Idle Courier Tycoon cheats: tips, tricks, and guide

New to the Idle Courier Tycoon game? Master all of its mechanics with these Idle Courier Tycoon cheats available with a strategy guide, tips & tricks

Idle Courier Tycoon cheats tips guideIdle Courier Tycoon cheats: guide, tips, and tricks: –

This article covers how to play the Idle Courier Tycoon game, tips, and tricks to make more money, courier stations, and other things such as machine styles, packing, sorters, van, and much more. So, let’s get straight to the Idle Courier Tycoon cheats and tips!

Getting Started With The Basics

Your goal in the Idle Courier Tycoon game is to make more money and move to the larger courier. The larger the courier, the better the service. At the beginning of the game, you have a basic courier to manage. It cost a lot of bucks to buy the next larger courier. At the top-center of the screen, tap the switch button to see the list of couriers; for example – after the basic courier, you can buy a modern courier. Once you buy that one, the next hidden courier will get unlocked. 

Making Money In Idle Courier Tycoon

In this part, you will learn how to make money. The basic money model; you buy the vans that transport goods. Transport goods are sent via the transit area; first, they go through the sorting area and then the packing machine. The packing machines pack the goods – and, then those goods are supplied further and you earn money. 

Idle Courier Tycoon cheats tips guideTips To Earn More Money In Idle Courier Tycoon

Tip 1.) Buy more vans. The more vans you have, the more goods you can transport, package, and sell. 

Tip 2.) Build more packing machines. The higher the number of the machine, the more money it generates. For example – packing machine number 3 makes more money than packing machine number 1/2 – you can analyze the earnings by comparing them at the same level. You will find that the higher number packing machine makes you more money than the packing machine number 1/2. And, it goes on further to the next packing machine numbers. 

Tip 3.) Upgrade the vans to transport more goods. 

Tip 4.) Upgrade the sorter to move the goods fast; from the transit area to the packing machines. 

Tip 5.) Upgrade the packing machines to pack the goods fast. We recommend upgrading the packing machines that give you more money; the higher the number of packing machines, the more the money. 

Tip 6.) Upgrade the employee(train employee) to increase efficiency; increases earnings as well as packing speed. 

Tip 7.) Upgrade the machine styles. 

Tip 8.) Run the ad campaign by watching a video ad to double the earnings. 

Tip 9.) Keep all the stats in the green zone for full efficiency. 

Guide To Manage The Stats

At the top-center, tap the statistics button. This will show you the stats; transport speed, sorting speed, packing speed, unpacked goods, unloading time. You have to keep everything in the green zone if you want to manage the courier empire efficiently and earn the max money per minute. 

  • Transport speed – upgrade the van to increase transport speed
  • Unloading – build unloading dock so that more vans and unload goods at a time
  • Sorting speed – upgrade the sorter to increase sorting speed. If you have added a new packing machine, you will need to add a modify sorter so that the corresponding goods can be delivered 
  • Packing speed – upgrade the packing machine or train the employees
  • Unpacked goods – these are the goods that are loaded by the vans, sorted by the sorting machine – but, not yet packed. By increasing the packing speed, you can reduce the unpacked goods

Expand To Large Courier ASAP

See that switch button at the top? Tap it. Check the cost of moving to the next courier. Once you have enough, move there and you will be able to earn more; larger courier gives you more machines to produce, unloading dock, modify sorters, etc. 

Open The Boxes To Get Machine Styles

Go to the shop -> there you can buy the boxes. These boxes contain machine styles and cash. You can get these boxes for free by watching the video ads or you can spend the gems. 

Complete The Quest To Get Free Gems

In the upper-right corner, tap the “quest/mission” icon. This will show you the mission list that you can complete for free gems. You can use these gems to get boxes from the shop. 

Upgrade The Machine Styles

You can get a permanent earning boost by upgrading the machine style. You will need a certain number of duplicates to make an upgrade. Go to the shop and buy those boxes. Once you have enough styles, tap the machine style upgrade button in the lower-right corner. There you can make upgrades. 

Earn Loads Of Money From The VIP Offer

Now and then, a VIP offer pops up in the upper-right corner. Tap it. Watch the video ad and make a load of money in seconds. 

Idle Courier Tycoon cheats tips guideGeneral Manager In Idle Courier Tycoon

General Manager is the premium/paid upgrade in the Idle Courier Tycoon game. You can hire him with real money and increase the offline income hours to 10. This way you can accumulate x10 hours of income without playing the game. It’s optional – it’s up to the player to make this upgrade. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Idle Courier Tycoon cheats, tips, and tricks. If you have more tips, do share with us in the comments. 

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