WWE Universe Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

WWE Universe is a brand new mobile game by Glu Games Inc. Let’s have a look at our WWE Universe guide, tips, cheats & strategies

WWE Universe is a great game for the players who love wrestling. Another great reason to play WWE Universe is that it features all the favorite rosters from the WWE world and on the top of that, you can add them to your team and play with them. Additionally, it features a wide range of game modes such as story mode, title matches, daily challenges, special events, roster battles, club events, and much more. You can train the rosters, equip them gears, and make them more powerful. If you have just started playing WWE Universe, then our today’s WWE Universe guide and WWE Universe tips, cheats & strategies will help you master the game!

WWE Universe Guide and WWE Universe Tips, Cheats & Strategies

The Basics

WWE UniverseYou start the game from story mode and as you progress through it, new game modes and other functions will get unlocked. As you win the matches, you will reach the level cap and to raise it, you will have to get the victory in the title match. At the top-left corner of the screen, tap the menu button -> home -> at this screen, you can check the current level. Tap the play button from the menu -> here you can access all the game modes; slide to see more; title match, story mode, PvP, roster battles, daily events, and special event. Go to the Rosters tab and there you can find all the rosters that you have obtained so far. In the clubs screen, you can check the club rank, rank reward, progress reward, and all other club rankings. Let’s learn everything in detail!

Story Mode – Sim All, Play, Rewards, and The Match Basics

WWE UniverseAs of now, WWE Universe features 15 chapters and from each chapter, you get different rosters as well as other rewards. You can play a chapter over and over again and get the rewards. You can either choose to complete instant or play manually. Go to the Play tab from the menu -> story mode -> Go -> at the top of the screen, you can select the chapters. Choose any old chapter -> tap SIM all button and get the rewards. It will cost energy. And, at the bottom of the screen, you can check the possible rewards.

WWE Universe – The Match Moves

WWE UniverseTo win the match in WWE Universe, you will have to knock down the enemy as soon as you can. At the top-right side of the match screen, you can check the HP/Health of the enemy. Your character/superstar will knock out him/her as soon as he HP drops to 0. There are four ways to attack the enemy; light attack, medium attack, and heavy attack. The light attack inflicts little damage to the enemy, medium attack inflicts more damage than the light attack. And, the heavy attack is different; using it will deal more damage than the rest two moves. But, the enemy can counter this attack and it may harm you. Above all these attack moves, you can see the special smack meter. When it fills, you will be able to use the special move. You will have to time that attack to get the most out of it. If you fail, the enemy will dodge that attack.

WWE Universe Rosters Guide – Raise Their Stats To Win Matches

WWE UniverseHow To Get Rosters? How To Get Gold?

You can get rosters or characters from the story mode or from the drafts or from the daily deals. Go to the shop(from the menu) -> here you can see all the drafts; you can buy them using the gold, cash. You can get gold by watching the video ads, from the events(Rank), by completing the daily objectives, achievements.

By watching the video ad -> Go to the store menu -> head to the gold tab -> at the bottom, tap the free gold option -> wait for the video to load -> watch -> get gold.

Objectives -> Go to the home screen -> at the bottom, tap objectives & achievements -> complete the daily objectives and achievements.

Roster Training – How To Get Trainers

You can increase the stats of characters through training. To train the rosters, you need trainers(item name). You can obtain it through daily events(menu -> play -> daily events -> trainer challenge). Or you can get these from the drafts. Go to the rosters menu -> tap the roster -> train. It will cost cash.

Roster Evolving

Once the character reaches its training cap, you can evolve him/her and it will raise the star level. Also, the stats will imrove by a massive number. To check the stats, go to his/her profile -> at the bottom-right corner, tap the (i) icon next to stats.

Rosters – Gear Up

You can increase the stats of the character in WWE Universe by equipping them gears. You can get gears from the club rank rewards, from the daily events(menu -> play -> daily events). Go to the Rosters menu -> tap the roster -> tap the gear slot(+) -> choose the gear.

Watch The Video Ads Before Roster Battle

WWE UniverseBefore you start the roster battle, look for the free ad-booster offer and grab it. It will give you a boost and increase the chances of winning.

Complete Daily Objectives, Participate In The Events

The daily objectives reset every day; you must complete these objectives every day and grab all the free rewards, which include gold coins, drafts, cash, health pack, and more. Also, make sure to participate in daily events, special events for more exclusive rewards such as roster fragments, trainers, gears, and more.

Choose The Right Type Of Roster

In the matches, especially title matches, you should pick the roster who has an advantage in the battle(Also, make sure HP is enough). All the rosters in WWE Universe belong to one of these styles/types: –

  • Powerhouse(Red)
  • Charismatic(Yellow)
  • Cunning(Green)
  • High Flyer(Blue)
  • Specialist(Purple)

All these are strong/weak against each other.

  • Powerhouse > Charismatic
  • Charismatic > Cunning
  • Cunning > High Flyer
  • High Flyer > Specialist
  • Specialist > Powerhouse

If your character is weak-type, you will see red color negative points below the portrait. You can check the type of rosters in the Rosters menu(see the color next to their overall power).

So this is the WWE Universe guide and WWE Universe tips, cheats & strategies for the beginners. If you have more tips or any question, feel free to share in the comment section below!

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