the campaign mode levels first and save crystals for later use.

Characters Stats⇓

  • Power – This attribute states the overall strength of the character
  • Max Spirit – This attribute states the HP of the monster character

You can increase these stats by leveling up or equip relics to the characters.


These items can boost the characters’ power and their special abilities. You get relics as a reward or from loot cases. Go to the team menu, head to the character’s panel and there you can access the relics option. Tap the + icon(empty slot) and choose relic.

Leveling Up Guide

As stated above, characters’ stats can be increased by leveling up. And to level up, you need an item called monster mojo. You get the Monster mojo as a reward upon winning a battle. Leveling up costs you coin and you can obtain coins by getting victories.

Special Abilities

In Hotel Transylvania Monsters game, all the monsters have different special abilities which can be used in the battle to drain spirit of enemy monster. For example; Johnny has three abilities; Spinning the Hits, Cheese and Jam Sesh.

You can upgrade these abilities and increase their deal damage or drain power. All you need is research tokens or terror tome(ancient book). Play the campaign mode and get this item as a reward.

How to activate special ability?

Hotel Transylvania MonstersFirst of all, check the color of the ability. It could be yellow, red, green, black, blue, or purple. For example; the color of ability is yellow. Then to charge it, you will have to match yellow color gems. Once it gets charged, double tap the special ability icon to use.

Drained Characters – How To Replenish?

You would not be able to choose a character who has been drained in a match. After a certain amount of time, you will be able to choose it in your team. But since the amount of time is long, it would be better to heal quickly.

How to replenish quickly? 

Hotel Transylvania MonstersIt’s very easy. Go to the team tab. Tap the drained character. On the next screen, that would be the character’s info screen, tap the heart icon and choose to replenish. It costs you 1qt. of spirit smoothie. After every 45 minutes, you get 1 more smoothie. This item can increase the character’s spirit by 10,000.

Class Advantage: –

Hotel Transylvania MonstersThere are six types of classes: –

  1. Brave
  2. Strong
  3. Quick
  4. Focused
  5. Sneaky
  6. Smart

And all the monsters have one of these classes. You can take advantage of this system by picking up the right monster for the right enemy. Here’s how: –

  • Strong class characters deal more damage to the quick class characters
  • Quick class > Brave Class
  • Brave Class > Focused Class
  • Focused Class > Sneaky Class
  • Sneaky Class > Smart Class
  • Smart Class > Strong Class

Similar to the characters, all the enemies also have one of these classes. If you pick the mighty class against a weak class, then you will get the benefit. For instance; an enemy’s class is strong. So pick a character of smart class because – smart class > strong class.

How to check the class of character? 

Go to the team tab -> character -> in the info section, you can check the class.

How to check the class of enemies?

Before you start the battle, on the characters selection screen, at the top, you can check the enemy. At the left side of the enemies’ portrait, check the class icon.

You will see a green arrow icon on the top-left corner of the character’s portrait if its class is better.

Season Mode Guide: –

Season Mode gets unlocked after the player reaches level 6. In this mode, you battle against other players’ team. You can also set your team(defense) for more rewards. Win the matches in this mode to earn progress points. Gain progress points to get these rewards: – terror tome(ancient book), the curse of caskets, monster mojo, relic trunk, coins, and more.

Curses Guide!

In Hotel Transylvania Monsters game, the curse is one of the main in-game items. This item can change the random gems into loot caskets. And when you match three or more caskets in the match, you get more rewards. Also, see – Best games like candy crush

So this is the short Hotel Transylvania Monsters game guide for the beginners. Now, let’s take a look at some  Hotel Transylvania Monsters game tips, cheats & a strategy guide.

Hotel Transylvania Monsters game tips & cheats⇓

#1.) Match The Best Color Gems To Drain More Spirit

As stated above, all the monsters or characters have different stats. You have to figure out the gem stats and try to match that color gem in the battle that drains more spirit. Go to the team -> character -> level. At this screen, you can check how much spirit will be drained based on the color of the gem. For instance;

  • Red Gem – 63
  • Blue Gem – 33
  • Black Gem – 33
  • Yellow Gem – 76
  • Purple Gem – 47

In the above table, the yellow gem has more draining points. So when you match or break yellow gems, you will deal more damage. In short, focus on matching the best color gem.

#2.) Activate The Special Ability ASAP

Special ability deals or drains more spirit than normal moves. To end the match or get the victory quickly, charge the special ability and use it as soon as possible. If you don’t know how to activate it, then read the special ability guide above. You can unlock new special abilities by increasing the rarity(star level of characters). How to raise the star level(from 2 stars to 3 stars)? Collect the booprints shards and increase the characters’ rarity.

#3.) Choose the strong class character

In Hotel Transylvania Monsters game, before you start the battle or match, you have to pick the character. You should not select random characters from the list. First of all, check the enemies’ class and pick the mighty class characters(class advantage). If you don’t know how to use class advantage, read the class guide above.

#4.) Focus On The Campaign Mode First

You can obtain free booprint shards by playing this mode’s levels. And it would be better to play both sub-modes; normal and hard(better rewards, tough battles). Complete the levels of this mode as soon as possible and unlock all the characters(that can be obtained from the loot).

The reason is you get high-quality characters in the last stages and prior to it, you get low-quality characters. And if you spend all the items to upgrade these characters, then you would not be able to upgrade high-quality characters.

#5.) Replenish The Character’s Spirit

The battle system in Hotel Transylvania Monsters game is different. For example; your character’s spirit is 4000. And you played a match and the enemy drained 2000 spirit. Now you are left with only 2000 spirit and it will not reset to the default value(4000) for next rounds. You will have to use smoothie or wait for a certain amount of time in order to replenish. Read the replenish guide above.

#6.) Increase the power of your character

Make sure to level up your best characters to increase their power. As you progress, the difficulty level will increase. Another way to increase the power of characters is to equip the relics. Read the relics guide above.

#7.) Match The Loot Caskets

On the matching board, there would be some loot caskets. Match them to get more rewards.

#8.) Open The Loot Box

On the main screen, at the bottom right side, there would be a loot box icon. Tap it and claim the reward. You can claim it multiple times a day.

#9.) Complete the quests

At the top menu, tap the quest icon to check the missions. Complete all the missions to get precious items such as crystals, coins, terror tome, and much more.

So these are some useful Hotel Transylvania Monsters tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners. Also, see – Best Puzzle RPG For Android like this

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