Hustle Castle Cheats, Tips, And Strategy Guide

Hustle Castle Fantasy KingdomHustle Castle is a popular game for mobile devices by My.Com B.V. The game features lots of challenging missions, boss fights, characters, and much more. Check out our Hustle Castle guide, cheats, tips to progress fast, get 5-star characters, and grow your castle by constructing new rooms

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom is one of the best games on Google Play Store and App Store. It was released in 2017 and has crossed over 5 million downloads on Google Play Store. And the reason behind its success is its unique gameplay, characters, and regular updates. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know as a beginner; Hustle Castle Guide and Hustle Castle cheats, tips, strategy to progress fast.

Get Started – The Basic – Hustle Castle

Hustle Castle game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; how to play Hustle Castle, upgrade rooms, add new rooms, dwellers/characters, how to start battle, equipment, and much more. After the tutorial, you can manually manage all kinds of things such as castle customization, dwellers, resources, and battles.

The Basic – In Hustle Castle, your objective is to grow your castle, build the team of best dwellers for the battles, defeat the bosses, add more people to your castle, and join the clan and take part in clan wars. Initial stages are very easy to complete, but after these earlier stages, it becomes more challenging and difficult; upgrading will take more time and resources, monsters will become more powerful. Let’s start the Hustle Castle guide first and know about everything.

1.) Hustle Castle Guide

The very first step you have to do in Hustle Castle game is to know about all the rooms in your castle. There are so many rooms; treasury, vault, barracks, living room, throne, and more. Among all these rooms, Throne room is the main room. You can not upgrade other rooms beyond its level. Upgrading throne room unlocks new rooms and you will be able to construct them in your castle by spending gold. Gold produced in treasury room or you can obtain by getting victories in the battles or completing the quests. Tap on a room -> info, to check more details.

  • Dwellers Guide/Characters Guide – Hustle Castle

Hustle CastleAnother one of the main tasks in Hustle Castle game is to take care of Dwellers. Dwellers are categorized into stars;

  1. 1-star dwellers
  2. 2-star dwellers
  3. 3-star dwellers
  4. 4-star dwellers
  5. 5-star dwellers

Getting the 5-star characters in Hustle Castle is not an easy task. Check the cheats, tips below to know how to obtain a 5-star character in this game.

At the beginning of the game, you have 1-star – 3-star characters in your castle. You can tap on a character to check all the info;

Classes of a character: –

  • Fighter -> Fighter points determines the health and combat performance of a character in the battle
  • Cook – Cook class determines the food production in the dining hall.
  • Treasurer – Treasurer class determines the gold production in the treasury room.
  • Alchemist -> Alchemist class determines the mana production.

Attributes of a character –

  • Damage Per Second
  • Armor
  • Dodge
  • Production

How classes and attribute points affect the characters? If you increase class points and attribute points, you can get more advantage. Here’s how: –

⇒ Upgrade the character in fighter training room to increase fighter points and improve damage per second, armor, and other attributes.

⇒ Upgrade the character in the lab to increase alchemist class points. Place the character with high alchemist points in mana well to increase the mana production.

⇒ Upgrade the character in the kitchen to increase cook class points. Place the character with high cook class points in the dining hall to increase the production of food.

⇒ Upgrade the character in the mint to increase treasurer class points. Place the character with high treasurer class points in the treasury room to increase the production of gold.

Mint, Kitchen, and lab rooms are locked at the beginning of the game. Upgrade throne room to unlock these rooms. By upgrading each class of a dweller in Hustle Castle, you can get more advantage; just train and enhance. Don’t waste your time on 1-star. 2-star characters, focus on 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star characters, since low-quality characters do not worth attention.

  • Dating Guide(Get a baby)

Hustle CastleBuild the living room and place a male dweller and female dweller. After it, they will start dating each other. After a certain amount of time, the female character will become pregnant and will birth to a girl or a boy.

