Cooking Diary Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide For Beginners

Cooking Diary Tasty Hills is a brand new time management game for Android by MyTona. Check out our Cooking Diary cheats, tips & strategy guide

MyTona has just released a brand new Cooking Game for Android and iOS “Cooking Diary”. Your grandfather has retired and now, it’s up to you to manage and grow the restaurant by serving customers, completing their order in time, and upgrading the items. You hire assistants, buy new restaurants, complete the levels, and compete against other chefs for the top rank. Today, In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: Cooking Diary guide and Cooking Diary cheats, tips & tricks to progress fast.

Basics – Long-Term Vision – Cooking Diary Tasty Hills

Before we head to the Cooking Diary cheats, tips & strategy guide part, let’s learn the basics first. There is one premium in-game currency; ruby. It is used to buy interior items, decorative items, and in upgrading the restaurants’ items such as trays, ingredients, stoves, and more. In the early stages, most of the upgrades cost is very low; 1-5 rubies. But as you progress or move to a new restaurant, you will need a lot of rubies. So we would recommend you to save the rubies in the early stages by ignoring the upgrades. Gold is not a problem as you can easily obtain it by helping the members of the guild, by completing the levels, and there are many more ways.

But you rarely get rubies as a reward; read our Cooking Diary cheats, tips & strategy guide to know all the ways of obtaining rubies in Cooking Diary Tasty Hills game. Since it’s a time management game, you have to complete the orders within the time. Otherwise, you will lose the life. By default, you have five lives. These lives regenerate every 20 minutes.

You will unlock new items and features as you level up. For example; the guild feature unlocks after level 15. We have explained everything in the guide part below; prestige, passive income, assistant, guild, guild quests, chests, and more. Let’s check out the Cooking Diary guide and then move to our Cooking Diary cheats, tips & strategy guide.

Cooking Diary Guide: Prestige, Passive Income, And More

  • Prestige

Prestige level determines the income you generate from the restaurant. You can collect the restaurant income from the map view(tap the map icon on the bottom-left side) every four hours. By increasing the prestige level, you will boost the restaurant’s income. How to increase it? You can earn prestige points by upgrading the kitchen items, buying the interior items such as TV, furniture, and by installing decorative items such as pictures, walls, flooring, and more.

  • Assistants

You get your first assistant for free. To get more assistants, join a guild and request an assistant. How it’s different from the normal assistant? A guild assistant increases your income(you get more coins). You can also become an assistant for other members by tapping the help button in the chat tab in the guild menu. Let’s learn about the guild feature.

  • Guild Guide

There are a number of reasons a player should join a guild. For example; for assistants, free gold coins, and chests. Additionally, by joining a guild, you enroll yourself in the guild quests. Completing these quests will reward you with chests. There are three types of the chest you can earn; wooden, precious, and legendary. Let’s learn about help points, guild points, experience points, and more.

  1. Help Points – You earn help points by helping the guild members. Go to the chat tab and tap the help button(if a member has requested)
  2. Guild Points – These points can be earned by completing the guild quests(together, all members). Complete the quests, earn guild points, and your guild will climb in the leaderboard
  3. Experience Points – You earn these points on the basis of reward you get by completing the guild quest. Here’s the tree chart:
  • Wooden Chest – 1 Experience Point
  • Precious Chest – 2
  • Legendary Chest – 3

How to leave a guide? 

Go to the guild menu -> head to my guild tab -> tap the (i) icon and choose to leave.

How to create a guild? 

Go to the guilds menu(make sure you are not a member of a guild. Leave it first if you want to create your own). Head to the create tab -> enter the guild name, description. Choose type – open(anyone can join), closed(private), and location. You need 5 rubies to create a guild.

Let’s check out our Cooking Diary cheats, tips & strategy guide!

Cooking Diary Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide: –

1.) Perform Combos To Get More Coins

Cooking DiaryYou can earn more coins by completing the orders of multiple customers back to back. Just below the coins bar at the top of the screen, you can check the combo timer. Place or complete the orders of multiple customers quickly(check the timer) to earn more coins.

2.) Visit Friends’ Restaurant To Get Gifts(Rubies, Coins)

Cooking DiaryOn the main screen of the game, at the bottom-left side, tap the book icon. On the next screen, head to the friend’s tab. Tap the green color button(To friend) and visit the friends’ restaurant. There you will find a free gift and from it, you could get free rubies and coins. Add more friends to grab free gift packs.

3.) Connect To Facebook For 15 Rubies

There are two ways to add friends in Cooking Diary game; send the invitation or connect the game to Facebook. If you connect the game or link the game with your Facebook account, you will get free 15 rubies. And once linked, you will see the list of friends who are also playing the game.

4.) Earn Smiles To Rank Up And Get The Chest(Rubies)

When you complete the order of a customer immediately, you earn smiles. These smile points are the core of the ranking system. Earn more smiles and rank up in the leaderboard. And when you reach the #1, you get a free chest. And from this chest, you could get rubies or coins.

5.) Try Out The Wheel Of Fortune

On the main screen, just close to the guild icon, tap the wheel icon. On the next screen, tap the stop button. There are a number of rewards you can obtain from the wheel of fortune; rubies, life, coins, boosters, and much more. You can stop it for free, but once in a day. After it, you will have to spend the coins. Since you easily earn coins in Cooking Diary game, it would be better to spend some coins to get free rubies.

6.) Help To Get Gold Coins

If you have joined a guild, then keep an eye on the chat tab. If someone has requested for the help, then help him/her. In return, you get gold coins.

7.) Complete The Guild Quest For The Chests

These chests contain rubies, gold coins, and many more items such as boosters. And keep in mind that guild quests do not last long for a long time. So, be active. Go to the guild menu -> head to the chat tab -> on the right side of chat tab, there you can check the quest.

8.) Save Rubies For Later Stages

In Cooking Diary game, you should spend the rubies wisely. As you progress to hard levels, you will need to upgrade the appliances. And the upgrade cost will be higher. Since it’s hard to obtain rubies, we would recommend you to save it. How? Don’t buy interior and decorative items. Don’t spend rubies for outfits and instant upgrades, boosters.

Upgrades: – You upgrade the appliances to prepare the orders fast. In the initial levels, we would recommend you to not to upgrade all the kitchen items as you can easily complete the orders within the time. But in the next stages(restaurants-cinecafe, Sakura, pizzeria), levels will be hard. And without the upgrade, you will not be able to serve customers. In short, save rubies in early stages for hard levels.

9.) Send And Request Lives

As mentioned above, you have five lives by default. If you lose all, you will need to wait for 20 minutes for next life. You can spend rubies(not recommended) or request lives. Connect the game with your Facebook and account and ask your friend for a life. And you can also send lives to the friends. At the top-left corner, near the avatar, tap the + icon next to heart icon and send or request.

10.) Prepare In Advance

As you know, there is a fixed time limit and within it, you have to complete the goals. You can save your time by preparing the common dish in advance and put them on trays.

11.) Pay Attention To The Special Customers

Cooking Diary game features special customers, make sure to pay attention to these customers. These special customers are; Impatient customer; The patience level of this customer is very low. So complete his order as soon as possible. How to check? You will see only three hearts.Cooking Diary

Forgetful Customer – This customer often forgets the order. Your job is to remember his/her order.

Indecisive Customer – This customer takes a long time to order.

So these are our top Cooking Diary tips, tricks & a strategy guide for the beginners. Do you know more tips? If yes, then submit here. Also, see – Best time-management games for Android

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