Idle Dragon Tycoon Cheats: Guide, Tips & Tricks

Idle Dragon Tycoon is a new mobile idle game published by Anxious Otter Games. Read on for Idle Dragon Tycoon cheats, guide, tips & tricks!

Idle Dragon Tycoon

Idle Dragon Tycoon Cheats, Guide, Tips & Tricks⇓

In this post, you will learn “how to play the Idle Dragon Tycoon game”, about dragons, in-game currencies, hatching eggs, prestige, world map functions, and other aspects such as dragon house, evolution hall enhancements, and much more. So without further ado, let’s get to the main content featuring Idle Dragon Tycoon cheats, guide, tips & tricks for beginners: –

Getting Started With Idle Dragon Tycoon Basic Guide⇓

In the Idle Dragon Tycoon game, you open the “farms” – at each farm, you can deploy a dragon that uses its power to break the dragon egg. Each time an egg breaks, a dragon pops out and you earn an in-game currency called “cash”. The cash would not reflect in your in-game account – first, the dragon at the elevator has to collect it, and from the elevator, it’s despatched to the bank. As soon as collected cash hits the bank, the cash is credited to your in-game account. You can use the “cash” to level up dragons, open new farms, and summon dragons at an elevator or bank. 

Tips To Generate More Cash In Idle Dragon Tycoon⇓

Every new farm that you unlock in the Idle Dragon Tycoon game gives you the opportunity to collect loads of cash by breaking the egg. If you tap the “dragon egg” at each farm, you will see its stats; health, reward, spawn time, egg count, reward multiplier, etc. The health and reward of eggs at higher-rank farms(each next farm) would be higher. For instance; dragon egg at 1st farm has these stats; 10K health, 264 reward. While dragon egg at 7th reward has these stats; 24.M health, 39K reward. 

“What you can do is deploy a high-level dragon at the higher rank farm to break the dragon egg quickly and fetch cash”. If you have a low-level dragon deployed at a higher rank farm, it would take ages to hatch that egg and get gold. So always make sure to deploy the powerful dragons at higher-rank farms in the Idle Dragon Tycoon game. Just tap the dragon or empty dragon slot -> equip or unequip.

Idle Dragon Tycoon Guide To Dragons⇓

Dragons in the Idle Dragon Tycoon come in multiple rarity tiers; 1-star, 2-star, 3-star, 4-star, 5-star, and 6-star. The higher the star, the more powerful a dragon is – but higher star dragons are hard to get. Tap the hatchery option in the top-left -> spend the dragon hearts or hatching card to get dragon eggs. 

You can level up dragons with the cash. To power them up further, you can evolve them or upgrade the talents with the souls. 

Build A Balanced Supply Chain⇓

As you know that the cash would not be credited to your in-game account until the dragon at the elevator collects it from the farm and then it reaches the “bank”. To make the process fast, ensure that you are upgrading the elevator as well as the bank. By upgrading the elevator, you can collect more cash from the farm – let’s say dragons at the farm are producing 1M cash per second but the elevator load is limited to 500K per round – so it would take x2 rounds to collect that much amount. 

Make sure that you are collecting all the produced cash in one round. Upgrade the elevator if that’s not the case. Tap the level up button next to the elevator to check its stats; load transport, etc. 

Upgrade the bank to quickly collect the cash from the elevator and deposit it to the bank. Other than elevator and bank upgrades, you can deploy high-tier managers.

At the elevator, you can hire an elevator manager. Just tap the dragon slot next to the elevator -> tap summon button in the lower-right corner -> higher the star grade, the better its stats. 

At the bank, you can hire a bank manager. Just tap the dragon slot next to the bank -> summon button in the lower-right. You can sell managers anytime you want. 

Use The Dragon Skills To Progress Fast⇓

All the dragons in Idle Dragon Tycoon have unqiue skills – tap the overview button -> check their skill details -> tap the activate button to unleash their skills. Skills have a CD.

Tip To Reduce The Upgrade Cost⇓

Some dragons possess skills that reduce the upgrade cost of the farm where they are deployed. Tap the overview button in the menu at the bottom and check each dragon’s skill – check if you have a dragon that has this skill. If you do have this type of dragon, then deploy it on the farm or elevator or bank – based on what you want to upgrade -> activate its skill -> this will reduce the upgrade cost by a massive figure. 

Idle Dragon Tycoon Guide To Prestige⇓

Navigate to the world map -> tap the prestige button in the lower-left corner -> tap prestige. You can prestige once you have a certain number of golden coins. “Prestige” resets the game progress but increases the income; the income multiple helps you progress fast in the game.

Accessories In Idle Dragon Tycoon⇓

Accessories provide passive effects. You can get these accessories from the chests available in the shop. To open the chest, go to world map -> chests -> open. To check the accessories, go to the world map -> enhancement. You can upgrade the accessory once you have acquired its duplicate pieces. 

Evolution Hall In Idle Dragon Tycoon⇓

In the evolution hall, you can evolve the dragons and upgrade their talents, or do soul transformation. To evolve a dragon, you must reach its level 500 first – also, you will need to have x5 duplicates of that particular dragon. With the talent system, you can enlighten the hidden power of dragons – to unlock or upgrade or active the talents, you will need souls. Use the soul transform function in the evolution hall to get the souls. 

Dragon House In Idle Dragon Tycoon⇓

Navigate to the world map -> dragon house -> unlock its new floors to get passive effects. Just tap -> spend the coins. 

Guide To In-Game Currencies In The Game⇓

  • Souls – To activate dragon talents. Acquire by transforming; soul transform
  • Gold – Acquire from farms – use to level up dragons, unlock new farms, dragon house floors
  • Dragon Hearts – earn by completing missions, through video ads, reaching milestone levels. Save dragon hearts and spend on 5-6 star gacha in the hatchery
  • Accessories – obtain from the chests
  • Boosters – provide temporary benefits. Obtain from the shop in exchange for dragon hearts or by watching video ads

Idle Dragon Tycoon Cheats OR Cheat Codes⇓

Idle Dragon Tycoon game does not support cheats or cheat code inputs. 

So this would be all in this post on Idle Dragon Tycoon cheats, guide, tips & tricks for beginners. Got more tips? Comment below.

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