You can keep track of the pregnancy status by tapping on the female character. The baby will grow up and become the dweller after 6 hours(approx.). Read the Hustle Castle cheats, tips below to know how to get a 5-star baby/character. Repeat the process with another female character of your castle to get another baby.

  • Battle Guide

In Hustle Castle, another main task is to defeat the monsters and bosses in battles. Tap on the map -> choose the location -> level. Before you start the battle, you have to place the dwellers in the barrack room. Place dwellers wisely; tap on a dweller and check its attributes; damage per second, HP, dodge, and more.

  • Banish or Remove A Character from the castle

You can remove low-quality characters(1-star, 2-star) from your castle, tap on the character you want to remove -> tap on the menu(near the name) and choose to banish from the castle.

So, this is the Hustle Castle guide for the beginners. Now, let’s start Hustle Castle cheats, tips, and tricks to progress fast.

2.) Hustle Castle Cheats, Tips, And Tricks

A.) Complete the chapters

At the beginning of the game, you have no armors and equipment, it would be better to complete the quest and battle in initial stages. Complete the quest, earlier stages; you will get rewards such as armors, weapon, and other items.

B.) Increase the production of resources

If you place your dwellers in production rooms such as treasury, mint, dining hall, the production rate will increase. For instance, food is required to attack enemies. You can increase the production of food by placing the dwellers[Just hold, drag, and drop].

Here’s another tip; Place dwellers on the basis of class points. Read the “class” guide above.

Normal production rate: –Hustle Castle

After placing the dweller: –Hustle Castle

C.) Equip the best armors on the basis of the role

You get equipment items such as the weapon, outfits, armors, and more by opening the chests. You should equip the best armors[on the basis of role] to your character to get more advantage. Here’s how –Hustle Castle

For battle; equip those items which can improve your attributes and HP level.

For cooking – Tap on the icon -> equip. Send the character to the dining room to increase food production.

For mana -> Tap on the alchemist icon -> equip. Place the character to mana well to increase the mana production.

For gold -> Tap on the treasurer icon -> equip. Place the character in treasury room to increase the gold production.

If you are not going into the battles, then send the characters to these rooms to increase the production of resources.

D.) Reduce the time of upgrade

As you know, upgrading a room takes a lot of time. If you send your dwellers to the room where the construction is going on, the upgrading time will reduce by 40 seconds. Here’s how you can speed up –

  • Send the character to that room[-40 seconds]
  • Call him/her back
  • Send him/her again[-40 seconds]
  • Call him/her back
  • Send him/her again[-40 Seconds]

E.) Keep your characters happy in the castle

Hustle CastleAs stated above, in Hustle Castle, you have to take care of your dwellers. Keeping your dwellers/characters happy in Hustle Castle provide you the bonus; gold collection, mana collection, food collection, and more. You will lose the bonus if your characters are not happy.

How to keep your characters happy in the Hustle Castle?

It’s easy. Just tap on their wish[bubble message]. Keep them happy and get the bonus.Hustle Castle

F.) Earn free diamonds

Diamond is one of the main in-game currencies in Hustle Castle game, used in instant upgrades or to buy items from the shops. There are a number of ways to get free diamonds in Hustle Castle;

Complete all the ad-related quests after every hour[Tap on book icon, at the left side of the main screen]. You could earn up to 20 diamonds per day by completing these quests.

Remove those bunkers and you could get free diamonds.Hustle Castle

G.) Get 5-Star Characters

By breeding, you could get the 5-star character. Just send two high-class dwellers to the living room and wait for the result. (3-star+3-star=3-star, 4-star)(4-star+3-star=3-star, 4-star)(4-star+4-star=5-star,4-star). To get the better result, increase the class points of the character. Read the dweller guide above to know about classes.

So, these are Hustle Castle cheats, tips, and the Hustle Castle guide for the beginners. Download- Here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Best offline RPG games for Android 2018

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