I Am Monster: Idle Destruction Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

I Am Monster: Idle Destruction is a brand new Idle game for mobile by PIKPOK. Check out our I Am Monster: Idle Destruction guide, tips, cheats & strategy

PIKPOK, the creators of Kung Fu Clicker game has just released a brand new Idle game, named as I Am Monster: Idle Destruction that tasks the player to build a team of monsters to start apocalypse in the world. You will summon monsters, upgrade them, recruit pets, and there are loads of things to do to start the apocalypse. In today’s post, we have shared a detailed I Am Monster guide and I Am Monster tips, cheats & strategy to master the game!


The concept is pretty simple; monsters attack the enemies automatically. Your task is to use their skill efficiently, level up them, evolve, enhance, and build the best skill tree. I Am Monster: Idle Destruction game features lots of monsters, each has their own unique skills. As they defeat enemies, you will earn energy points. You can spend these energy points to upgrade monster’s stats; attack, skills, and health.

Additionally, when you reach a certain stat level, you will unlock squad upgrades. In the squad upgrades, you need ultra energy(Defeat boss to get) to activate buffs. At the top of the screen, you can check the district number(number of districts you have destroyed so far). And, just below it, you can check the boss brawl meter. Defeat a certain number of enemies to challenge the boss. Without defeating the boss, you can not progress to new districts.

I Am Monster Idle DestructionWhen you defeat the boss, you will earn a number of rewards; Infamy points, DNA, crystals, energy, and more. At the top-left corner, you can check the player level; Infamy level. As you progress or move to upper-level districts, you will face powerful enemies. So you must level up the monsters, build the best skill tree, enhance, evolve, and choose the best monsters in the team.

Prestige Feature In Am Monster Game – Once you destroy a certain number of districts or reach a milestone, you will be able to start the apocalypse. Starting the apocalypse yield you apocalypse points and berserk candy. You can use apocalypse points in buying permanent boosters. So that’s the game’s basics. Let’s learn step-by-step: –I Am Monster Idle Destruction


  • You can obtain monsters by summoning
  • It will cost you crystals
  • You can earn crystals by completing the missions, leveling up
  • There are only 11% chances of obtaining a monster by summoning
  • Most of the time you get DNA for monsters

At the top-right corner, tap the portal button – summoning -> summon. Just above the summoning mileage, you can check the % of getting a new monster.

How To Level Up Monsters? 

  • You can use XP Snacks to level up monsters
  • XP Snacks can be obtained by defeating the boss
  • You can not level up a monster beyond the player level

For example; you are on level 10. So you can not level up a monster to level 11. You must increase the Infamy level first.

At the bottom-right corner, tap the menu button -> monsters -> tap the monster icon -> view -> level up.

I Am Monster Idle DestructionHOW TO ENHANCE MONSTERS?

  • You need the monster’s DNA to enhance
  • Monster’s DNA can be obtained from the summoning
  • For each monster, there would be a unique DNA
  • Enhancing the monster increases the star level+stats

For example; To enhance Rogzora Monster, you need Rogzora DNA.

Tap the menu button at the bottom-right corner -> monsters -> tap the monster -> view -> enhance(you will see it if you have the DNA).

EVOLVE GUIDEI Am Monster Idle Destruction

  • Once you have a certain number of DNA for a particular monster, you can evolve it
  • Evolving the monster also improves its stats

Go to the monsters menu -> tap the monster icon -> view -> craft gear/evolve -> evolve.


  • You can craft a specific grade DNA into another grade for evolving requirement

Go to the monster view menu -> craft gear -> craft.


  • Level up the monster to earn skill points
  • You can spend these skill points to unlock monster’s skills
  • You can further improve the skill by upgrading – spend skill points


All the monsters in the game have three skills. You can further improve these skills by spending skill points. Go to the monster view menu -> at the bottom, under the monster skills section, tap the skill icon to head to the skill tree. Tap on the locked skill -> unlock/upgrade. At the top-left corner of the skill tree menu, you can check the number of skill points you have. You can reset the skill tree by tapping the re-spec button -> for the first time, it will be free. After it, you will need to spend crystals.I Am Monster Idle Destruction


  • Starting the apocalypse will send you back to the district level 1
  • You will lose energy
  • Monsters’ level will not reset
  • Monster’s skill tree will not affect
  • You will keep crystals
  • You will earn apocalypse points
  • Stats will reset(ATK, SKILLS, HEALTH)

Tap the apocalypse button at the bottom-left corner -> apocalypse. You can earn more apocalypse points by reaching the milestone and completing the 2X tasks. Once done, go to the boosts tab -> get the boosters.

So that’s all for now as I Am Monster guide. Let’s take a look at our top I Am Monster tips, cheats & strategies.

I Am Monster Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Spend, Build, And Destroy 

As we mentioned above, as you progress in the game, your monsters would not be able to defeat the boss as compared to the early stage of the game. So you will have to power up them. Here’s how you will do it: –

  • Complete all the missions to earn ultra energy
  • Spend ultra energy in squad upgrades
  • Complete the missions to earn Infamy points and level up
  • Level up monsters
  • Spend crystals in the summoning menu to get DNA
  • Check the cache deals in summoning menu; For DNA
  • Use DNAs to enhance and evolve
  • Spend apocalypse points to activate boosters
  • Unlock and upgrade monster skills
  • Pay attention to each monster

2.) Start The Apocalypse At The Right Time

You should start the apocalypse at the right time; when you have enough points to buy the desired booster. The game allows you to do it as soon as you destroy the 30 districts. But as you move on, you will need more apocalypse points.

The very first step you have to do is check the boosters’ costs. Start the apocalypse once you have enough apocalypse points to buy that booster. You can increase the reward(apocalypse points) from apocalypse action by reaching the milestone and completing the double 2X task. Go to the apocalypse menu -> at the bottom-left, you can check next milestones. Reach these milestones to increase the amount of reward.

3.) Get The Free Rewards

At the top-right side of the screen, you will often see the crates or ad-offers. Make sure to claim the free reward and watch the video ad for more rewards.

4.) Get The Free Gift

In the portal menu, in the supplies tab, you can claim the free gift by watching the video ad. You can get free DNAs from this offer.

5.) Contribute From Each End

You can switch between the monsters by tapping their portraits at the bottom of the screen. After using all the skills of particular monsters, switch to another one to use its skill.

So these are the top I Am Monster tips & tricks for the beginners. If you have more tips, then share with other players in the comment section below.

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