Obey me Intimacy Guide: Increase Intimacy Level, And More

Started playing Obey me game and wondering how to increase the intimacy level of the main characters? Read on for Obey me shall we date intimacy guide

Obey me shall we date intimacy charactersRaising the intimacy level of main characters such as Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, and Belphegor helps you unlock the new stories and getting cards in Devilgram. There are several ways to increase the intimacy of the main characters, which we have shared in this post. For starters, we recommend checking the walkthrough guide, favorite items for the characters, and devil points farming guide. Now, let’s not waste any time and check out the main content featuring the Obey me shall we date intimacy guide for beginners. 

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First of all, navigate to the “chat” menu that you can access from the home screen. There you can check the texts from the main characters. On the same screen, on the upper-right corner, there would be an intimacy button -> tap that button. This will show you the intimacy level and status of all the characters. For example – to increase Lucifer’s intimacy level to 3, you need to earn x180 intimacy points. 

In other words, to raise the main characters’ level, you need to grind the intimacy points. When they have certain intimacy points in their account, they will level. As an example; Mammon’s intimacy level 3 requires 180 intimacy points. 

How To Earn Intimacy Points?

  • Chat with the main characters
  • Praise them when they are your surprise guests
  • Assign them on the work jobs

Obey Me Increase Intimacy Level

These three are the main ways to increase the characters’ intimacy level. Chat – chat/phone with them and certain choices in reply can give intimacy points. Praising – play the lessons and you will encounter these main characters as your surprise guest. Rub on their head, arms, face – random moves or give them their favorite items. 

Work Jobs – go to the home screen. There you will see the option 😀 Jobs. Assign them on the work jobs and you might gain intimacy points. 

So these are the main ways to increase the intimacy level of characters. 

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