Diner Dash Adventures Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Diner Dash Adventures is a brand new casual game for Android and iOS by Glu Games Inc. Let’s have a look at Diner Dash Adventures guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Glu Games Inc, the publisher behind many successful games such as WWE Universe, Kim Kardashian, has just released a new game called Diner Dash Adventures. In this game, you follow the story of Flo, who returns to her town after a long time, to help the citizens and make the Dinertown great again. The game features a good storyline and you follow it as you progress through the game. Coming to the game concepts; it’s a cooking game where you serve the customers, cook delicious dishes, make money, and upgrade the appliances. Also, you can decorate the town. If you have just started playing Diner Dash Adventures game, then our today’s Diner Dash Adventures guide and Diner Dash Adventures tips, cheats & strategies will help you master the game!

Diner Dash Adventures GuideDiner Dash Adventures

The Basics – How To Get Diamonds? Gold Grinding, And More!

Well, within 30 minutes play, you will realize how important diamonds are in the game to progress to the next chapters. To upgrade the kitchen appliances, you will need to spend the gold coins as well as the diamonds. Gold is not a problem as you can earn it by completing the chapters. But, the diamond is hard to get. In this part, we have shared all the ways to obtain diamonds in Diner Dash Adventures without spending real money: –

⇒Connect To FB & Link Email Address

The very first and only one-time applicable method is to connect the game to FB account and link an email address. At the upper-right corner of the game screen, tap the gear icon -> here you can connect your account to FB and link an email address. For both activities, you will get rewarded. Also, it’s important to link the game to a social media account if you want to save the progress.

To claim the rewards, tap the mailbox beside the restaurant entrance -> collect.

⇒Exchange The Gold Coins

The second evergreen method is to exchange the gold coins for the blue diamonds. This function gets unlocked after you complete some chapters. If you have just started playing it, then you may want to progress a little bit more. At the bottom-left corner, tap the chest box -> there you will get the daily deals banner -> there are two deals – exchange the gold coins for the diamonds.

⇒Complete The Daily Goals

The daily goals function unlocks after you complete a certain number of levels in the first chapter. At the bottom-left corner, tap the to-do list button -> here you can see the daily goals -> complete these goals to get diamonds or gold coins. The reward you get is random; it could be gold coins or diamonds.

⇒From Weekly Delivery

You get a weekly delivery every now and then. It pops out automatically -> tap the shuffle button and try to grab the box, which contains the blue diamond.

And, complete the chapters. So these are the top ways to obtain diamonds in DIner Dash Adventures. You can also try the sponsored offers, but we are not sure whether they assure the reward or not. If you know more tips or tricks to get diamonds, please share in the comment section below!

Diner Dash Adventures⇒Earn gold coins: –

Diner Dash AdventuresAs per our information, there are four chapters in the game and each chapter, there are loads of levels to complete. From these levels, you earn the gold coins as well as the stars. You need stars to decorate the town, while gold coins to upgrade the appliances or for the daily deals.

Hopefully, you can repeat the chapters and earn the gold coins. All you need to do is tap the restaurant -> scroll up to select the level -> complete to earn gold coins. Remember that you would not get stars by repeating a stage.

Diner Dash Adventures⇒Get Boosters

Boosters help a lot. Before you enter a stage, you can choose to use the boosters. For the first time, you get the few boosters for free as a tutorial reward. To earn more, we would recommend completing the daily goals.

⇒How to decorate?

Hold down your finger on the structure that you want to decorate and you will be able to decorate it. It will cost gold coins or keys. You can decorate the restaurant building, poles, boards, doors, etc.

So this is the Diner Dash Adventures guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our Diner Dash Adventures tips, cheats & strategies!

Diner Dash Adventures Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Upgrade The Appliances Wisely

Don’t spend the diamonds and gold coins recklessly. It’s really important to upgrade on the basis of your need. Go to the store -> tap the item -> info -> check the upgrade info. You don’t need to upgrade all the appliances even when the game recommends you to do. First, try to clear the chapter and see if you can get all the stars or not. If you are having the trouble, then figure out the loophole – figure out the appliance or food item, which needs to be fixed/upgraded. And, then spend gold, diamonds on it.

2.) Don’t Waste Boosters In Early Levels

You will get the boosters in the tutorial. Don’t use them at the same time because you will need these boosters in later stages. So try to complete the levels without boosters as far as you can and use only when needed.

3.) Complete All The Daily Goals

As mentioned before, from the daily goals, you can earn boosters as well as diamonds. These daily goals reset every 24 hours. So try to complete all these goals and grab the special prize.

4.) Match The Color For Bonus

Pay attention to the customers’ outfit color and the table color. Give the seat to the customer, which matches its outfit color and you will get the bonus reward. You can swap the customers if they are not in the right positions in the queue.

5.) Try To Activate Dash Boost

Diner Dash AdventuresServe the customers fast to get dash boost and when it goes full, dash mode will get activated and everything will speed up. It does not help in early levels as they are short, but as you progress to later levels, it will help a lot. Focus on catching up the order as fast as you can.

6.) Exchange The Currency

Remember to exchange the gold coins for diamonds. Repeat the past levels over and over again to earn gold coins. If you are a f2p player, it might take a long time to complete all the set of chapters as diamonds are hard to get and you will need them badly for the upgrades.

Diner Dash AdventuresSometimes, you get bonus offers -> watch the video ad and grab.

So that would be all our Diner Dash Adventures tips for the beginners. Feel free to share your own tricks, tips in the comment section below!

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  1. You can also complete surveys throw a third party site that rewards you with gems. Can be somewhat time consuming but worth it if you don’t want to spend real money on gems/diamonds.

  2. My daily delivery never stays. Every time I pick the box and I win something I have no way to use it nor find it. How do you keep the daily delivery winnings you earned?

  3. I’m having the same issue. Now I’m stuck on chapter 2. It’s a major design flaw if you can’t earn the stars needed to progress after spending them on extra upgrades. I never would have used them if I knew.

  4. U need to add .. about using stars wisely too..
    I discover that if u decore the streat “the extra one not the one with the store” sich as the ads on the corner .. there won’t be enough stars to close chapter 2.. which is stupid! I contact the support and i am waiting now for days!