Battle Breakers Buildings Guide For Beginners

There is a lot of buildings that you can construct on the map in Battle Breakers. Let’s have a look at Battle Breakers Buildings Guide – list of buildings

As you progress through the stages in the Battle Breakers, new buildings will get unlocked – Headquarters building is the base of all operations where all the treasury items such as lockpick, XP, Skill XP, Hero Traces, etc. are stored. Upgrading the Headquarters increases the Max Hero Level. Just like Headquarters upgrade let you make the hero stronger by increasing the max level, other buildings help you to improve heroes differently. In this Battle Breakers Buildings guide, we have listed out all the details of each building. So without any further ado, let’s dive in.

Battle Breakers Buildings: –

  • Headquarters
  • Ancient Factory
  • Marketplace Gateway
  • Secret Shop
  • Crystal Forge
  • Monster PIT
  • Burny Mine

Headquarters: –

Battle Breakers Buildings GuideThis building is like the warehouse where all the items are stored. Visit the HQ to check all the items that you have in the inventory. If you don’t know about the item, tap it and the game will show you its info at the bottom-center. Also, you can sell some of the items directly from this building – for example; Lockpick/Dungeon Key for coins. Upgrade the HQ building to raise the Max Hero Level.

Ancient Factory: –

Ancient Factory is the building where you can convert the stars into coins. The Stars that you earn by completing the stages on the map. Also, it gives you a free reward now and then + you can buy Battle Breakers Pets from here. Upgrading it adds more recipes and improve gold production. You can refill the deals by spending blue diamonds.

Marketplace Gateway: –Battle Breakers Buildings Guide

It is the place where you buy Dungeon Key/Lockpick, Hero XP, Elixir, and many other items in exchnage for coins. Sometimes it gives you a free item – so don’t forget to claim it. The deals in the Marketplace refreshes every 12 hours – so make sure to check this building daily and grab the best deals if available.

Secret Shop: –Battle Breakers Buildings Guide

Normal and Special items such as Hero XP, Ingredient, Essence, Weapon Evolving Material, Secret Waterfall Map/Dungeon Key, and much more are available in the secret shop. Like all other market buildings, the items in the secret shop inventory replaced by other items every 12 hours.

Crystal Forge: –

Build it to improve the gears; upgrading the Crystal Forge building increases the Gear Max Evolve and Level.

Monster PIT: –Monster Pit

Monster Pit is the building where you can add the heroes to the Monster PIT. Tap on any hero that you have(the hero should not be in the team) -> tap cash into the pit option. Adding heroes to the Monster Pit increases its level and at certain levels, you get free rewards. For example – new heroes and Pets.

Heroes added to the Monster Pit would not be able to participate in the battle. If you want to remove a hero from the Monster Pit, tap his/her avatar slot – remove from the pit. It will cost you blue diamonds.

So be careful while adding heroes to the Monster Pit in Battle Breakers.

Burny Mine: –

To improve the hero’s gears, you will need ingredients. These ingredients can be obtained from this building. Visit Burny Mine -> select the expedition -> send the heroes to the expedition -> blitz. You will get armor ore, weapon ore, and gold coins for the gear upgrades.

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So this would be all in this Battle Breakers buildings guide for beginners.

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