Idle Arena Evolution Legends Guide: Cheats, Tips & Tricks, Strategy

Master the Idle Arena Evolution Legends game with this beginner’s Idle Arena Evolution Legends guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Idle Arena Evolution Legends Guide Tips CheatsIdle Arena Evolution Legends by HK Hero Entertainment Company is the latest idle gacha title released on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. You will be challenged to build the squad of heroes available in six classes/factions. A squad of six heroes to fight the battles in a variety of game modes such as PvE, PvP, and more. If you are just starting this game, then this Idle Arena Evolution Legends guide will help you understand the core concepts of the game. Also, we have listed a bunch of Idle Arena Evolution Legends tips, cheats & strategies that you would love to read as a beginner. So, let’s not waste any time and head to the main content. 

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First things first – this game has a lot of heroes and you don’t need to develop them all. We would recommend you to go through this Idle Arena Evolution Legends tier list and find out the best heroes/characters. It’s important to focus on the best characters rather than the heroes that worth nothing – because not all the characters are great. Now, let’s explore all the Idle Arena Evolution Legends tips & tricks featured in this walkthrough guide – 

Getting Familiar With The Heroes

Heroes in Idle Arena Evolution Legends belong to one of these six factions; Polis, Wastes, Dungeon, Abyss, Element, and Relic. In the upper-left corner of the hero card/icon, pay attention to the icon – the icon shows the faction. Also, below that icon, you can check the hero’s role. Heroes belong to multiple roles – each role defines the main strength of the character. For example – tank-heroes are good in absorbing the damage from the enemies, attack-role heroes are good in inflicting high volume of damage, and support-role heroes excel in helping allies or hindering the enemies in the combat. 

Also, you need to learn about the rarities; rare-grade, elite-grade, and epic-grade. Epic-grade characters are hard to get because their drop rate is low. 

Building The Best Line-Up

As you know that the game allows us to add up to six heroes in the squad – three in the front row and three in the back row. Assigning heroes based on their strength will help you win the matches. We would recommend the players to assign the tank/defense-role heroes in the front row because they have good survivability and good in absorbing the damage. In the back row, we recommend players assigning the attackers-supporters in the back-row. Attackers do the high volume of damage and help you eliminate the enemies quickly. Supporters, on the other hand, help the team partners with healing or supportive skills. Check the Idle Arena Evolution Legends tier list to find out the heroes worth adding in the team. 

While selecting the heroes, make sure to read the heroes’ skills. 

Recruiting New Heroes In Idle Arena Evolution Legends

To recruit new heroes, you will need in-game currency such as gems, heroic summoning stones, hearts, rune crystals, etc. On the main map screen -> summon altar -> spend the gems, hearts, heroic summoning stones, etc. to recruit the heroes. 

Ancient Circle – spend rune crystals, helios leaf to recruit new characters. 

Market – spend gems/soul stones, glory coins, dragon coins to get the characters or their shards. You will need duplicate hero shards to evolve the heroes. 


Get Rid Of Useless Characters

After completing a certain stage in campaign mode, you will unlock the soul temple on the map. This is where you can decompose the heroes and get soul stones and promotion seed. 

Reset – if you have invested the resources in the heroes that you don’t use anymore, you can reset them back and get the resources back; EXP stones, promotion seed, gold coins, and gears. 

The soul stones that you get from the campaign mode can be exchanged for the hero shards in the market. Smelt. 

Join A Guild In Idle Arena Evolution Legends

The guild is the group of players if you want to join other players, join an active guild. From the guild activities, you will earn the currency(exclusive to guild) that you can exchange in the guild shop. Also, you get access to guild stages mode where you can earn gold and gears. 

Progression Guide & Game Modes

We recommend players in Idle Arena Evolution Legends to progress through the campaign portal and clear the stages so that you can unlock new content. 

  • Campaign Portal – earn idle rewards like player EXP to level up, gold coins, EXP stones, promotion seed, the book of knowledge, colorful feather, shards, and gears
  • Treasure Tavern – select the hero and start the quest to earn gold coins and promotion seed
  • Arena – it’s the PvP mode in Idle Arena Evolution Legends where you can fight other players on the server and win arena coins, gems, etc. 
  • Gaiatree – in the Gaiatree mode, you fight the bosses and earn rewards such as gold coins, promotion seed, gems, etc. 
  • Heliossia – use the joystick to move the character around the dungeon. You will find a lot of chests and enemies. Collect the chests and beat the enemies

Complete all the daily quests and earn heroic summoning stone. Complete the chapter quests.

Do the challenge quests and events to earn extra rewards.

Improve Your Squad Strength In Idle Arena Evolution Legends

You must continue to strengthen the heor squad to beat the powerful enemies and bosses in all sorts of game modes. Here, we have listed all the ways to make the squad stronger –

  • Use gold and EXP stone to level up
  • Equip the high-grade gears
  • Equip artifacts
  • Use the same hero in evolution – evolution increases the star level and stats of the hero

Add Friends To Earn Extra Rewards

Add friends and you can exchange the hearts. Hearts can be used in the summoning altar. Also, you can challenge your friend boss. 

Cheats or Cheat Codes

There is no Idle Arena Evolution Legends cheats or cheat codes or hack method. Do not signup on a random website that claims to hack into the account because it would lead you to the account ban. Play fair, use strategies, and climb up the leaderboard. 

Place Heroes In Library

Idle Arena Evolution Legends Guide Tips CheatsIdle Arena Evolution Legends library – here, the game assigns the top-heroes from the inventory. They are called sages. On the left side of this menu, tap the + button -> select the hero -> the selected hero’s level will change to the sage(lowest level on the board). For example – In the book of wisdom, you have six sages/heroes; at level 80, 60, 60, 40, 23, 60. The lowest level is 23 – so, the game will change the hero at disciple slot to level 23. 

Get The Squad Aura Bonus

Idle Arena Evolution Legends Guide Tips CheatsBy adding a certain number of heroes of the same party or based on race, you can activate the squad aura bonuses. On the line-up/formation screen, tap the glowing squad aura bonus icon to check the requirements. 

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So that’s all in this post on Idle Arena Evolution Legends guide and tips for beginners. Share your tips, strategies in the comment section below. 

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